-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-


I wasn’t prepared for the changes that came when Bella went back to work. The extraordinary woman who had been at my disposal for weeks was suddenly gone. She wasn’t available at all hours of the day to stop by the hospital or wait up when I worked late shift, and I missed her, terribly. She still spent the night at my place quite often, but it wasn’t the same. Most days, it was as if I woke up one day and went back in time, to before I’d met her—when I had nothing in my life besides work, or an occasional night out with Garrett.

I smiled to myself as I thought about it, realizing that even when we’d been at my parent’s I knew I didn’t want to go back to life before Bella, and I’d told her as much standing on Riley’s deck. I couldn’t have been more right.

As the weeks went past, we fell into a new pattern. Bella stayed at my place whenever our sleeping hours overlapped and went back to her apartment with Angela when I worked overnights. Some weeks she spent more time with Ang and Garrett than me, but we were making it work.

Our first real argument, if you could call it that, was about her birthday, and the fact that she wanted to pretend it didn’t exist. At first I thought it was a bizarre vanity thing, something about her not wanting to get older, but as she rambled, I realized it was something else.

“Birthdays aren’t a big deal for me. They’re like, just another day. I mean, maybe it’s a day where I’d get dessert when I wouldn’t normally, but I don’t need a party or anything.”

“It’s not really a party, just dinner with Ang and Garrett, and your dad.”

“My dad? Holy fuck, Edward! How did Charlie get involved in this?”

“Well, you see, when a man and woman-”

She put her hand firmly over my mouth and rolled her eyes. “I know how Charlie was involved in that, but how did he get invited to this birthday, whatever, you have planned?”

“Oh, um,” I ran my hand over the back of my neck, “I called him.”

“You called the chief? And he didn’t tell you how I felt about birthdays?”

“Well, he said you wouldn’t want me to make a big deal out of it.”

“And what did Angela tell you?”

“No parties.”

“Seriously, two people warned you, and you still planned something. I should call Charlie right now and tell him to shoot you.”

“Overreact much, Bella? We’re going to dinner. That’s it.”

She huffed, looking pissed off. I stepped closer and put my arms around her. She remained stiff for a second before she relaxed, putting her forehead on my chest.

“We won’t even sing happy birthday,” I whispered, trying to soothe her.

“Alright,” she sighed, sounding defeated.

“Hey, you want to tell me why birthdays are taboo?” I ran my hands slowly up and down her back. “I mean, I’m planning to be around for a lot more of them, and just so you know, I love my birthday. So we should find some middle ground, you know?”

“It’s just…Birthdays are about family and, growing up, mine was never together. When I got older and I lived with Charlie, he always had to work. He usually left my presents on the table, and I opened them alone. Most of my birthdays then were with the old lady next door watching reruns of I Love Lucy or the Beverly Hillbillies.” She shrugged. “They’re just another day to me.”

“Oh, baby, I’m sorry you feel that way. Can we see how this goes and maybe agree this is what we’ll do every year if you like it? Go to dinner, I mean. I promise I won’t throw you a party, ever, but I want to acknowledge your birthday, okay?”

She nodded. “We can do that. Just, no big gifts. Okay?”



“Just this year. I swear.”

“Edward Cullen.”

“It’s not like that.” I raised my hands in front of me. “It’s just what I owed you, you know from the ad. You said you didn’t want it, then you said it would help with your loan or for a car down payment.”

“Yeah, and then you said when we got married it wouldn’t matter because what’s yours would be mine anyway, and while I don’t really agree with that, I decided to stop arguing.”

“I know, but the money is part of what tempted you to respond, so I felt like I had to pay it.”

She shook her head and reached up, cupping my cheek. “It might have been one of the initial things but once I met you, it didn’t matter.”

Her words went straight to my heart, filling it even more with love. I leaned down and kissed her. Showing her how I felt, how much she meant to me.

“What did you do with the money?” she pulled away, whispering against my lips.


