The True Death: Marnie Stonebrook

Eric tried to search his mind to figure out how he’d ended up in his current predicament. He had memories that he knew were there but couldn’t access. Sookie had told him he was under an amnesia spell and he believed her, because he couldn’t remember anything before she found him. He had a feeling there was more going on than just that though. Amnesia was one thing, but how had he ended up shirtless and running down some side road in Bon Temps without his shoes? Why Bon Temps, and what were the odds that Sooke would find him? Something didn’t add up.

And now he was in Marnie’s, or Antonia’s, storage room feeling like a puppet. He wasn’t sure what to call her.

He’d decided that he didn’t want to remember who he was if it would cost him Sookie. He felt a connection so powerful and a peace so encompassing that he never wanted to leave her. The things she and Pam said about his former self were shocking. He couldn’t imagine ever being a hard-hearted, shrewd, womanizing bastard, but even the King seemed shocked at his current behavior.

He’d been hesitant when Sookie told him that they needed to stand beside Bill to fight the witches. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to fight. He wasn’t afraid of that; he didn’t want Sookie in danger. He was more afraid of losing her than he was of never getting his memories back. But she’d insisted, and he’d learned in the course of only a few days that when she dug her heels in, there was no budging her. So he’d found himself along side Sookie, Bill and a ragtag group of vampires, standing up against the witches. Sookie was a warrior, a woman after his own heart – he knew that much even without his memories – and he couldn’t let her get away.

The King spoke to the witches, promising that they would be unharmed, but Antonia, through Marnie, would hear none of it. Then, out of no where, Eric found himself pulling some human’s jugular out with his hand and holding it up for the witches to see. All hell broke out in that instant, with fighting going on all around him. He felt Sookie’s pain when she was injured, but he couldn’t move. He dropped to his knees, forced by some unknown will, and found himself under the witch’s control. She was rotten to the core, he could sense it, but he was helpless against her.

Sookie had come to him somehow at the magic store, trying to help him escape. He’d sensed her getting closer, but even when he looked down on her, he couldn’t bring himself to go anywhere with her. His feet were rooted to the storage room floor, awaiting Marnie’s orders. He grew angrier and angrier inside, frustrated at the witch’s possession and his inability to shake her control or tell Sookie about his predicament.

Eventually, he hid in the corner for the daytime, covering himself with heavy tarps because he didn’t know how light tight the room was. He was resting in down time when he heard the storage room door open. Marntonia spoke in her lisping accent, telling him to join her coven in the main room. He shuffled out, feeling lethargic. His brain seemed fuzzy and all he could hear were the witch’s rambling words.

“My friends, the time has come for us to destroy the demons who parade in the darkness, pretending they are superior. They believe that their secrets are the great mysteries of the world and that they are superior because they are immortal – but this is not true. They can be killed and tonight we will show them how susceptible they are.”

The crowd murmured in agreement and through the haze in his brain, Eric wondered if they had been glamoured.

Marntonia spoke again, calling for her minions to do whatever was necessary to eradicate the undead and protect humanity. She spoke of Eric as a great weapon and he was helpless to argue with her, to tell her she was swine and that he wanted her to die, slowly and painfully, at his own hands.

Eric was incredibly irritated over the lack of control he’d been forced to contend with lately. He was much happier putting himself in Sookie’s hands though, over this witch. He’d lived for a thousand years, and although he could remember none of it, there had to be a way out of this.

So alone, truly alone for the first time since he lost his memory, he started probing the recesses of his blank mind, looking for clues to how the old Eric would have gotten out of this.

He knew few truths. He knew he was in the clutches of witches, under at least two curses, and that he loved Sookie Stackhouse. He knew he had vampire child, who was also under a spell of some sort, and that he had a king, who he would likely kill if he could not take control of his life.

He listened carefully to the mumblings outside his storage closet.

“She’s gone done lost her mind!”

“I didn’t sign up for this!”

“We’ve got to get the fuck out of here! I don’t want half the vamps in America after my ass!”

“This crazy bitch is going to be the death of us all!”

Not exactly the words of a supportive coven, Eric thought to himself. He wondered if there might be a way to sway some of them to his side. As if they’d heard his thoughts, two of the witches, the ones that seemed most familiar with his lover, walked into his closet and closed the door behind them.

“I bet he could kill her. He’s awful strong,” the blonde one named Holly said. At least that’s who Eric thought it was anyway, based on her voice.

“But he’s under her spell,” Good Tara said, unsure of how she’d ended up in this coven to begin with and why no one even noticed that she wasn’t an angry stereotype any more. She was just being slotted in scenes haphazardly now and tried her damnedest to make things better when she could. “I wonder how we break it.”

