Do You Love Me?

Accidentally in Love – Ch 21: Do You Love Me?

-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-


Since admitting to Charlie that I was in love with Edward, it had gotten harder and harder to not say it to Edward directly. It would be on the tip of my tongue and, instead of tumbling out like all of the other ridiculous things I said without thinking, it slipped away and the moment was gone.

I didn’t know what held me back, or maybe I did. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Edward hadn’t told me that he loved me. Were there rules for that? Who was supposed to say it first? How long were you supposed to wait? And, most importantly, if I said it first, would I be able to hide my heartbreak if he didn’t say it back? The answer to that was a resounding, no. But I could be patient. I had a feeling it would be worth the wait.

Something changed in Edward at my father’s house. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but in the weeks following our trip to Forks, he was… Warmer. Softer. Happier—every cliché you could think of. It was adorable and made my heart swell. Part of me wanted to say, ‘Screw it, let’s go to Vegas,’ but I just couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t marry him so soon. I couldn’t do it before my father got to know him. I couldn’t do it before I finished getting to know him. And I couldn’t do it because the entire female half of the Cullen family were days away from getting on a plane to Seattle to help me find a wedding dress.

-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-

Edward continued to work crazy hours, and I tried to work my days around his. I didn’t go so crazy as to change my entire schedule to match his, I couldn’t see completely screwing up my sleep schedule for a few weeks only to have to reprogram myself to wake-up early for school in the fall, but I did my best to take care of him and make myself available when he wasn’t working.

Our Facebook announcement garnered more attention than I expected. We’d changed our statuses and, without discussing it, both changed our profile pictures to shots of the two of us. Mine was of us on walking the beach in the Hamptons, and his was of the two of us, laughing one afternoon when Ang and I met Edward and Garrett at the hospital for lunch. Our friends mostly reacted with surprise and congratulations, but there were a few confused comments mixed in, mostly in Edward’s timeline, and a couple of clearly disappointed women.

Wait, what? When did this happen?”

Bella who?”

Wow! I told my sister you weren’t gay! When’s the big day? Oh – Congrats!”

So, I’ve missed my chance? *sigh* Oh, well. Congratulations.”

For real? How long have you known her?”

Is she why you never called me back?”

He assured me those women were just jealous, and he cared nothing for them. They were gorgeous, more the type of women I’d expect to see Edward with than me. It made me a little self-conscious…Until the day I met Edward at work and he unknowingly squashed my fears.

I’d tried a new recipe, and it turned out so well I wanted to share. I’d packed up two servings and headed for the hospital without a second thought. When I stopped at the nurses station to ask for Edward, I began to question my plan. It wasn’t my first time visiting him at work, but the two nurses at the desk acted as if I was breaking the rules and hinted that Edward didn’t want to be interrupted. I didn’t mind waiting. In fact, I expected to wait, but they, Emily and Tia according to their name badges, refused to page Edward. They wouldn’t even tell me if he was even on the floor, despite my telling them several times that he was my fiance.

I got frustrated and was quickly loosing my internal battle to keep my mouth shut and not verbally unleash holy hell on Dumb and Dumber when Edward rounded the corner and saw me. He stopped mid step, and his face lit up. He started walking again, picking up his pace as he made his way towards me.

“Hey, baby.” His voice was smooth and clear, and loud enough for the bitch twins to hear, as he pulled me into his arms, lifting my feet off the ground and burying his nose in my hair..

“Hi,” I laughed, wrapping an arm around him while clutching our bag of food with the other hand.

He let me slide down his body, and his hand came up to my neck, pulling me in for a quick kiss.

“This is a great surprise! What are you doing here?”

“I brought you dinner.” I glanced at the bag on my arm and smiled.

“Did you make it?”

I raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry. Of course.” He rubbed his hands together in excitement. “Are you going to tell me what it is?”

“Homemade chicken and dumplings.”

His eyes glazed over the way they did sometimes when he looked at me naked. I giggled and heard a groan from the peanut gallery. Edward’s head snapped towards the nurses station as if he was shocked that anyone was there. He wasn’t angry, he just hadn’t noticed them.

All he had seen was me. And that was all I needed to know. Those nurses, the women on Facebook, freakin’ Maggie—they meant nothing to him.

“Ladies, I’m going to take Bella to the lounge for my break.” He took my hand and started to lead me down the hall.

“But you can’t-” one of them started.

“I can. Don’t page me unless someone’s dying.” He nudged me. “Get it?”

I rolled my eyes. “Don’t quit your day job, Doc.”

He squeezed my fingers and brought our arms up to kiss the back of my hand as he led me down the hallway.

-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-

While Edward spent long hours at the hospital, I’d developed an addiction to Pinterest. I got sucked into the site, creating boards and pinning recipes, decorating tips and, more than anything, ideas for the wedding.

