True Death 7: Marcus Bozeman

Sam no likey Marcus. He mean Packmaster. First time they meet, Marcus say mean things to Luna and baby Emma. Sam do likey Emma. They play Barbies. She mini cute.

Then Alcide bring Tommy home. Bloody, coughing, gurgling, dying. Sam no likey this, either. Make him cry girly tears. His whole family in shifter heaven. This make Sam sad.

Alcide tell Sam Tommy was in his body pretendering to be him. Sam very mad. He growl like animal and he not even shifted. He make Alcide take him to Marcus motorcycle machine gay-rage. Sam yell a lot. Alcide act nerves. Marcus shake in black combat boots, but act tough. Alcide drag Sam out of bike shop, but Sam not leave. He wait outside by garbage smelling can.

Marcus come outside into dark sky and Sam shift into big dragon. Bigger than baby dragons on TV show. No little dragon, Sam be fireburping giant.

Alcide yell, “What fuck?”

Marcus shift into wolf-dog and bite Sam-dragon’s ankles. Sam-dragon pick dog up in snaggly teeth and toss but dog come back, teeth snappy. Sam think dog play fun, but dragon inside make big fireburp and Were-dog crispy. Stinky. But no gurgly.

Alcide yell, “What fuck?” again.

Sam-dragon fireburp at him too, but Alcide not close.

“Sam, come home!”

Sam-dragon hear Alcide whimperfy. Sam-human shift himself back, panstshittting over what his eyeballs digesting. Sam and Alcide put brains together, make recipe for ashy-bones where no one find.

A swamp! Danube!



Um…if you don’t know who Hans von Hozel is…you might want to  check out his profile. Part of the SVM/TB community has kind of fallen in love with his wackiness. It seems to kind of go right along with the insanity of this story – so…yeah. Hope you see the connection. There’s a weekly HvH one-shot challenge in the fandom.

I’m not entirely sure what the plan is – how we’re going to swing our “finale” if you will…but check back on our blogs tomorrow (Monday). Seastarr08 is currently hunkered down somewhere without wi-fi. I’m sure she’s all twitchy. I know I am from lack of chatting with her. 🙂


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