The Wild West


Our first week back in Shreveport flew by. I moved some of my things into “our” place during the day, and Eric spent two nights in New Orleans with Bill doing some investigating. I expected him back later that night, until he called to say he was at Fangtasia dealing with a bartender problem.

I was staring at the slinky black negligee I had planned to wear as he explained that Pam would surely make him stay and deal with some other issues that had cropped up in his absence, so he most likely wouldn’t be home until the bar closed.

I had been feeling miserable all day. My chest was tight and there was a knot in my stomach. At first I thought I was coming down with something, but later I realized it was simply because Eric and I had been apart for too long. I wasn’t really thinking about what I was doing when I shoved the black lace back in the drawer and pulled on my jeans, cowboy boots and a Fangtasia t-shirt. Pam had gifted me with the entire line of “Bar with a Bite” gear. I grabbed my cowboy hat and keys before I realized I was headed to the bar to help out and be close to Eric.

I walked in the back door of Fangtasia and saw that Eric’s office door was closed. I took a deep breath, since I had pulled into the parking lot the tightness in my chest had released, and I was feeling, well, alive. I grabbed an apron off the rack in the break room and made my way into the bar. Pam was nowhere to be seen, and Felicia was buried in customers behind the bar, all by herself. Now Merlotte’s is a bar that can operate with only one bartender, but not Fangtasia.

I scooted in behind Felicia to go to the enclosed far end of the bar. I figured it would be the safest place, just in case I was really enticing to the vampires, with my new and improved fae scent. It was really busy and loud, so I hollered to her that I would catch up the wait staff and then give her a hand with the bar customers.

She grinned like mad, showing a little fang and hollered back, “Sookie, I love you!”

I was sweating like crazy and working like mad behind the bar. The wait staff was caught up, and I stayed at the far end of the bar and their station to make sure it stayed that way. Thank the stars that Eric had invested in a hot water bath to keep the blood warm on busy nights. It made serving the stuff so much easier. You just wiped it off, shook, and twisted off the cap. The new drink special on the other hand, was killing me. It was an intricate “Bite Me” Martini with a splash of TrueBlood in it for the daring, grenadine for the tourists.

I was serving up some beers to tourists from Kansas when I felt a crazy bolt of lust come through the bond. I glanced over and saw Pam and Eric coming out of his office and making their way into the bar. Igor was forcefully escorting the, apparently former, bartender out the front door. Eric was shaking his head at me as he stalked towards the bar. I could feel through the bond that he was both totally aroused and completely pissed at me. He had repeatedly told me I didn’t need to work, and I should not feel that I owed him anything.

“What are you doing?” he boomed when he reached me. The tourists were terrified and grabbed their beers and got as far from the bar as they could.

“I’m tending bar,” I said sweetly. He just growled and his thoughts swirled. This could be fun. “The boss here,” I looked at him and licked my lips. “He works me hard.”

Eric leaned close to me and said, so only I could hear him, “And I bet he punishes you when you misbehave, doesn’t he?”

I looked him straight in the eye. “He’s been know to whip me into shape.” Oh god, what was coming over me?

The lust in the bond flared between us. I was getting wet and feeling flush. His fangs ran out. “My office. Now.” He walked away without looking back.

Felicia was watching us and trying not to laugh. I raised my eyebrows at her and headed off to follow my Viking. She lost it and cracked up.

“Thanks for the help, girl!” she laughed as I squeezed behind her to get out of the bar area.

Eric’s door was open but I didn’t see him. I moved into the room, and he stepped out from behind the door to close it behind me and slam me up against it, knocking my cowboy hat to the floor. Instantly, he was grinding against me and kissing me something fierce. I knew my lips would be bruised, but I also knew his blood would help heal me. I threw my legs around his waist and held on for dear life, wishing there were spurs on my cowboy boots. When I couldn’t breathe anymore I pulled back, and Eric didn’t pause at all as he swung us around and moved to the leather couch.

He slowed down long enough to tear off my shirt and pull my pants down, yanking my boots off and tossing them aside. He sat me on the couch and pulled me forward so my legs fell over his shoulders. He opened my folds and saw me glistening and I heard him moan.

And then it was like a feeding frenzy. He was licking and stroking and nipping. His eyes were glassy when I could see them and his thoughts were crazed, the only thing I could make out was the occasional, Mine, and Fuck her hard. I really hoped my grandfather was right and Eric would not go crazy from my fae blood. He was shoving his tongue into me and trying to hit the spot that would push me over the edge. I was trying to hold myself as close to his mouth as I could but it just didn’t seem like I could get close enough. Then he pushed two fingers into me as he bit my femoral artery, and I boiled over. I was quaking and pulsing and feeling like I might not have the coordination to breathe.

Before I recovered, Eric was standing and pushing his pants down to reveal his erection. He pulled me up on the couch on all fours and turned me how he wanted me, because I wasn’t really moving on my own at this point. He put one knee on the arm of the couch and kept the other foot on the floor for leverage. He ran the tip of his cock over my wet opening, and I began to shudder all over again.

