Waking Up in Vegas

The flight was uneventful. I slept for a bit, while Eric was talking to Alcide and the other vamps about what he expected to happen. The cadence of his voice helped put me to sleep; just being near him made me feel safe. When I woke up we could see the lights of Vegas, and Eric tried to get me to pick out different hotels. It was nearly impossible, but he was keeping my mind off the impending landing.

When we stepped off the plane, there was a stretch Hummer limo waiting for us. There was no one to greet us except the driver, and all he knew was that he was to drive us to Felipe’s new hotel, The Oasis, on the strip. I looked out the windows as we drove, amazed every time I saw how much neon there was in this town. We came past the Winn and headed over to the strip. The Oasis was built in the place of several restaurants that had been demolished between the Monte Carlo and New York New York. Pam said it reminded her of the Alladin, which was now Planet Hollywood, but Alcide argued they were nothing alike. Either way, it was new to me, and apparently, it was vamp friendly.

We were escorted to the front desk to check in and told that Felipe wanted us to meet him in his suite in thirty minutes. I waited with Pam while Eric checked in for us. I hadn’t really thought about it, but I figured I either had my own room or I was staying with Eric. I wasn’t sure if Barry booked the rooms or if Felipe did, so I waited for Eric to return with a key card.

He came back and put his arm around the small of my back and whispered, “You’re with me, Lover.”

Mmm. Chills. Eric’s eyes darkened as the accidental moan escaped my lips. We started toward an elevator that was separate from the others, and I asked where we were going.

He turned and inhaled the scent of my hair, then smiled. “We are in the tower. It’s reserved for special guests. The others are staying in the section that has been customized for Supes and Vamps.”

We stepped into the elevator and waved at the others. When the door shut, Eric pinned me against the mirrored wall and began kissing me with a passion. I could feel his erection pushing against my skirt and his hands trying to raise my hem. The elevator dinged and brought me to my senses, and I tried to move from between Eric and the wall so we could go to our room. He growled and reached back. I don’t know how he did it, but he hit the emergency stop button on the fist try, and the elevator started making a buzzing sound like an alarm clock. I gave up fighting between the wall of the elevator and his chest, kissing him back and rubbing his ass with my hands. He had my shirt unbuttoned and had pulled my breasts out of the cups of my bra so they were pushed up and in, aimed right at him.

He was leaning to lick my chest when I caught him off guard and spun us around so he was against the wall. The bond had a way of amplifying my arousal, because I could feel how turned on he was, so it made me want him even more. I untucked his shirt and got his belt and pants undone so I could reach into his Calvin Kleins. He groaned when I touched him and was trying to grab my head so he could kiss me, but I pulled back and slid down the length of his body.

I took his pants and boxer briefs down so I had access to him and then caressed his length with the back of my hand and looked him in the eye as I licked my lips. When I took him in my mouth, he said my name with a groan and was holding on to the handle railing so tightly I thought he’d pull it off the wall. I was licking and sucking, trying to get as much of him in my mouth and throat as possible. I had heard girls at the bar say to relax your throat, but it was really much easier said than done, so I just did my best. I seemed to be doing it right because he was moving his hips and thrusting into my mouth and saying, “Oh, fuck Sookie. Oh, god. Fuck, just like that, oh god, yeah.”

His reactions were pushing me to the brink, and I was starting to ache to have him inside me. I increased my speed, started to suck just a little harder at his tip, and added that nice little ice cream cone lick at the tip and then took him back in and did it again. He pushed his hips out hard and his cock hit the back of my throat. I gagged, but it opened my throat enough for him to go in farther. As he passed the back of my throat, he growled and began coming, spurting down my throat. My eyes were a little wide as I struggled to breathe through my nose, and he held my head in place. Unbelievably, I thought I was ready to come, too.

He pulled out of my mouth and yanked me to my feet. He kissed me and dragged my skirt up around my waist. Tearing my underwear off, he spun me around so my back was against the wall. He licked my neck and scraped me with his fangs. My breasts were pushing against his chest creating a heavenly friction. I moved my hands to rub his nipples and wrapped one of my legs tightly around his waist.

Then he grabbed my hips, holding me still just long enough to impale me in one long stroke. His eyes were glazed over as he looked at me. He turned us sideways against the wall and grinned.

“Watch us.” His face turned to the mirror on the other side of the elevator car. “Watch us fucking.”

It took only a few seconds and I was seeing stars and crying out with my head thrown back. When I was almost finished, he used his vampire speed to pull out of me and drop to the floor so his teeth were on my femoral artery before I could really understand what was happening. As he bit I cried out again, knowing that if I didn’t have a hold on the rail I would have been on the floor. He drank only briefly and then stood up, pushing back into me. With a couple more long strokes, my body clenched around him and I felt him pulsing inside of me.

