The True Death: Debbie Pelt

Debbie Pelt didn’t like Sookie Stackhouse. Hadn’t from the minute she laid eyes on her. She knew Sookie was after her fiance. Yeah, they’d watched her through the bushes when she was fucking that vamp in the dirt by the lake, but that’s all it was. Fucking. There was no future with a a vampire. Not even Sookie could be dumb enough to think things between her and that sherrif could work. He was a bad ass mother fucker. He wasn’t settling with a human, let alone her. Human men like him didn’t settle down; she couldn’t imagine a vampire even considering it. Which all led her back to the conclusion that the cutesy blonde bimbo and her telepathic bull shit wanted her wolf. And that’s what Alcide was. Hers.

She pulled a batch of cookies out of the oven and sighed. She was getting tired of the happy homemaker act she’d been putting on to convince Alcide that she’d changed. Part of her recovery process was to make amends to the people she’d wronged, and God knew she’d wronged him. She knew it was cold when she left him and their boring life to take up with Coot and the Jacksonville pack, but she needed to live. To feel. To breathe. And damn. Did she ever. But now here she was, with a wolf that was love with that little fairy bitch who was fucking the vampire. What kind of fucked up life was she living?

She was glad she’d run into the Shreveport Packmaster at the gas station. He’d looked over, sniffing the air, narrowing his eyes at her. She knew that Alcide should have checked in with him already and she wanted, no she needed, to run with a pack again. Smiling, she thought about the run they’d taken with the new pack a few nights before, ending with a good hard fuck before they’d stumbled upon Sookie and the vampire, but after that, when they got home, she just couldn’t get into sex with Alcide. What if he left her? Who would want her? Fuck. Sookie was a problem. That bitch had to go.

It was late afternoon, but Alcide was working, building some new strip mall or something. She was alone in the house that his daddy had paid for in order to keep his son close. As she made dinner, following a casserole recipe out of Southern Living, she thought about the damn telepath and what she did all day. Bitch probably sat around knitting or weaving damn baskets. She put the cookies away while dinner cooked. She sat at the table and flipped though the rest of the magazine before she began to tap her fingers on the table impatiently. With a sigh, she went to change into some ripped jeans and a tank top. She couldn’t handle the polka dot dress anymore. She wrote Alcide a note telling him she’d gone to a VA meeting. Grabbing a pie out of the refrigerator and her keys from the hook by the door, she jumped in the car and backed out of the driveway. Alcide would work until dusk at least, taking advantage of the daylight and the good weather. She had plenty of time to drove over to Bon Temps to tell the Sookie fucking Stackhouse to stay away from her wolf.

Sookie Stackhouse was exhausted from spending the day keeping Eric safe from the sun. Physically, she was tired, but mentally, she couldn’t even think. Eric was finally resting, though fitfully, and she felt as if she could leave him alone for a while. The spell had been strong, but Eric had managed to fight the pull to go outside and she didn’t think there would be a second attack. She washed dishes and soaked some laundry. She was getting good at removing blood stains from clothes.

Sam called, asking her if she could come in because Holly wasn’t feeling well. She’d been a little shocked, since he’d fired her the day before, but he didn’t seem to remember the conversation at all. She’d hesitated to tell him no, but she didn’t feel right leaving Eric home alone. Not after the day they’d had. She sighed. Home. For the first time since Gran had died, it truly felt like home with Eric there. She knew how ridiculous that was, the house had been through so many changes since then, but being there with Eric just felt right. She liked taking care of him, feeling like someone cared about her and needed her. It was different than the way Jason needed her. Eric may have had amnesia, but he still had more self-preservation skills in his pinky finger than Jason ever had.

She sat on the porch steps drinking sweet tea, feeling the sun on her face that threatened Eric’s life earlier in the day. Two years ago she never would have imagined feeling this way for a vampire. Sure, she’d wanted to meet one, but everything else? It seemed like it was part of a TV show, not her life. But it was true. She’d given her heart to a vampire who’d lied and cheated and broken her. Eric had been a cocky bastard and he’d tricked her into taking his blood, but he’d never done anything to actually hurt her, that he didn’t have a reason for afterwards. She’d been miffed when he locked her in the basement, sure, but when she thought about it now, the underlying reason behind his lies was to protect her. She still wasn’t sure what Bill’s excuse was. Bastard.