“You’re trying to distract me.”

“Distract you?” I slid my hands down over her hips. “I forgot what we were talking about.”

“Five thousand dollars. What did you do with it?”

“Do you really want to know?” I leaned back, trying to see her face.

Her nails gently scraped against my scalp the way I loved. “You could just give me a hint.”

“It’s not your birthday yet.”

“Just a little one. Animal, vegetable, or mineral?”

It was such a surprise question, I had to think about how to answer, not that my answer would really give it away. After a second, I smirked. “A combination of two.”

“Well, that was useless.”

“You picked the question,” I snorted.

“Whatever.” She pouted, but I could see a hint of a smile as the corner of her lip twitched upwards.

“Do you really want to know?” I asked again. “It’s not your birthday.”

“Ugh. I guess not.” She slid her arms up over my shoulders and began to run her fingers through the hair at the nape of my neck. “Does this mean I’m supposed to throw you a big party?”

“Yeah,” I laughed, completely teasing, “this year it’ll be called a wedding. I can handle celebrating two days late.”

“Oh my God, I didn’t even think about it. Or wait, when we set the wedding date I didn’t even know when your birthday was. Shit. Do you care? I mean, you said your birthday is a big deal, maybe we should find another day.”

“Bella, stop. It doesn’t matter. If there’s anything that I don’t mind eclipsing my birthday, it’s our wedding anniversary. Okay?”

She bit her lip, nodding, and the fight, if it truly had been one, was over.

That weekend, we went to dinner with her father and our friends, and I gave Bella a framed print of the night sky over the Hamptons while we’d been there on the Fourth. She loved it, but what brought her to tears was the envelope I gave her when we got back to the apartment. It contained a letter outlining an anonymous donation, because I knew she wouldn’t want the attention, of $5,000 to the Seattle Public Library’s Children’s Department.

“Oh, Edward,” she gasped, wiping away tears. “Thank you. It’s perfect.”

“You’re welcome.” I kissed her, thinking that she was wrong. The gift was good, but she was perfect.

-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-

Halloween was one of Bella’s’ favorite holidays, despite the awful year Charlie forgot about getting her a costume. She told me about how she loved to dress up and that, most years, it was the holiday she could plan on Charlie spending with her because he could take her trick-or-treating and patrol Forks at the same time.

The more I heard about Bella’s family, the more I wanted start new traditions with her. My family was always slightly over the top, while hers was under the radar. I hoped that we could find some middle ground, like we had for her birthday, and come up with celebrations that worked for us.

One of the teachers at Bella’s school planned a halloween party, but I was scheduled to work a double shift, so there was no way I was going to make it. I didn’t like the idea of her going without me. Halloween was one of those nights when some people had too much to drink and felt like they could get away with things they wouldn’t normally do because they were in costume. I just worried about her. Bella was my one, and I didn’t want anything to happen to her.

It turned out Garrett and Ang were going to the party with her, so I felt a little better. They texted me pictures before they headed out, both girls dressed as babies in those obnoxious footie pajamas they insisted on wearing to lounge around on movie night, and Garrett in a pair of scrub pants and a FBI, Female Body Inspector, t-shirt under a white lab coat. What a douche, I thought as I laughed at the photos. I couldn’t believe Angela would even be seen with him in that, but that fact that she thought it was hilarious was another example of how frighteningly perfect for each other they were.

By the time I let myself into the condo in the middle of night, I was dead on my feet but cranked on caffeine. I assumed Bella would have stayed with Angela, so I was surprised to find her sleeping on my couch. The biggest surprise, however, was that she was still dressed in costume, but not the asexual pajama outfit I’d seen earlier. No, she was currently stretched out across the black leather cushions in a sexy schoolgirl outfit. Knee high black socks, short plaid skirt and one of my white button down shirts, cuffs rolled, buttons open down the front but tied at the waist.