Alice and I had begun emailing about the details, and I had finally allowed myself to jump in with both feet. It became clear early on that Alice and I had two different ideas of ‘casual beach.’ Hers involved gold leaf and pearls. Mine was nothing of the sort. I was drawn to sand dollars and seagrass, weathered boards and driftwood. Edward agreed with me, reminding Alice it was our wedding.

It wasn’t so much that she wasn’t willing to use our ideas, she just seemed to struggle to understand that we didn’t like hers. It was kind of funny actually. I had been terrified to tell her that we weren’t on the same page, and I’ll never forget her face on Skype when I tried to explain that the photo she had sent of a chandelier draped in shell garlands was a hard limit.

“But…Did you see the picture? It’s beautiful. And one of a kind.”

“It’s not me, Alice. It’s not us. It would be a focal point, and it just doesn’t go with anything else I have in my head.”

“Seriously?” She looked absolutely shocked. “I mean, you’re serious?”

“Yes,” I laughed. “I don’t want anything kitschy, like crabs with googly eyes or gummy fish. Think classic beach house. We could even go with a nautical theme using big rope knots and some funky sailing antiques.”

“Okay, wow. Let me get my head around that and come up with some ideas. I’ll get back to you in a few days.”

She seemed resigned, ready to take on the challenge, and I felt myself relax. I also knew at that moment, that while the idea of Alice planning our wedding had initially sounded appealing, things had changed.

I wanted to plan my wedding to Edward, to concern myself with the details. I wanted to surprise Edward with little things I knew he would like, and I couldn’t wait to get married.

-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-


I felt something soft on my face and turned my head to get away from it.

“Baby, let’s go to bed.”

I tried to say, “When Edward gets home,” but my mouth wouldn’t cooperate.

“I have no idea what you said, but I’m going to pick you up, okay?”

An arm slipped under my legs and another around my neck. I took a deep breath and recognized the smells of Edward and the hospital. He’d put in more hours over the last few days than I thought humanly possible. We hadn’t seen each other in almost two days, and I missed him. I must have fallen asleep on the couch while I waited for him to get home.

“You’re here.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and snuggled in. “What time is it?”

“It’s late; there was an accident, and I got stuck in the trauma room.”

“Are you okay?” My thoughts were still foggy with sleep. “I mean, is everyone okay?”

“Yeah, everyone’s fine.” He put me on the bed and tucked me under the covers, kissing my forehead. “It was just a long night. I’m going to grab a quick shower.”

“I tried to wait up for you.”

“I know you did.” He traced my hairline with the tip of his finger and tucked some hair behind my ear. “Thank you.”

“Mm,” I sighed and stretched, wanting to wake up and not waste time while he was home sleeping.

Sitting up, I rubbed my eyes. The water turned on, and I could imagine Edward in the bathroom, stepping out of his scrubs, scratching his chest and running a hand through his hair before grabbing his towel. The sound of the hooks scraping along the shower rod snapped me from my vision of naked Edward and reminded me that he was actually in the room next door—naked. And wet.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head as I stood from the bed and stumbled towards the bathroom, kicking out of my shorts. I stumbled forward, almost falling into the door but managed to catch myself on the doorframe. I stood tall, shaking my hair over my shoulder and clearing my head, before grabbing the door handle and letting myself into the bathroom.

He peeked out from behind the curtain, his cheeks pink from the steam. His smile was wide and foamy, with his toothbrush sticking out of his mouth. I leaned against the counter and grinned at his ridiculous shower routine. He spit out his toothpaste and rinsed his face under the water, putting his toothbrush on the wire rack hanging off the showerhead.

“I’d say I’m sorry that I woke you, but,” he looked me up and down, his gaze making me blush from head to toe, “you seem to have lost your clothes, and I’m not sorry for that at all.”

“Is there room for me in there?” I teased, knowing just how much room there was in his shower and how much we both enjoyed showering, and doing other things, in there together. I wiggled against the counter just thinking about it, my thighs rubbing together.

“Oh, I bet if I pressed you against the wall we’d fit.”

“Press away, Doc.”

I pushed off the counter, and he slid the curtain open, taking me into his arms. He held me close, taking a second to nuzzle my neck with his nose before his lips found mine. He turned us and let the water beat down on his back as his hands slid along my sides and over my ass.

“I’ve missed you,” I whispered, trailing my lips along his jaw to his ear, not worrying about how ridiculous it was to miss him after only two days.

“I’ve never been jealous of someone’s mother before. I hope you had fun with Ang and her mom.”

“Let’s not talk about Judy Weber while we’re naked.”

“Good plan.”

