After I digested what Eric said, well, partially digested it, I realized I was not ready to talk about it or think about it. From the look on his face and the tension I felt through the bond, I guessed Eric wasn’t either. Too much had happened in one night. So I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the door.

“Come on, there’s something I want to do with you.” He snapped out of his thoughts and gave me a sexy leer. “Not that!”

We held hands as I walked him down to New York, New York. We could see the roller coaster moving outside the building, and he sensed my excitement.

“This is where you’re taking me, Lover?” He was grinning from ear to ear. “I had no idea you were so adventurous.”

I laughed. “I lover roller coasters. The anticipation, the rush, it’s great.”

We went on the coaster twice; me screaming and Eric just enjoying the wind in his hair. I should have known that the exhilaration would excite him. Afterwards, we stood on the fake Brooklyn Bridge, practically having sex on the street. I pulled back after finally hearing some of the thoughts of passer-bys.

Get a room!
Fangbangers, Ugh.
He’s fucking her with his mouth!

I was a little offended, but glad they were thinking it and not shouting at us. I grinned at my Viking and pulled him along back to the hotel. He had to un-tuck his shirt and was walking stiffly, but we made it. I held him off in the elevator. I so didn’t want another video of us out there somewhere, but I started unbuttoning my shirt in the hallway to tease him.

I backed into the room and was pulling him into my arms when Eric spun me around behind him and made a horrible hissing sound. I was trying to clear my head and figure out what was going on when Niall stepped out of the shadows, and Eric relaxed slightly.

“Prince, you surprised me.”

“Yes, Viking. I see that. I also see you are very protective of my great granddaughter. That pleases me.”

We came fully into the room, and I tried to be nonchalant as I re-buttoned my shirt. We all sat down in the living area, and I was wracking my brains to figure out why Niall was here. Eric didn’t respond to my thoughts other than to think, Relax, Lover. He is your blood. That really didn’t make me feel any better.

“I understand that Victor is dead,” Niall began and looked at Eric. “This leaves a gap in Felipe’s defenses, does it not?”

“In a sense, yes, it does,” Eric answered, while mentally shushing me and telling me to wait to find out what Niall was after, before telling him we thought Felipe planned to use Eric to fill the gap.

“You are a shrewd individual, Northman. Do you not think this is the right time for you to move ahead in the ranks of your kind?”

I was seriously getting angry with my grandfather. He hadn’t said a word to me since we walked in. Eric was trying to calm me through the bond while trying not to tip his hand to Niall.

“The selection of Victor’s replacement is up to Felipe. I will accept the position if it is offered.”

Niall smiled, “You would do this without consulting your bonded?”

Okay, now Eric was pissed at him too. I, however, had now moved into stark raving mad at both of them. How dare Eric say that he would accept it! We hadn’t even talked about it! I heard Eric in my head loud and clear.

Listen to me, Sookie. You will understand. And then he was speaking out loud. “Niall, I am unclear on the purpose of your visit. But you are coming close to crossing a line into dangerous territory with me. You know full well that anyone Felipe offers this position to will have to accept. It would be a death wish to decline. The king will see it as disloyalty and disobedience. Refusal is not an option.” Eric was right of course, and I did understand, but I was reminded again that I hated vampire politics.

Niall was still smiling, and it was still irritating Eric.

“You continue to please me, Northman.” He paused and looked at each of us to be sure he had our attention. “I am here tonight because there are things the two of you need to know about your bond. I know you and Sookie are able to communicate with your minds now. It was the sign I was waiting for, to come and explain things to you.”

Okay, he had my interest. Eric was trying to act casual, but I could tell how tense he was, or perhaps it was just Niall’s scent doing that. Eric took my hand, and I spoke on our behalf, sensing my bonded was very much on edge.

“Grandfather, please, start explaining.”

He looked at me like he was a little surprised I had spoken up. I think he was not used to women being independent or strong, which was very strange because those are two of the words that came to mind immediately when I thought of my cousin Claudine.

“Sookie, the pairing of a vampire and a fairy, even a partial fairy, is quite rare. I’m sure your Viking already knows this.” Eric made a nodding motion, waiting for Niall to tell us more. “As you know, I’ve been aware of your bond, and I know things about your connection that may surprise you. I am not able to see into your minds, do not concern yourself with that. The fae magick allows me to see the strength of your bond, and that tells me a great deal. The fact that you are now hearing each other’s thoughts means the bond is much stronger than even I anticipated. It means you will always be connected, for eternity.”

Eric was still very tense, but he gave my hand a squeeze and cleared his throat. “Sookie is not immortal. We do not have an eternity together.”