We stood there for a few minutes; me catching my breath and Eric just holding me up. At some point, I became aware of the buzzing noise of the elevator alarm again. I heard a ringing noise like an old fashioned telephone and then someone spoke over the speakers in the elevator.

“Pardon me. I believe someone accidentally hit the alarm button. Your elevator has reached the selected floor.”

I tried not to giggle. Eric grinned and said, “Yes, that must be what happened. Thank you.”

As I pulled down my skirt and tried to put the ladies back in my bra, the speaker voice told us to enjoy our stay. I was laughing as we left the elevator and went to find our room. After our escapade in the elevator we wouldn’t have much time to get to Felipe’s suite, but Eric assured me it was here in the tower wing.

We found our room, a suite really, and I took a quick look around. The front wall was entirely glass, darkened to protect Eric, and it faced the pool area. It was too cold to swim in Vegas this time of year, but the trees were lit with white twinkle lights and I could see a bar that was open with those outdoor space heaters near what looked like a hot tub. Our room was decorated with kind of a Moroccan theme in deep reds and jewel tones.

I went to the bathroom and freshened up a bit. There was a phone next to the toilet, which I thought was weird, a giant Jacuzzi tub, and a matching shower with double shower heads. I was daydreaming a little about what we could do in the shower and tub when Eric came to the doorway.

“Lover, we need to go. Are you ready?”

I was never ready for the vampire politics part of his life, but I nodded and took his hand and he led me to the meeting.

When we entered the room, everyone was there except Bill and Pam. Felipe greeted us with a grin and apologized for our trouble with the elevator. Oh crap. I realized we must have been on a security tape and was going to have to talk to Eric about getting every copy of it. I was uncomfortable to begin with, but Felipe’s comment put me on edge. The others were looking at us a little funny, but Eric made no move to explain – Thank God.

Bill and Pam arrived, and we were led into a conference room. We took our seats around the table and Felipe began, “I’m glad you could all make it on such short notice. I appreciate your loyalty and will reward you kindly for you assistance in this matter.”

He looked around at each one of us and continued, “I realize the customary thing to do is to wait for a High Court session in cases like these, but with the attacks having been lead by a fellow king, I felt the need to move the hearing up a bit. In my investigations, I have found some interesting information. Both Victor and Lars have been here in Vegas over the last week, although Victor was brought here under false pretenses. They have been kept separate and have not been allowed to interact. Neither realizes we are aware that they were working together.”

He paused and looked right at me. “Sookie, I needed you here because Lars claims the entire plan was devised by the Fellowship of the Sun and that each attack was led by their soldiers, not vamps as we have claimed.” He looked around and then his eyes came back to me. “What do you think about that?”

I looked at Eric and he nodded, so I answered. “That is an interesting claim your highness, since I did not sense any other humans involved in the attack on Fangtasia. I listened for human thoughts and voices, but there were none in the area.”

He smiled. “I do not question you, dear girl. I simply need you to testify to that.” He looked to the other Sheriffs and Alcide. “Were there any humans involved in your attacks?”

They all shrugged their shoulders and agreed there had not been any humans attacking them either.

“Thank you. I will need to speak to my Sheriffs and the Packmaster. The rest of you may enjoy the amenities of my hotel. We don’t have much time before we must all rest, so I will not keep anyone long. I will see you tomorrow evening; we’ll meet here around 7 p.m.”

I grabbed a room keycard from Eric and left with Bill, Pam, and Jerome. Pam and Bill offered to take me to get something to eat, which was surprising because Bill had always hated that I needed to eat. Jerome decided to come along and perhaps his presence was the reason for Bill’s behavior. We had a nice time; no one but Bill seemed to mind watching me eat, and at this point I was enjoying watching him squirm a little.

I mean, I felt bad he couldn’t eat and it bothered him, but Eric was right. I was human and I couldn’t not eat, so at this point, Bill could just suck it up. I finished eating and they finished their bloods, and we all headed back to our rooms. I could sense that the vampires were getting close to their time to rest and knew Eric would be back soon. When I got in our room, I was surprised to find Eric already there, stretched out naked on our bed. I undressed and smiled as I climbed in next to him. He opened his tired eyes and smiled back at me.

“You should have called me. I would have come back up here sooner,” I said, stretching out alongside his body.

“Don’t worry, Lover. I knew they’d get you back here to me. I have not been here long.”

“What did Felipe have to say?”

He yawned and his eyes were getting heavy. He sighed, “Oh, Lover. Tomorrow night will be an ambush of a whole different kind.”

And then he slept, leaving me thinking about what the hell that could mean.



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