He leaned down to kiss me, his hands moving back up my body, cupping my breasts and making me arch against him. He turned us again, doing just what he promised and pressed my back against the cool tile. His mouth moved along my collarbone, down my chest until his tongue circled my nipple. He sucked gently before using his teeth to scrape my sensitive skin. My head fell back to the wall, and my fingers tightened in his hair. He soothed the sting from his teeth with the flat of his tongue, then moved to give my other breast the same attention.

One of my hands dropped down to his ass, squeezing as I pulled him towards me. His hand slid between us, finding me already wet for him. His mouth moved back up my body, kissing and licking his way to my mouth, as he circled my clit with his fingers. He knew he was teasing me, that I wanted him to fill me – with his fingers or cock, even his tongue. I could feel him, hard against my stomach. I lifted my leg, wrapping it around his hip to pull him towards me.

He rocked against me and pressed his forehead to mine. His eyes were hooded with lust, and I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I reached down and wrapped my fingers around him. He groaned and closed his eyes, bucking into my hands.


“Yeah,” I nodded, licking my lips.

He shifted his hands, lifting me and lining himself up, pressing into me. I loved the way it felt when my body stretched, allowing him to fill me. I looked between us, feeling my breath hitch as I watched him disappearing inside of me. It was delicious torture, the rush as he moved into me and despair when he pulled back. The steady rhythm drove me towards release as butterflies and heat spread through my body.

He kissed me and mumbled into my lips, “Jesus, you feel so good.”

“Ung. So good,” I managed, breathing hard. “I’m so close.”

“Yeah?” He bent his knees, and his slow, sensuous pace became quick and demanding. “Fuck. Give it to me; let me watch you come.”

I loved when he talked dirty, it was so contrary to his buttoned up doctor persona. He slammed into me, hitting the spot over and over that had everything in me tightening. I felt like I could explode any second. He growled and gave me a couple of quick and deep thrusts, and the coil in my belly snapped, my walls clenched around him while my orgasm rolled through me. My mouth dropped open, but the only sound I heard was the blood rushing through my ears.

He slipped out of me, and I whimpered, though I knew he wasn’t finished. I let my legs drop, but they were like rubber. He put his hands on my hips and spun me around, he moved my feet, spreading my legs apart. He stepped closer, pressing my chest to the wall as he raised my hands over my head. He gave me goosebumps, gently dragging his hand down the length of my side to my waist. I felt his thighs flex as he adjusted his height before his fingers tightened on my hip. I arched back against him in anticipation, and he slid into me again. I cried out as he moved into me with long hard strokes that forced me upwards with each thrust, dragging my nipples along the cold tile.

“Yes. Yes. Yes,” I panted, feeling another orgasm building.

“Are you going to come again?” His breath was hot against my ear, and his hips slapped against my ass. “I know you can. Squeeze my cock until I come, too.”

“Please,” I rasped, unsure what I was asking for. My body was humming, aching. I only knew that I needed to come.

He pushed his hand in front of me and found my swollen clit, pinching it between his fingers. I screamed as I felt my orgasm explode, my hips twitching uncontrollably as I slapped my hand against the wall trying to force myself even closer to Edward.

“Christ,” he muttered before biting my shoulder, thrusting into me hard and fast until he groaned and pulled me against him, pulsing inside me.

My heart pounded in my chest, and our breathing was loud in the enclosed space. His forehead rested on my shoulder, and his fingers caressed my hips. I dropped my arms and covered his hands with mine. He slipped out of me, but we stayed still, letting our heart rates calm.

After a few seconds, I took a deep breath and turned around, needing to see his face. I pushed his hair off his forehead, and he raised his hands to my shoulders, sliding them up my neck to cup my cheeks.

“Bella.” He swallowed hard and seemed to search for something in my eyes.

I slid my hands up his back holding his shoulders and pressing my body against his.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, reopening them with a smile.

“This isn’t how I wanted to do this, but…”

“What?” I licked my lips, terrified. Was he going to tell me he didn’t want to get married? What had happened? After sex like that, I could hardly imagine it, but I couldn’t read the look on his face.

“Shhhh,” he chuckled and pushed some of my hair behind my ear before giving me a gentle kiss. “I love you, Bella. I’m so crazy, in love with you I can hardly see straight some days, and I’m sick of not telling you.”

“You are?”

He nodded and opened his mouth to say something that I’m sure was along the lines of, ‘You don’t have to say it back,’ but I didn’t give him the chance.

I put my fingers over his lips. “Don’t say it. I love you, too. I’m in love with you, too.”

“You are?” He grinned, and I had to laugh at how ridiculous we were.

“We’ve been apart before, with our schedules and everything, but these past two days… I felt like a crazy nympho because I couldn’t see you. It made me twitchy and cranky. I slept in your shirt so I could at least smell you.”

