Wake Up Call

I awoke to Eric lifting me out of bed. “Lover, we must clean you up; you’re a sight.” he chuckled quietly as he carried me to the bathroom.

I had no idea what time it was and suddenly, I was quite aware of a massive wedgie; well I had on a thong, but there was something seriously wrong. I barely had my eyes open, and I started moving a bit in his arms.

“What, Lover?”

“Underwear. I have to get them, ugh, off!”

He was laughing. “I still don’t know why you even bother with them,” he said as he stood me up next to the tub that was already full.

I was mumbling, “Why are they still on me? Did we? How? Just get them off.”

He obliged and lifted me into the tub. There were soft candles lit, and I relaxed in the warm water. Eric went back in the bedroom, and I heard some rustling around. He came back in, putting the sheets in a hamper and then came over to my side.

“Here, Lover, let me wash your hair.”

I realized he had showered already and was dressed in silk pajama bottoms. He looked wonderful and gazed at me with such tenderness. He pulled out an expensive bottle of shampoo and set to work. He had such strong hands; it was like going to one of the best salons and getting your hair washed. He massaged my scalp and let my conditioner set for a few minutes before rinsing it.

I was awake enough to look around the bathroom a bit. It was massive, to be sure, but very simply decorated. It was very masculine, all tans and browns, slate tile in the huge two to four person shower with a bench seat in it. My first thought was it would be good for shaving my legs, but my second thought was that there could be many uses for that bench while showering with Eric. There were also double sinks and even a chaise lounge in the bathroom; I was pretty sure it was bigger than my bedroom.

Eric lifted me from the tub and dried me with the softest towel I had ever felt. He moved me over to the chaise and sat behind me combing out my hair. He kissed me sweetly on the back of the neck a few times, but for the most part he was all business. When all of the tangles were combed free, he pulled a Fangtasia t-shirt over my head, it was huge, it must have been his, and pulled a pair of socks on my feet. Then he picked me up and carried me back to bed.

“Sookie,” he said, looking into my eyes to judge just how awake I was. “You need to listen and remember. I changed the pass code for this room so you can get out in the morning. It’s the last four digits of your cell phone number. Do you understand?”

I nodded. “Mm hmm.”

He told me he didn’t want me to feel trapped, so he made me repeat to him the pass code. Then he kissed my forehead, and I was asleep again.

When I woke the second time, Eric was beside me and clearly out for the day. His arm was draped across me like a log, and I had to laugh because he had taken off the pajamas and there was another piece of his anatomy that could be mistaken for a log brushing my hip. I wondered if he could wake up enough to…nah, I could wait. I wanted to explore Eric’s home anyway.

I flipped on the bedside lamp and looked around the bedroom. I found a clock that said it was already 11 a.m. I never slept that late, but then again, I hadn’t kept vampire hours in almost two months. This room was just as masculine as the bathroom. The first thing I noticed was a window. What the? It wasn’t real, it couldn’t be, no light was coming in from it. It appeared to look out at a lawn; I could see the gate we drove though last night. It was a fake window holding a picture of what you would see if it was real. It was weird.

I looked around to see what other surprises there were, but there weren’t any. The room was done in deep reds and browns and felt warm and calm. Three walls were a deep red, while the wall behind the headboard was a chocolaty brown, like the color of hot cocoa. The furniture all matched, which was odd to me. Where I came from, most people had generations of pieces added together to make up a set. But Eric had matching everything; a large dresser, bedside tables and lamps, a desk with his laptop set up, a flat screen TV on the wall and the massive bed. It was dark wood, mahogany I thought, and had beautiful carvings in both the headboard and footboard. I saw the door to the bathroom and another door I was guessing was to a closet.

I still just had on a t-shirt and socks, so I opened the closet to find a pair of sweats or something. Why would I think Eric would own such a thing? It’s not like he needed to work out…Eventually I gave up and grabbed his robe off the back of the door. It would have to do.

I was ready to go check out the rest of the house when I stopped in front of the security panel. Oh. Crap. He even made me repeat it. The code. I should know it. How could he expect me to remember? Oh wait, my birthday, his phone number. No. My phone number. My cell number! Shweew. I opened the door and headed out into a sitting room of some kind. I had been so out of it the night before I wasn’t really sure where in the house I was, so I went exploring.

Eric’s room, it turned out, took up the whole back corner of the house. Through the sitting room there was a state of the art eat-in kitchen and a living room with another flat screen, several game systems and a fireplace. Oddly, there were a couple of dog bones and toys piled in a corner on what looked like a dog bed. Ok, weird #2 for the day. I didn’t hear any dog noises and I didn’t smell dog. Did Eric have a pet? I might need to make a list of questions for him when he woke up. The living room was decorated in blues and greens and had a wall full of books, very old books.

There was a coffee maker on the counter and a note for me in the kitchen.