“I want to help,” Eric gasped out, hoping they’d notice him under the tarp. “I think I have an idea, but I will need a weapon.”

“I thought they slept durin’ the day,” the one he thought was blonde said, carefully lifting the tarp up. “Hi, under there. Aren’t so mean now, are you?”

“I am sorry for any injustice that I did to you,” Eric choked out. “I will seduce her and finish her.”

Holly looked at the rather pathetic looking vampire, hiding from the sun under an old drop sheet. “Sweetie, I don’t think she’s going to have any interest in that.”

“She has been dead for many years. I’m sure she has…urges.”

Tara and Holly looked at one another, an intrigued expression passing between them, before they both started laughing.

“You know, he’s right. She’d probably be much less of a bitch if she got laid,” Tara said, chuckling.

“Sexual frustration will turn a sane woman nuts,” Holly said, laughing in agreement. “We got no other ideas. Maybe we should give it a shot. How do we make this happen, vampire?”

Eric thought about it. Sookie seemed to think his sexual abilities were fairly good, so he could offer that. “Tell her that you have heard tales of my sexual prowess, and that it would be a good way for her to prove her dominance over me, forcing me to submit sexually. Then, I,” he made a motion with his hand as if he was stabbing someone. “And we try and break all the spells together. The ones that need breaking, anyway.”

Holly thought about it. “Lemme try and pitch this, and I’ll be back. I mean, I think I’ll feel bad about killing Marnie and all, but shit, this bitch is too much.”

Good Tara nodded. “Let’s get you back to Sookie, where you belong.”

Eric gave an unnecessary sigh. “Thank you.”

“There will come a time when we may ask you for a favour,” Holly said, in her best Godfather tone.

“I will be at your beck and call,” he said with a weak grin.

Holly covered the vampire back up and the two women went back into the main area. They huddled together in the corner together to devise a plan.

“We could tell her that we had sex with him and he’s very good at sex,” she said thoughtfully. “That he’s got a gracious plenty of cock.”

“If all things are in proportion, he probably does,” Tara said, a smile on her face. “We won’t even have to lie about it.”

“How do you just bring that up? Hey, you crazy bitch, why don’t you relax with a good lay before you continue on with your plan to destroy all the vampires?”

Tara shrugged. “This situation is so fucked up that it couldn’t hurt to try.”

“You want to take the lead on that?” Holly asked, nodding at Martonia, who was pacing in the front of the store. “She seems to like you.”

“Yeah, I’ll give it a shot. What the hell do we have to lose? You find him a weapon,” Tara said, standing up and striding confidently towards Martonia.

“Hi,” she said with a confident grin. “How’s the plan going?”

Martonia looked at her curiously. “It’s going well, Tara. Thank you for asking.”

“Too bad that vampire you captured is going to be a kamikaze, because he’s hot. I’d tap that,” Tara said, casually, trying not to seem too weird even as she cringed at the word ‘tap.’ She was out of her element. She wished she was fitting someone for a bra or recommending a nice pair of shoes. She smiled at the witch and continued, “I bet he’s built, under that terrible jacket.”

Martonia looked at her indifferently. “As a man, he was probably handsome, but as a vampire, he’s a monster. I have no attraction to that creature.”

“He thinks you’re interesting,” Tara said, wondering how the hell she was going to make this happen. “He told me he’s attracted to power, and that you really do it for him.”

“Why were you talking to the prisoner?” Martonia asked, inclining her head towards Tara. “And during the day?”

“I…I was curious to see the power that you wielded over him. It was very impressive,” she said with a faux look of admiration in her eyes. “Your dominance is so amazing. He can hardly sleep.”

Marnie gave a half grin and cocked her chin. “I am very powerful.”

“He would like to see more of that power. I think you could own him. Make him yours completely.”

“It has been many years since I have had a man.”

Tara resisted the urge to say it had probably been many years since Marnie had had a man too. “You can show him that you’re really the boss. You’d have him eating out of your hands.”

The witch looked at her thoughtfully. “I guess if I’m going to be in a body, I may as well enjoy it.” She adjusted the front of her dress and puckered her lips.

Tara wondered what Antonia looked like when she was in her own body. She guessed it was better than Marnie’s from the confident strut she had when she walked into the storage room. She quickly scrambled to find Holly, who was sitting in the corner, a wicked grin on her face.

“I found him an ivory knife that’s used in some ritualistic magic shit. It was sharp as hell. He’s ready to go.”

“Now what?” Tara said, glancing around at the others.

“Now, we wait and see what happens. If he fails, she’ll know we tried to fuck her over, literally, and she’ll probably kill us. If not, then I guess we’ll have to get to breaking some spells.”