“Hey, baby,” I whispered, kneeling beside her and pushing some hair off her forehead.

“Mm,” she smacked her lips and sighed but didn’t wake.

“Come on.” I slipped my hands under her body and lifted her, bridal style.

“Edward?” Her voice was rough, confused.

“Of course, who else would be here in the middle of the night to put you to bed?”

“Did I fall asleep?”

I loved sleepy, confused Bella.

“Looks like it. Let’s get you to bed.”

“Ugh, my chest hurts.”

She wiggled in my arms, arching her back and I automatically went into doctor mode. I set her on the bed and reached for her wrist to check her pulse.

“Are you having trouble catching your breath? Any pain in your arms or back?”

“What? No, just get this bra off me. It makes my boobs look good but it’s too small; it’s squeezing the hell out of my ribs.”

“Huh,” I muttered, getting a better look at her chest as she tried to maneuver her arms under her shirt and behind her back to remove the offending item. It really had made her breasts look nice, maybe a little higher than usual. Not that they didn’t always look good.

Her chest rose and fell as she took a deep breath and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her. Suddenly, it didn’t matter that I’d just worked twenty-four hours straight and had come home wanting nothing more than to shower and fall into my bed in a coma-like sleep.

She struggled for a few seconds before giving up, letting her arms fall limply at her sides. She looked up at me, her eyes tired and sad.

“Need help?” My eyebrow raised as I tried not to laugh. Laughing would lead to pissed off Bella and no sex for me.

“Get it off.”  She flopped back on the bed and sighed, seemingly unaware she’d just trapped herself in the bra.

I climbed on the bed behind her and lifted her up, reaching around to untie the shirt and slip it off her shoulders. I glanced down to see just how awesome her breasts looked spilling out of the white satin before I unhooked the clasp on her back. Reaching forward, I cupped her breasts and she let out a soft moan. I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear.

“I love this costume, Bella. You’ll have to wear it for me again.”

She giggled and put her hands over mine. “Sorry I fell asleep. I had this whole role play planned out.”

“Really?” Fuck. My cock jumped at the thought.

“Mhm. I didn’t finish my homework.”


“So you’d punish me.”

“Oh, fuck.” I kneaded her breasts. They felt amazing in my hands. “I can still punish you if you want. You look fucking naughty.”

She turned around, pushing me back and straddling my hips. She gave me a sultry smile, her eyes much brighter, and she didn’t seem tired anymore. Leaning forward, she she scraped her teeth along my jaw and whispered, “Do your worst, doc.”

Oh, God, the things I wanted to do to her. Bella and I had an active sex life, lots of positions and  sometimes several times a day, but we didn’t get too kinky. It wasn’t that we didn’t like it because, fuck, we certainly did, we just didn’t need it. Just the feeling of Bella’s hot, wet body clenching around my cock and her whimpers and cries as she found release could make me come harder than anyone ever had. The other stuff? Silk ties and her ass, pink from my swats, that was icing on the cake.

She bit her lip, her eyes hooded with sleepy desire, and slid her hands up under my scrub top, scraping my skin with her nails.

I ran my hands down her back and over her ass, finally sliding under the schoolgirl skirt she still had on. My hands stroked and skimmed, finding her completely bare.

“Isabella, where are your panties?”

“Must have forgotten them,” she giggled, and I growled.

Unbelievable. And hot as hell.

“You’re overdressed.” Her hands slid back down to the hem of my shirt, lifting it up so I could pull it over my head. She pulled the drawstring on my pants and sat back as she helped me shimmy out of them.

When I kicked out of my scrubs and boxers she moved back to settle over my hips, slowly teasing me and sliding her wetness along my already hard shaft. She leaned down to kiss my chest and tangled her fingers in my hair at my temples.

I moved my hips, pushing against her and hoping to find her entrance. She moaned and slid back a final time, as she sat up. Her hands trailed down my chest until she wrapped one around me, gently stroking and sitting up on her knees. She lined us up and lowered herself, slowly taking me in.