I am sorry there is not much human food here for you. There was nothing open this morning, aside from the Jumbo Mart, because last night was New Year’s. There are some bagels in the freezer and the coffee you love so much. Please, look around and find what you need. The keys to the car are hanging by the door if you find there is anything you need. There should be some clothing that will fit you in a box in the living room. Pam wants us to sell it at Fangtasia; you can let us know what you think. I know you may want to go home, but please, stay today and we will spend tonight together. Alone.

I found the clothes, and although I was a little frightened to check it out, I was relieved to find several sizes of blood red yoga pants, with Fangtasia across the butt of course, and hoodie Fangtasia sweatshirts. I pulled out my size and got comfy. In the kitchen I found the bagels and dug out a toaster oven from one of the cabinets. I came across some odd canned foods in the cupboards. Dog food or pickled herring anyone? But I did eventually find peanut butter and a six pack of Diet Coke in the pantry. Coffee, bagels, peanut butter and Diet Coke, what more could a girl want? Sigh, maybe salad fixins, chicken breasts, something with a few less carbs perhaps? Oh well. I had quite a work out last night between the fight and the Viking, I could indulge.

After my breakfast I was a little tired, so I napped on the couch and then played some Wii golf while I waited for Eric to wake up. I didn’t have any video games like this at home, and it was fun to learn how to do it on my own with no one to laugh or make fun of me. It took me a while to figure out I could ‘aim’ my drives and though I had played at least eighteen holes, the really short putts were still hard. You had to flick your wrist just right, so the controller went just past vertical, but not too far or you hit the ball too hard. Sam was in a golf league and I had always made fun of him, saying it was just an excuse to drink beer, but I was thinking if real golf was as fun as this, I might have to give it a try. I wondered if there were night courses that vamps could use. Did Eric golf? I had no idea.

I finished my game and realized it was about time for Eric to wake up. I went over to the security box and entered the secret code to go into his room. Eric hadn’t woken up yet, and he hadn’t moved from this morning when I crawled out from under his arm. I sat on the bed and ran a finger lightly on his chest. No response. I got undressed and laid down facing him and pulled his arm back over me. I was brushing the hair from his forehead and watching him, sleep, I guess you call it. I knew he was going to want to have our ‘talk’ tonight and I was going to just have to deal with it. It’s kind of funny, usually it’s the woman that wants to ‘talk,’ but I just wanted to know that he wanted me, and that’s all that needed to be said.

I sighed and tucked some hair behind his ear and heard him make an, “Mmmm” sound. I smiled a little and went back to touching his chest. He pulled me a little closer but hadn’t opened his eyes yet. I felt so good, truly connected to him, and I felt warmth spreading through the bond as he started to wake. I leaned in and kissed his nipple, tracing around it with my tongue and I could feel him getting hard at my hip. His eyes were open now, and I was giving little love bites to his nipple.

“Lover,” he sighed, “This is quite a wake-up call.”

I tilted my head to kiss him and reached down to hold him in my hands. I was always a little shocked at the size of him. I mean, I know I don’t have large hands, but good gravy, when he was hard like this he was huge. I started stroking him with my hands and he was kissing me back like there was no tomorrow. There was stroking and tongue thrusting and, oh my, why was it I couldn’t get enough of him?

Eric reached down and maneuvered his arms around mine so he could touch me as well. I could feel the heat between my legs, but when he touched me I melted. I was moaning and whispering some ohmygod’s into his neck. He knew just what I needed and the stroke of our hands matched in rhythm. Eric ran his tongue around the edge of my ear and then lightly sucked on the lobe. He rolled me onto my back and straddled my hips and had his hands in my hair. I had to let go of his cock to pull his mouth back to mine.

He laughed a little and kissed me for a moment, and then he began moving down my body. His hair was hanging over his face, and he took my breasts in each hand and caressed my nipples like priceless jewels. I was whimpering a little, because all I wanted was him inside of me, but he took his time kissing my breasts and licking my belly and working his way down to my center. I writhed beneath him, too far gone to speak, hoping he knew what it was I wanted. He separated my folds with one hand and ran two fingers along my wet center. I was so close I don’t think it would have mattered what happened next, but when he ran the tip of his cock along my opening, I came in spasms.

“Oh god, Eric. Oh. Oh.” Just as I was finishing, he pushed into me, and it started over again. He was moaning and then saying my name as he slowly thrust in and out. My eyelids were heavy, but I was looking at him the way I knew he liked, and he was stroking so slowly I thought I would go crazy. He would ever so slowly pull almost all of the way out of me, and then slowly push himself in to the hilt. I was grabbing his shoulders and raising my hips to meet him. It was excruciating and wonderful.
He looked at me and started to speak. “Sookie,” he said with glassy eyes.

I grabbed his face and kissed him hard and then whispered in his ear, “Fuck me.”

And he did.

After another round in the shower, trust me, the bench was great, we stretched out on the bed smiling at each other. There was much to say, but I really think we had just said it all.


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