So they waited.

When Martonia walked in to the back room, Eric was ready for her. He’d adjusted the tarp so it protected him from the sunlight, but allowed the witch to see him. His hair less puffy than it had been, and his shirt partly unbuttoned to reveal his firm chest. There was a slight trickle of blood coming from his ear, but he made no move to wipe it away, wishing not to draw attention it.

“What is the honour of this visit, my master?” he asked in a purring voice that seemed to make Sookie putty in his hands.

“It’s almost time,” Martonia said firmly. “Tell me, Eric, had you heard of me?”

“Mistress, you erased my memories, but I’m certain I’d heard of your strength and the fear you inspired in my kind. You are very powerful.”

“I am powerful. You will do well to remember that death is not the end. The world is mysterious and fluid; I am proof of this.” She fluffed her hair, proof that it was truly an age old custom, and took a step towards him. “Vampires are sexual beasts, no? I hear that you are even better than most.”

Eric held held her gaze. “I’ve had no complaints. In fact, most women beg me for more.”

“I will not beg you for anything.”

“I wouldn’t expect it, master.” He lowered himself to his knees before her, playing his role perfectly. “How may I please you?”

She shuddered at the thought of what he could do to her. Putting her foot on a box, she lifted her skirt and pulled his face towards her center. “Do your best, devil.”

Eric knew that giving her an orgasm was likely to leave her vulnerable and leaned into her body, ignoring the sour taste of her essence as he licked and stroked her to release. He looked up at her, holding onto the shelves behind her for support, her chest heaving and her eyes glazed over, and knew his plan was working.

“You are wicked and evil. I will kill you myself when I’m done with you,” she spat the words at him even as she pulled him up by the hair to stand in front of her. “You are talented with your mouth, but what of your cock?”

For a second, he imagined himself shoving his cock so far down her throat that she choked on it, but he managed to raise an eyebrow at the witch as he opened the fly on his jeans. He was partially hard already, he always found anticipation of battle a little arousing. He stroked himself, and the knowledge that he’d used sex as a weapon in the past helped him keep his focus.

She lifted her skirt and gave him a disgusted look. “Fuck me, vampire. I do not wish to see your face but only to have my needs met.”

He nodded, biting back a growl, his desire to kill her becoming almost overwhelming as she turned around. She had no idea that she was playing into his hands.

Leaning down, he ran a hand up her leg, teasing her as he pulled the ivory blade from his boot. She surprised him, reaching behind her to fist his hair in her hand. “Now, dead man,” she hissed.

He leaned forward, his cock grazing her body as he whispered in her ear, “I am no one’s pet.”

Before she could react, he plunged the ivory blade through her back and into her heart. She gasped, turning her head towards him, eyes wide in horror before the life went out of them.

He took a step back, and her body fell to the ground. A dizzying feeling came over him in a rush, and then he was free. His memories were still gone, though he knew now if he dug deep enough they were still there, but he was once again, in control of himself.

Eric staggered out into the larger room, fastening his pants and dragging Marnie’s corpse, which he lay in the middle of the floor.

“You’re all free to go. This is over,” he announced.

“Now that’s a sex related injury, bitch!” Holly said, jumping up and down. “Whoooo!”

Eric wiped his mouth. “I need a mint. Or maybe some gum. That was…something I hope to never relive.”

Tara and Holly wrinkled their noses and quickly rummaged in their purses. “Wow, I thought you’d just kiss her or something,” Tara said, handing over a box of Tic Tacs. “I’m…I’m so sorry.”

“I no longer wish to kill the king, so I assume her death broke her sway over me. Unfortunately, the original spell was cast by Marnie, so I still have no idea who I am.”

Tara pulled out her cell-phone, which miraculously had reception once more. “Let me call Sookie. She’ll take you home, you poor man.”

Eric glanced between the two witches. “Would either of you have any objections to keeping this between us? This is not a conversation I wish to have with my lover. It would…impact our reunion.”

They both nodded. “That would be fine,” Holly said. “We all did what we had to do.”

Tara laughed. “I just thank the sweet Lord that you were her type and I wasn’t.”

Holly smiled at him. “I’ll start digging through Marnie’s spell books to see if I can’t get you your memory back, and I’ll try to fix Pam for you. She’s a mess.”

Eric looked at her, conflicted. “I…I am not sure I want my memory back.”

Holly frowned at him. “Don’t you want to know who you are?”

Eric looked up thoughtfully. “I need to think about it.”


We cant’ take credit for Marntonia – T read it on a blog somewhere, but of course, she can’t remember where. sorry.


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