“That is what I am trying to explain. The two of you are, as best as I can describe it, soul mates. Whenever the two of you met in the course of time, you were destined to be together.”

I was feeling overwhelmed. It was a good thing right? I wanted to be with Eric. But desiny….eternity? I was getting a little claustrophobic. Eric was laughing a little in his head as he listened to my thoughts flying everywhere. Really, what I was freaking about was that I could sense Niall had more to say. What more could there be after immortality and soul mates?

Eric had actually calmed. I didn’t understand him sometimes. Then he asked the question, because he knew I wasn’t going to be able to talk, “And what more does this mean?”

“Well, the short version is that the combining of your blood will make Sookie immortal, well, barring a few bizarre circumstances. You will not need to turn her vampire if you continue to renew your bond. Sookie, you will need to drink from Eric at least weekly. And Sookie’s fae magick will now flourish and grow. She may eventually learn to teleport and wield some control over the forces of nature.” He looked at me and made sure I was paying attention. “As Eric cannot touch silver, you should avoid iron. You cannot touch it with your skin. If it has not bothered you yet, I believe you will become more sensitive to it over time. And lemons, they can burn you.”

I’m sure my eyes were wide open from taking everything in. I had a lot of questions, but I was mostly worried that even though we were destined, my fae blood would drive Eric, well, insane. Niall assured me that as a bonded pair Eric would be no more influenced by my blood than he had been already. Unfortunately, I would smell sweeter to other vamps, but luckily, I would not have the scent of a full blown fairy. Basically, he said I would smell delightful, but resistible.

“Alright, so you said I might be able to teleport and control nature. How will I learn to use these powers?”

He explained that I would need lessons from Claude or Claudine for a while. He suggested visiting them in Faery or having come to me a couple of times each week. He seemed to think I couldn’t answer that question right away, but I told him I didn’t want to leave Eric if I didn’t have to. Really, I just didn’t like the idea of traveling to another realm on a regular basis. I felt like that was asking for trouble. Regardless, I felt Eric’s pride and pleasure hum through the bond when I said it.

We were all quiet for a while, and Eric knew I was done for the night. It was late, or early if you will, and I still needed to talk to him about the whole second in command business, and now we were a destined pair.

Eric took the lead and stood up. “Niall, I have a feeling there is more for you to tell us, but Sookie really cannot handle any more tonight. She needs to process all that has happened and all she has learned.”

“Yes, Viking, there is more to tell, and I can see my granddaughter needs to rest. There is one additional important detail I must share with you tonight. As your connection continues to grow you will find it difficult to be separated for more than a few days. In addition, neither of you will survive more than a short time after the other dies. Now that you’ve found each other, you are destined to be together always.”

“That’s impossible,” I muttered. I was blinking rapidly and looking at Eric, and I thought I was going to be sick. How many times in the past two years had we come close to death?

“No, Granddaughter, that’s magick.” Niall stood to leave, but he stopped and took my hands in his. “I know you are afraid, but this is your fate, your destiny. You would have found your way to Eric, no matter what. Everything that being fae entails will make your life better and easier.” Oh, I so didn’t believe that. “Also, you have my phone numbers, but you need to know, now that you are coming into your own, all you need to do is call my name, and I will come to you. The same goes for your cousins, although they don’t always listen very well. If you need to get a message to me you can place it under the fairy statue in your front garden. It will be found.”

I was confused; I didn’t have a fairy statue in my garden.

Niall seemed to understand the look on my face and smiled, “Claudine took her to your realm this statue will be there, should you need it. It will protect you and proclaim the presence of the Royal bloodline to those who would recognize it.” He pressed his cheek to mine and stepped away. With a nod to Eric, he disappeared.

I think my eyes were still a little buggy. After everything he told us he was giving me a statue for protection. What the hell kind of good would that do me?

Eric crouched in front of me and put a hand on my cheek. “Lover, all is well.”

I just looked at him. All is well? All is freaking well? I am becoming an immortal fairy and our lives are locked together. I was going to have to drink his blood weekly. Death of one is death to the other, and he is probably going to be the second in command, the head vamp on the ground in Louisiana for the king. I would probably have to quit my job in Bon Temps to live in Shreveport, and I couldn’t very likely work at his bar and have vampires drooling over me all of the time.

He put his other hand on the other side of my face and kissed me deeply but sweetly. He put his forehead on mine and sighed. “Lover, all of these things are trivial. We know now we are meant to be together. None of those little things matter. We have found each other, and we will be together for eternity. You do not have to become vampire.”

