23. Island

The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: #15/Island
Pen Name: Missus T
Pairing/Main Character(s): Edward/Bella
Rating: M

000ooo000ooo Fire and Rain ooo000ooo000

My assignment in the middle school turned out to be awesome. I taught seventh and eighth grade reading, including two hours of advanced placement students. While I’d enjoyed my time in the high school, these kids were such a joy to work with. The difference seemed to be that they were still kids. The high schoolers, even in a small town like Forks, were so focused on being seen as adults that they shied away from fun in school. Sure there were cliques and bullies, but for the most part they were good kids, and they enjoyed learning.

I’d met a number of the middle school teachers throughout the year, so I wasn’t entirely starting from scratch. Angela taught two classes in the middle school, so I was able to still see her daily. That made the transition a little more smooth as well. Only a few older teachers seemed to have a difficult time in regards to my relationship with Edward, but even they appreciated that I wasn’t working in his building.

Things between Edward and I were still going well. More than well. We spent our weekends together and as time passed, even our week nights were spent together. I graded papers or wrote lesson plans while he worked on budgets and grant proposals. It was comfortable, but not too much so. Spending time with him was like I was living the life I’d dreamed of when I was little.

I’d been hesitant all year, but during spring break I finally made the trip to Seattle for sightseeing. Edward knew my reservations, but he and Jasper decided that Alice and I had lived in Washington far too long not to have visited the major landmarks the state had to offer. Peter and Char decided they wanted to join us as well when they heard we were going to a Mariners game.

I’d gotten a little panicky when Edward first brought it up, but the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. It became a sort of field trip for all of our friends. They argued over which places we had to see and which ones we could skip; Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, the Space Needle, Bainbridge Island, Experience Music Project, the Pacific Science Center—they debated them all. I hoped we would have as much fun in the city as they did coming up with our itinerary.

We drove into the city on our own, planning to meet our friends for dinner later. Edward surprised me by booking a room at a hotel on the waterfront. He wouldn’t tell me anything else about where we were staying. When we parked and began to get our bags out of the trunk I realized just how serious he was. The Edgewater Hotel was literally on the water—on a pier over Elliott Bay.

I read over a brochure in the lobby while he checked us in. Just like the Space Needle, it was built in 1962 for the World’s Fair. In 1964, during the height of Beatlemania, the Edgewater was the only hotel in Seattle that would accept the Beatles’ reservation. They had to put up fences around the hotel because of the hordes of fans. The musicians even had to be smuggled back to the hotel in an ambulance after their concert, but they enjoyed their stay—proved by a rather famous photo of the band fishing from their hotel window.

“This is a amazing!” I gushed when handed me a key-card.

“Yeah? I’m glad you like it. I can’t wait til you see the view.”

He put an arm around me, leading me to the elevator and down the hall to our room.

“Oh, wow!” I dropped my purse and moved to the window without really thinking about it.

Edward chuckled and I heard him moving around behind me, locking the door and setting down our bags. He made his way to stand behind me, putting his arms around my waist and sighed. I was practically mesmerized by the view of the water stretching out before me.

“Gorgeous,” he whispered.

“Yeah, I think I can make out the mountains across the sound.”

He chuckled, “I was talking about you.”

I lightly elbowed him in the stomach, laughing. “Whatever.”

“I mean it.” He tightened his arms around me and kissed my neck.

We stood together, looking out the windows for a few minutes. I relaxed against his chest, loving the feel of his body along the length of mine. I felt warm and safe. Cherished even.

One of my favorite things about Edward was how he always seemed to be touching me. I didn’t want to make comparisons between Edward and Garrett, but it was almost impossible not to. Garrett and I had great chemistry. We’d been best friends and great lovers, but we were independent. Edward and I had chemistry too, probably more than I’d had with Garrett if I really thought about it. And we had become best friends. But we had something different too. Edward and I had a magnetism that kept us physically touching more often than not. There was a pull that I felt towards him when we were in the same room together.

If we stood next to each other, Edward and I inevitably ended up touching somehow… either shoulder to shoulder, a finger in a belt-loop, a hand on the back. If someone had told me they had a boyfriend that was constantly touching them I’d have thought it was annoying, but in reality it wasn’t. It was comforting. At times I felt like it was as necessary as breathing.

I took a deep breath and turned around to face Edward, my back against the glass.

His hand came up and cupped my cheek as he smiled down at me. He cocked his head, his fingers traced my eyebrows.


“Thank you, for today. For everything. For being patient with me. For helping me find myself again.”

“We’ve been over this before.” He ran his fingers through my hair and spoke softly. “You were never really lost and you don’t owe me thanks.”

“Fine,” I sighed, putting my arms around his neck to pull him down for a kiss.

“Fine, as in you believe me, or just shut up and kiss me?

“Shut up and kiss me,” I laughed.

He grinned and shook his head as he lowered his face to mine to do just that.

000ooo000ooo Fire and Rain ooo000ooo000

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