The next thing I knew, he was pushing into me and whipping my back and buttocks with the lanyard that his flash-drive was on. Give the man points for ingenuity. He was gripping my hips with one hand and pulling me hard against him as he drove his own hips into me. I couldn’t believe how far he filled me from this position, and I loved the feel of his thighs against mine and his balls slapping me from behind. I pushed back with what strength I had, mumbling, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, Eric, ohmygod, don’t stop, ohgodyes.” He gave me a hard thrust and a good swipe with his makeshift whip and I felt myself going over the edge again. As my body tightened on him, I felt him starting to lose himself as well.

He was resting against my back, and I was running out of strength to hold us up when he pulled out and moved us so I was sitting on his lap. He rubbed my back and held me while I came back to reality.

When I finally looked at him with clear eyes, he smiled, “Lover, what were you doing working behind my bar?”

“I was just helping out.”

“You know you don’t have to work. Here or anywhere.”

“I know Eric. I just…I couldn’t sit at home, knowing you were this close. I had to come here to be near you, so I figured I might as well help out since you were down a bartender.”

He sighed and kissed my forehead. “Lover, it has been a very long time since someone has aided me out of pure kindness.”

I snuggled closer. “I guess you should get used to it.”

He sighed and spoke quietly after a second, “I was glad to feel you were here.”

“It’s calming, isn’t it? So weird,” I said, half talking to myself.

“It’s something,” he muttered, and I smiled. He was still struggling with his own emotions surrounding our connection and the bond. He tried to be so strong all the time and it was moments like these that reminded me, vampire or not, he was still just a man.

He kissed the top of my head and we rested like that for a minute, sitting tangled together, until I began to think we should get dressed. Pam always barged in at the least opportune moments. Eric knew what I was thinking and helped me up to find our clothes. While we were dressing, I asked what he had found in New Orleans.

“It is interesting, Lover. After Katrina, the city is a hodgepodge of humans and vampires. Many of the older vampires have left the city for good. Those that stayed are loyal to Sophie and only tolerated Victor and Felipe.” He was leaning against his desk, and I was sitting in his office chair to put my boots on. “The younger vampires, they are a tribe apart. They do not seem to understand the basic hierarchy of our kind. It is almost as if New Orleans has become the Wild West.”

“So were some of the younger vamps involved with Victor?”

“It seems so, Lover; they are so cocky, and now that Victor is gone, they are not trying to hide it.”

“What will happen next?”

He shook his head. “I will work with some of Victor’s investigators and a team of my own vamps and take care of them.”

“You’ll kill them, you mean?”

“I should, Lover, but no, killing them makes me no better than Victor. I will prepare them for a hearing, and they will be judged by our court and their king.”

“Oh. How do you prepare them for a hearing?”

“They will be…imprisoned… until it is time for the hearing.”

“Imprisoned? What does that mean? Is there some kind of vamp jail?”

He nodded and smiled a little at me. “The trial will be in New Orleans in a few months. We will get a room at the new vamp hotel in the French Quarter for a few days. I cannot wait to enjoy the city with you.

I grinned back. “You just want to see me drunk and flashing my boobs on Bourbon Street.” I saw him picturing it in his head, and then he pictured us having sex right out in the open, like you saw during Mardi Gras. “Eric,” I said firmly to get his mind back on reality. “That will not happen.” Although with the crazy sex we’d been having of late, I could see where he’d think it was a possibility.

He barked a laugh, and Pam came through the door without knocking.

“Master, I need to discuss some accounting and scheduling issues with you when you are ready.”

He motioned her to take a seat and leaned down to kiss my forehead. “I will probably be in here the rest of the evening,” he said checking his watch. “Will you help Felicia for a while or return home?”

“I’ll help out a while. I’ll let you know if I am going to head out,” I said as I walked to the door.

Pam inhaled deeply as I passed her. I froze for a second waiting for her to say something. I had been okay behind the bar, but if she was sensing the fae in me, I could be in trouble.

She sighed. “You smell…” My breath caught and she finished, “Satisfied.” Her eyes were a little glassy, and her fangs were out. Eric growled at her and she grinned. “What? I love the smell of sex, and the two of you have clearly just had some.”

I shook my head as I shut the door behind me and went back to the bar. The crowd was still pretty big, and one of the waitresses was filling her own drink order when I slid back into my spot. I took over for her and once again caught up the wait staff while cursing the “Bite Me” Martini campaign that had partially been my idea.

When things were back on track, I realized that the Fangbangers and other regulars were flocking to Felicia’s end of the bar while I was dealing with nervous tourists and nosey vampires. I could hear the tourists wondering what a nice girl like me was doing working in a vampire bar, and I had to bite back my laughter. I wanted to tell them I was living with the owner, but that would be too much for some of them.

Things finally started to slow down, and I felt someone’s eyes on me. A lovely vampire, dressed in latex that would make Pam extremely jealous, was off to the side of the bar area watching me work. I tried to ignore her, but she was starting to creep me out.

Felicia seemed to realize what was going on, and she came over to me and pretended to wash a glass. “That’s Ellsey. She’s cool.”

“Why’s she staring at…” I started, but stopped when realized that Ellsey was heading towards me.

She stood in front of me at the bar and smirked a little. “You are perceptive for a human.” I nodded and waited for her to continue. “Sookie Stackhouse, I am Ellsey Graham. Eric suggested you might be interested in working for me.”


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