I could hear his thoughts and was amazed he was controlling himself so well. What was going on inside of his head sounded nothing like the heartfelt words he’d just managed to say. Every other thought in his mind was that I smelled like fairy, and he wanted to fuck me and rub the scent all over himself.

“Lover, we have centuries to work out the details. Come to bed with me.” He was still being calm outwardly, but I could see the erection in his pants and the lust in his eyes that matched his wicked thoughts. This mind reading thing was pretty hot.

I knew I wasn’t going to have an important conversation with him all jacked up on fairy, and his lust was definitely heating me up through the bond. I stood and began to unbutton his shirt. “I can hear what you’re thinking,” I whispered. “You don’t want to go to the bedroom.”

“No,” he growled. “I want to fuck you right here in front of the window.” He began rubbing my nipples through my shirt.

“No one can see in the window, Eric. It’s tinted glass.”

He kissed me right below my ear and then sucked on my earlobe, “Imagine if they could, Lover.”

He tore off my shirt and bra, so much for that lesson on how hard it was to find a good one. Then he turned me around and my nipples brushed the cool glass. He held my hands up over my head and then slowly kissed his way down my back. He lowered my skirt and ripped away my thong. I heard his zipper go down and knew the pause was so he could kick out of his pants and dress shoes. Then his hands slid up the inside of my thighs.
“Mmmmm,” was all I could manage to say.

I could hear his thoughts and they had gone from dirty to triple x. He was now listing places that he wanted to cum in me and on me. In her womb, in her throat, on her back, on her breasts. I want her to be covered in my scent for weeks.

My brain was really no longer working, I’m pretty sure the only thoughts in my head were a running loop that was something like, Yes, please. Don’t stop. Oh lord. Do it now. Keep going. More.

He used his hands to slightly spread my legs, and I gasped a little as his tongue began to caress me. I was so hot, and it was so cool, the contrast was heating me up even more. He set a driving pace with his tongue thrusting into me and moved one hand forward to rub my clit. I was leaning hard against the window and pushing myself into his face and hand. He had learned my responses and knew as my breath caught that I was about to come. At that instant, he turned his head and sank his teeth into my thigh to drink. That was all I needed, and I was soaring.

As he licked my wounds, I could still hear his filthy thoughts as he tried to decide if he wanted to take me right here or bend me over the back of the couch. He stood up slowly, his chest lightly grazing along my entire body. As he reached his full height, I felt his erection against my lower back, and I shuddered. I had to have him. Immediately. I moaned and started to turn around, reaching for him, but he grabbed my arms with one hand and held them up over my head again.

He used his other hand to caress my side, and with a groan he spread his legs apart to even our heights and thrust into me hard. He continued to hold my hands up so all I could do was push back against him. He grabbed my hair with his free hand and pulled my mouth around for a kiss. He was frantically thrusting into me as hard as he could, the side of my head was bumping against the glass when he growled deep in his throat and licked my pulse, “You are mine, forever.” The he released my hands and moved both arms around my waist to hold onto me. He bit into my neck, and we came together. Our thoughts swirled between us, a combination of love, fairy lust and satisfaction.

I was shaky on my feet, and he carried me to the bedroom. We lay together, just looking into each others eyes. “Eric,” I started, but he cut me off.

“Lover, we have much to discuss and much to think about. But you still smell of fairy,” he nudged me with his erection, “and I am no where near done with you for the evening.”

I was trying to hold some sort of resolve and wanted to pull away to talk or think when he leaned up on his elbow and began kissing below my ear, then licking and sucking my ear lobe. I was a sucker for that, just like he was, and my mind shut down again. All I could think of was Eric and all of the ways he wanted to take me.

He laughed. “I forget you can hear me, Lover. This could make our love making quite interesting.” He gently licked my lips, upper and then lower, before lightly biting my bottom lip.

I took him into my hands and began teasing him with slow strokes. Was there an order to the ways you wanted to have me, or is this good?

He began rocking his hips into my hands. Ladie’s choice.

I laughed and moved down to take him in my mouth as he groaned. We spent hours exploring each other. He tried every position he thought of earlier and then some. My body was achingly sore, and he gave me some blood after our last round of sex because he sensed it. I thought if I could get out of bed in the morning, I was going to have to go straight to the spa for a massage. Eric just laughed, then led me to the shower to clean up and ease my muscles.

Every time I showered with him, it was more erotic than the last. This one had ended with Eric pulling down the towel bar and me almost falling out of the shower because of it. The glass in our room had been treated to protect vampires from the sun, but apparently the shower had not been built with vampire strength in mind.

After he brushed my hair and rubbed lotion all over my body, we curled together in the bed. Then we slept like we were both dead.



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