I watched the emotions play over her face as she slid down onto me. She licked her lips and then her mouth opened into an ‘o’ before her head fell back and our hips met. She steadied herself, one hand rested on my thigh behind her and the other pressed against the center of my chest.

She lifted up, almost all the way off, before dropping back down, setting a slow, torturous pace. She looked gorgeous as she moved above me. My hands found her breasts, rolling her nipples and kneading her flesh that fit perfectly in my hands. I pushed my hips up to meet her, over and over, listening to her whimpers and sighs.

“Oh my God, yes! I’m close. Fuck. Again. Yes!”

I felt her muscles start to tighten around me and slid my hands to her waist, pulling her down hard to against my hips. I slid my thumb down to press on her clit and she cried out, her body clamping down around me. I kept moving, bucking my hips as she rode out her orgasm.

I was close, riding the edge of my own release, but I pushed it back, wanting more. She was still twitching around me when I sat up and rolled us to the side, nestling myself between her thighs. I pulled back and let myself go, driving into her in long, hard strokes.

“Fuck, Bella. You feel so good. So fucking good.”

Her hands wound their way around my neck and she lifted up to kiss me, frantically. She rocked against me, meeting my thrusts until she gasped, her lip dragging across my jaw as her head fell back.

“Oh, God. Oh, God. Fuck.”

I buried my head in her neck as I felt her muscles contracting again, her second orgasm, squeezing me like a vice. She writhed beneath me, crying out. Her fingernails scraped down my back and I went over the edge, clenching my teeth and growling in her ear as my entire body tensed and I jerked against her as I came.


I rested on my elbows, trying not to crush her as I breathed heavy against her skin. The sound of my heart pounding in my ears was the only sound I could hear. Her hands slid gently over my back, soothing the skin she’d just marked. I kissed her shoulder and gently ran my nose along her neck before finding her mouth with my lips.

Her hands slid into my hair and she sighed into my mouth and laughed. “That was amazing, and I love you so much, but you have to get off me.”

I laughed and rolled onto my back, pulling her with me to lay partially on my chest. She kissed my jaw and settled against me, falling asleep as I traced patterns on her back with my fingertips.

-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-

Throughout the fall, Bella had gradually been moving her things into my apartment. Her lease with Angela ran out the first of December, and I’d been shocked that she didn’t put up a fight at all when I suggested she move in rather than look for another place.

She had sighed and explained her reasoning, “Anything with a six month lease was either too sleazy or too expensive. We’re getting married. You might as well get used to all of my weird quirks now.”

“And what quirks would those be?” I chuckled, raising a brow. I’d already noticed some things that I thought were funny, but there was no telling if we were thinking about the same habits.

“You know. Like how I hate sweaty cups, and I won’t any dairy product past its expiration date.”

I laughed and pulled her into my arms, kissing her head. “I think I can live with those.”

“Well, there’s more, but I’m not telling you before I move in!”

She didn’t need to. I could live with her wrapping a napkin around her sweaty cups and her aversion to expired dairy. I had no problems with her sleep talking or the way she pushed her socks half-way off but refused to take them all the way off because her toes might get cold. She hadn’t had any issues with my alphabetizing the cans in the pantry and organizing my closet by color and season. I wasn’t worried at all about us living together full time, and I had a feeling both of our quirks would just make things interesting.

The week before Thanksgiving, I was going over some charts when Garrett asked me about the girl’s big move.

“You working Sunday, or helping me move Ang’s shit?” he asked as he passed me at the nurses station on the way into a patient’s room. Most of the furniture that needed to be move belonged to his girlfriend. Since my condo was furnished, thanks to my mother’s design business, Bella had sold her bedroom set and dinette set to one of their neighbors, but Angela and Garrett were putting her things in his empty guest room.