Shaking her head, she put away thoughts about Bill. She had another vampire to think about. A kinder, sweeter vampire whom she knew her time was limited with. She didn’t know what was going to happen when he got his memory back. She was trying very hard not to think about it, but it felt like a pit in her stomach, the thought of losing him.

She stood and stretched before going downstairs to check on Eric. He was sleeping, though she didn’t know how, draped in silver across his ankles, wrists and chest. Knowing that there was less than an hour until sunset, she gently lifted the heavy chains off his skin. He hissed and shifted, yet calmed when she whispered words of reassurance. She sat and watched him for a few minutes, the way she imagined he watched her sleep. Glancing up, she saw a car she didn’t recognize coming down the driveway. She sighed in frustration, wondering who the hell it could be and went upstairs. She closed the armoire that housed Eric’s secret hiding place and went to greet whoever it was on the porch.

She put on her sweetest face when she saw that it was Debbie Pelt, although she had the desire to grab her grandpa’s old rifle and just end this civil farce. Debbie didn’t like her, and she didn’t like Debbie. She understood that Debbie probably thought she wanted Alcide, but she didn’t. Not really. Maybe a little, but not in a way that she was going to act on. She thought he was hot and all sure, but he was kind of whiny, and was just a little too smooth for her liking. She was jealous of the closeness that she assumed that Debbie and Alcide shared, since they weren’t limited by the daylight. She wondered briefly as Debbie walked to the door, pie in hand what it was like for Were couples. Did they have sex in animal form? What would happen if the female got pregnant? She made a mental note to ask Sam some night when Merlotte’s was slow, now that she’d been un-fired.

“Debbie, it’s so nice to see you,” Sookie said, sweet as sugar. “Won’t you come in?”

“Why Sookie, I’d just love to,” Debbie replied, batting her eyelashes. “I brought you a pie. Cherry.”

“Oh, my favourite. Thanks so much.” She ushered her in, taking the pie, even though there was no way in hell she was going to eat it, because no matter how sweet Debbie was, that pie was not a risk she was willing to take. A quick glimpse into her mind didn’t tell her anything, but she knew come hell or high water that Debbie had at least spit in it, and at worst, filled it with strychnine poison. “Would you like some sweet tea?”

Debbie grinned artificially, probably having the same debate in her head. “Oh, I think I’m fine. I just wanted to check in, see how you were doing after we saw you the other night. How’s your brother?”

“Oh, he’s just fine. He got all worked up for nothin’, although those crazy Hot Shot fuckers really did a number on him with the biting.”

Debbie shook her head. “Some Weres. Those Hot Shot assholes give us a bad name.”

“Oh, I’m sure they do,” Sookie said, as the fake grin on her face started to become uncomfortable. “All the Weres I’ve met have been perfectly lovely.”

Fuck you, bitch, I know you’re thinking about Alcide, Debbie thought to herself, as she continued to smile sweetly. “We can run a little hot sometimes, but we generally mean well.” She glanced around the house. “Your place looks better than the last time I was here.”

When I shot you, Sookie thought to herself. “Well, a dear friend of mine did me a kindness and fixed it up when I was away, working for Bill.”

“That vamp we saw you fucking in the woods?” Debbie said, but meant to think.

Sookie narrowed her eyes. “You were watching us fuck in the woods?”

Debbie moved into bitch mode. She figured she might as well own it, since she’d made the mistake of acknowledging she’d seen them, and watched for a little too long for her liking. “Kind of hard to miss, you and that big fucking vamp going at it like rabbits. Not much of a future in vampires though.”

“I…you know what Debbie, fuck you,” Sookie said sharply. She’d had a long day, and she didn’t need to have her limited future brought to her attention by the likes of that junkie bitch. “You know what? Maybe I have one hell of a future with him. He’s going to live forever. Unlike you.”

And with that, Sookie took out all the aggression and terror and fear she’d been feeling since she’d gotten mixed up with vampires, fairies, Weres and witches, and she jumped that bitch.

Sookie had a flash of guilt about roughing up the house, after she’d just tidied after her all night fuck-session the night before, but she knew Eric would help her when he rose for the night. He was really quick with a broom. She clocked Debbie in the face, and straddled her hips.