“Yeah?” His eyes practically sparkled as he smiled down at me. “You know that text you sent me last week, the one with a picture of you pouting because you woke up alone? I’ve looked at that like 5,000 times in the last forty-eight hours.”

“We’re quite a pair, aren’t we?” I laughed, still replaying his words in my head.

He kissed my nose. “We’re going to be a pair of icicles if we don’t get out of here.”

I nodded and quickly rinsed off before sliding open the curtain. I stopped and looked over my shoulder at Edward, who was already lathering up his hair with shampoo.

“Say it again.”

He stopped moving and looked at me, both hands on his head covered in lather. Smiling, he stepped closer and moved one of his soapy hands to my neck.

He looked into my eyes as his thumb stroked over my pulse point. “I love you.”

I bit my lip before I grinned and stretched up, putting my arms around him.”I love you, too.”

“I’ll be done in a minute.” He gave me another kiss, it was quick and silly, accompanied by a laughing, “Mwah!”

I giggled as he pushed me out of the shower so he could finish washing his hair.

-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-

Much later, after another round of hot sex and I love you’s, we were stretched out in bed. I had my head on his shoulder, and he ran his fingers through my still damp hair. I sighed, thinking about the coming week.

“Do you think Alice is serious about having a dress custom made in New York for me?”

He raised an eyebrow. “You’ve met her, right? If she doesn’t know the right person to make it, she’ll do it herself.”

“But if I find a dress I like, we can just order it.”

He scrunched his face up adorably and shook his head.

“Cullens don’t order things?”

“Stop. It has nothing to do with that.” He laughed. “Alice is a fashion snob, and she wants to do something special for you.”

“Did she do it for Rosalie?”

“She had lace flown in from Ireland for Rose’s dress and hired flair bartenders for the reception.”

I glanced over at him to make sure he was serious. “How did your mother feel about that?”

“The lace? She would have preferred it came from Venice. The bartenders? She knew them by name before the night was half over.”

He laughed and gently rubbed my back. “Relax. You just have to tell them ‘no’ if they suggest something you don’t want. My mother will respect that, even if Alice doesn’t at first.”

“I’m still surprised your mother is coming.”

“Aww, she loves you, and she wants you to protect you from scary Alice and Rose.”

I snorted a laugh. I wasn’t entirely sure when Esme got included in our shopping plans, but Alice acted like she’d always expected her mother to make the trip. I had to admit, despite my nerves at having so many Cullen’s around, there was a piece of me that was especially excited that she was coming.

I liked Esme, pretty much loved her to be honest, but that wasn’t it. I’d always been the girl without a mother, and I’d gotten a thick skin, pretending it didn’t matter. But having Esme come dress shopping with us? It made me feel normal, like I was finally part of the great American family who had always frozen me out before. I couldn’t quite put into words how much it meant to me, how much Edward’s whole crazy family meant to me.

I looked up at him, finding his eyes closed and his lips slightly turned up in a smile. I could tell he was almost asleep, but I needed to say it one more time.

“I love you,” I whispered, stretching my arm across his chest to put my hand over his heart.

“Mm. Love you too,” Edward mumbled, pressing his lips to my hair.

I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face.

-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-

They finally said it! JEEBUS, took them long enough, right? LOL But they did, and now there’s no stopping them! Edward still has that ring…and some plans… so I’ll see you in two weeks for more fun times with these kids!

AIL News!
AiL has been nominated as one of the best WIP’s nominated on Rob Attack’s Fan Fiction Fridays. There are some great fics nominated, so please, take a look at the list and vote! (Okay, I’m having a hard time with the link to the poll itself, so here’s the link to the blog post on RA. You can vote for the completed fic of the year, and then WIP – where I’m listed.)

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What I’ve Been Reading: 
UGH. I feel like I haven’t had time to much of anything, but I took a business trip last week and time to read on the plane!

Try by Shellshock81 – Kiwi/RugbyWard, do I really have to say anything else? UNF. (WIP only 8 chapters)
Summary: Bella moves to the other side of the world, leaving everything she’s ever known behind, including a broken heart. Edward, star player of one of New Zealand’s best Super15 rugby teams is so smitten over his new Pilates trainer, he can’t stop himself from going after her. Will they find a way to make it work on and off the field? Birthday O/S turned into more!

The Sky is Painted with Red by IssisIvy Quite a roller coaster. This Bella gets put through the ringer, but when B/E finally connect… *sigh* I seriously need this fic to update. (wip 41 chapters)
Summary: Seven billion people live on Earth. Only a small percentage know of the darkness beneath them. Those people are known as Human Donors. My name is Bella Swan, and I am a human donor. ExB, Vampward, M for usual.

Also, Incendiary by Amy Bartol came out last week. (Book 4 in The Premonition series) If you’re not reading that series yet…GAH. The twists with this book – I can’t even!


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