“Working, and I thought you were too. Bella said we weren’t moving anything until they got out of work Tuesday.”

He turned back from the doorway and gave me a confused look.


“Hang on,” he laughed, shaking his head before turning his back on me and going in to deal with his patient.

“Your girlfriend is moving in?”

I glanced over at the nurse behind the desk who looked so surprised. Her name was Emily, and she’d been rude to Bella on several occasions.

“My fiancée, actually, and yes. Garrett is dating her roommate, and their lease is up.”

“Oh,” she nodded and gave me an understanding smile,” so it’s just because of that.”

“No,” I snapped, “it’s because I’m engaged to her and I love her. What the hell is wrong with you?”

Garrett appeared on my left side, and he looked back and forth between nurse Emily and me.

He raised a brow. “Problem?”

I glared at the nurse, tired of her ridiculous behavior. “Just a misunderstanding, but I think we’re clear now.”

“Yes, Edward.”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean Doctor Cullen.”

Garrett snorted, grabbed my cup of coffee and started off down the hallway. I grabbed my patient files and followed him.

“Petty bitches,” I mumbled when I caught up.

“I know, right?” He chuckled. “The natives are not happy that you and I are off the market.”

“Both of us?” I was still shocked at how hard he’d fallen for Bella’s roommate.

“Dude, I told you, I’m done. Angela is it for me. I’m not sure there’s another woman out there who would put up with my shit.”

I had to laugh; I knew the feeling. I was sure Bella was the only woman in the world who would put up with a fake engagement, my crazy family, and after all of that, my hours as a resident.

“So seriously, you’re not helping us Sunday?”

“No, I’m working a double. Bella told me not to worry.”

“Of course she did, she’s not lifting the heavy shit!’

“The heavy shit doesn’t belong to her,” I argued.

“You suck.” He pressed the button for the elevator and the doors opened right away. “Just for that, I’m not giving you your coffee back.”

I groaned as my pager went off. He gave me a victorious smile and took a big swig of coffee as the doors slid closed. Bastard. I grinned though, because it turned out I wouldn’t have to help move Angela’s heavy ass sleeper sofa.

-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-

*shwoo* Wipes brow – He gave her the money, in a roundabout way! 🙂 And we made it to the point that she’s moving in! How did that happen?! Also, did you notice I finally figured out how to drop in the wedding date without making it too obvious? It sort of got overlooked, and short of telling you all to go back to read chapter 17 again or making some sort of announcement in an author’s note (you don’t want to know about my personal OCD-type quirks and the entire thought process behind this, I promise), I wanted to work it in. So, YAY, me! It worked. (Okay, clearly I’m tired.)
Thanks so much for reading. I’m going to try to crank out some of my last Twilight Twenty-Five prompts and read Seastarr08’s original fiction like I’ve been promising for months!

Ohh — there’s a link to the site where you can order the framed night sky picture from a particular night and location.

What I’m reading –

Arms by Virginia May. (complete except for epi) After a long wait, Ginnie has just posted the final chapter to this, so all that remains is the epi. This fic had me whispering at the computer trying to tell Edward that Bella wasn’t who he thought she was. I was so glad to see the final chapter get posted to round off the story and can’t wait for the epi.
Summary: After witnessing the brutal murder of her parents, sharpshooter & former Olympian Bella Swan is forced to live under a new identity as a high school student in tiny Forks, WA. Will unexpected feelings for the wrong man be her undoing or her salvation? AH

Come Home by SameKraemer (complete) This fic absolutely tore me apart the last few weeks. This Edward starts out as such an ass. He has his reasons, but -gah- and then when you find out why Bella puts up with it?! *SOB*
Summary: Edward Cullen can’t remember the last year of his life, so he doesn’t understand why he has to be cared for by Bella Swan, who would give anything to change thirty seconds of her life. They both lost everything. FULL SUMMARY INSIDE. AH/AH/AU. Canon couples/OOC.


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