“You would have fucking killed me that night you came here, all hopped up on V, if I hadn’t shot you, fucking junkie bitch. I wish I’d finished the job that night.”

Debbie got her arm free and slapped her. “Fuck you, with your hands all over my man. I know you fucked him!”

“I didn’t have sex with Alcide! How many times do I have to tell you that?”

“You’re full of shit, you supe slut!”

She’d had enough. “Fuck you, bitch! Alcide deserves so much better!” Sookie growled, clocking her once more. Debbie was strong, but Sookie still had a hell of a lot of Bill’s blood in her system from before she went to Faerie, so she had the advantage. “Why did you even come over here?”

“To tell you to stay away from my wolf!” Debbie shrieked, grabbing Sookie’s hair. “I know he’s in love with you!”

Sookie stopped hitting the she-wolf for a minute and looked at her. How the hell, in a matter of a few months, had she gone from being a virgin that no one even wanted to take to dinner to the object of affection for almost every man she’d run into? She decided that she’d ponder that later, when she didn’t have a were-bitch struggling beneath her. She wished the rescinding invitation clause worked all supes, because that bitch would be out of here so fast.

“If he’s in love with me, that’s your problem, not mine, because I’m not in love with him!”

“She’s in love with me, you filthy dog,” a strong voice said, as a ragged looking Eric stood over them. “And I’m really hungry.”

Sookie barely had time to roll off Debbie before Eric had her pinned against the the armoire door, his fangs buried in her neck. Sookie scrambled to her feet and gasped.

“Eric, no!”

He pulled away, Debbie limp in his arms, and looked at her curiously. “She smells like baby powder and wet dog. Her blood is terrible, but I’m so hungry. Do you want me to spare her?”

Sookie thought about it for a long minute. Even sober, Debbie still wanted her dead. She was pragmatic, and she knew that even without his memories, Eric knew how to dispose of a body.

“You know, I don’t. And you’ve had a really long day. You lost a lot of blood…”

Before she could finished, Eric had his fangs back in Debbie’s neck, growling slightly as he drank deeply. Sookie sat down on the couch and watched, somewhat enthralled. She’d never seen a vampire drain someone before, not to the point of death. It didn’t look so bad.

Then again, she wasn’t on the other end of the fangs.

When he was finished, he shot Sookie a wink. “Thank you, Lover.”

Lover, Sookie thought to herself, I like that. “Shall we put her where we put Tommy?”

Eric nodded. “I won’t put her down, or her spilled blood will attract her mate.”

“You know, I think Alcide will be much better off.”

“She was vile. I don’t ever remember having such terrible tasting blood.”

Sookie giggled. “You’ve probably had worse in a thousand years.”

“I hope not,” Eric said with a smirk, blood all over his face. He leaned forward to kiss her, and though Sookie was grossed out by the blood, he gave her a peck on the cheek. “I’ll be back,” he said in all seriousness. She tried not to laugh at him since he didn’t remember the Terminator movies.

Eric was gone for a while before she heard the sound of Debbie’s car starting in the driveway. She smiled, pleased that Eric realized they had to dispose of the car. She was getting quite good at this whole murder and mayhem thing. She wasn’t sure if that was a bad thing, or given her current situation in life, a very good thing.

When Eric finally returned to the house, she had straightened up the furniture that had been overturned in the fight. She was sitting on the couch in her little pink robe, and she grinned when she saw him.

“Oh, Eric. You’re so dirty.”

His step faltered and he reached a hand up to the dried blood on his chin. “I’m sorry, Sookie. I should have cleaned up before I returned.”

She bit her lip and stood, her eyes darkening with desire as she looked him up and down. “No, Lover. We should clean up together.”

“A shower, Lover? I like the way you think.” He scooped her up, bridal style, and carried her up the stairs.

Sookie laughed as his fangs popped out and he grinned at her. She wanted him. Oh, yes. And in that moment, when their eyes locked, it didn’t matter how long she had with him. The only thing she cared about was the present…and the next twenty minutes before the hot water ran out.

That night, before she passed out from exhaustion in Eric’s squeaky clean arms, she had one lingering thought.

If they kept killin’ people, eventually he’d come, and they’d be ready for him.


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