Something in the Air

I had a late breakfast with Alcide at the hotel. Okay, it was really lunch, but it was my first meal. Then I headed to the spa for my massage and facial. Alcide went to the gym and said maybe he’d see me before he flew home. I had told him Eric and I were staying an extra day, but I didn’t give any indication why.

I dawdled in the cafe and the gift shops, hoping I could time it so Eric would be up and showered by the time I went back to the room. I knew if I was there when he woke, we would end up in bed and our discussion about everything that had happened the night before would never happen. I sat in the cafe and had some coffee as I made two lists of questions. One list was regarding the Second in Command job and the other was about everything Niall had told us. I went to the gift shop and picked up some playing cards and sparkly sunglasses for myself and a shot glass for poor Felicia. She still thought I would be the death of her, but she seemed to at least like me. When I felt like the cashier thought I might be casing the joint, I made my purchases and figured I should head up stairs.

Eric was in the living area of our suite using the laptop when I came in. He smiled, “Lover, I missed you when I woke up.”

I smiled, “I’ve missed you all day, but I knew we had things to discuss, and it wouldn’t happen in bed.”

“Or in the shower.”

“No, not in the shower, either.”

He made that sexy come hither motion he used. “Come, sit, Lover, where would you like to begin?” I pulled my lists out of my purse and he barked with laughter. “You are serious, Lover.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “A lot of serious stuff happened last night.” He was smiling, so I knew he was only teasing me. I had felt it through the bond, but I needed his face for reassurance. “I guess we should talk about what De Castro might offer you.”

He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. “Mind you, I am not certain that he will offer it to me, but he hinted at it. Then with Niall coming here, it seems very likely.” He stood and walked to the window. Because of his age he was awake in the early evening and the sun was quickly disappearing from the sky. He looked wistfully through the glass and I knew he liked being able to safely see the setting sun, even for only a few minutes, before it was gone. He turned back to me and spoke, “Lover, being second in command will keep us in Shreveport, but will require trips around the state and also out here to Vegas on a fairly regular basis.” He paused, looking over his shoulder at the sky bleeding to gray, then looked back at me, “I’m afraid that because of this and what Niall told us last night that you will no longer be able to work at Merlotte’s.”

I nodded. “I know, Eric. I called Sam today. He isn’t happy, and he doesn’t understand. I told him I would talk to him when I got back. In the meantime, Barry will get someone to fill in for me until Sam finds a replacement.”

“Sookie, you know I never really liked you working at that bar, but I would not have forced you to quit.”

I put down my lists and walked to him at the window. Wrapping my arms around his waist, I leaned my head on his chest. “I know, Eric. It’s okay. There are just a lot of things changing for me.”

“I have been thinking of what else you could do in Shreveport. Of course it is up to you; you can go to school or stay home if you choose. It will probably not be possible for you to work for a human or a shifter anymore. You will need to work at one of my businesses or at the business of one of my subjects. I have a few in mind to suggest, but we can discuss that any time.”

“When will you meet with him?”

“In thirty minutes. Everyone else is headed back to Louisiana shortly. I had a message that Dani will meet us in the king’s suite, and the two of you are to go to dinner on his tab.”

I was still standing with my arms wrapped around him. “I understand what you told Niall about having to accept the position. What will it mean for me? Will Felipe be able to require my services?”

Eric sighed. “It really won’t change, Lover. I don’t think you realize how much power he already had over us. He will never be able to require your assistance without my presence. I can not decline his offer, but the position would give me more respect from both Felipe and other kings.”

“How much more danger will we be in?”

“Lover, we are always in danger.”

“Yes, but will we be in more danger?”

He gave a chuckle. I loved it when he laughed and I had my head on his chest. “I truly cannot say. We will have to wait and see.” He gave me a tight hug and sighed. “Lover, you smell delicious.”

“Mmmm,” I sighed. “I went to the spa today.” I just stood in his embrace. I was relaxed from my massage, and Eric was sending waves of calm through the bond. I loved how he did that.

I checked my watch and realized that I needed to hurry and shower so I could go to dinner with Dani. I was planning on just ordering room service, but now I needed to be ready for something more.

Eric kissed the top of my head. He had been listening to me ramble in my head, and he told me that there was a dress in the bedroom Felipe had sent for me. That scared me a little. Eric kissed my neck. “I already checked lover. It is beautiful and appropriate.”

When we entered King de Castro’s suite exactly thirty minutes later, he greeted us and a vampire body guard turned butler offered us drinks. Eric was again given the Virgin TrueBlood and I was got a gin and tonic. I thanked Felipe for my dress. It was beautiful and just as Eric said, appropriate, basically a little black dress just kicked up a Vegas notch with some serious cleavage. He apologized that he needed to have a private meeting with Eric but promised that Dani and I would be given the royal treatment in the hotel’s premiere restaurant.

We said our goodbyes, and Eric said he would call me when he was finished.

Dani and I had a nice dinner. The prime rib they had was to die for. She told me how she ended up being a D.D. for Felipe, and it was about as funny as how I got mixed up with all of the vamps and supes. She didn’t go looking for the job; it found her – working as a human resources person who could track down the lies in anyone’s resume. Before the Great Revelation, she worked in one of Felipe’s hotels without having any idea it was vamp run. Her supervisor had asked her to stay late one night, and she met Felipe who needed some assistance tracking the activities of another vamp. She was totally freaked out at the time, but he began paying her very well for the side jobs she did for him, and she earned his trust. After the Revelation, when he came out of the coffin, he promoted her to working for him full-time.

I had a slight headache, but we hadn’t heard from Eric when we finished dinner so I couldn’t go back to the room. Dani handed me some chips that Felipe had provided us, and we headed to the casino. I made sure to ask her how much they were worth – it was only $1,000 this time. It could seriously help me with my bills this month, but I didn’t think it would be right to just go cash it in! We played some black jack, and Dani explained some of the basic ideas. All I knew was that you wanted to get as close to twenty-one as possible without going over, apparently there was a lot more to it. After I lost about half of my chips, my cell phone rang. I finished the hand and checked my voice-mail. Eric was back in our suite and wanted me to join him. I thanked Dani for spending the evening with me, even though I’m sure she’d been paid, and headed up to meet Eric.

I don’t know what I expected to find when I got to the room, but I was not prepared for what I found. Eric was bloodied and bruised and sitting on the couch sipping a True Blood. I rushed over to him, trying to feel his emotions through the bond.

“Eric, what in the world?”

He gave me a half smile with a fattened bloody lip, “It’s okay, Lover, I’ll be healed in an hour or so.”

I was running my hands lightly over his face. His nose looked broken and I think he had lost a tooth.

“I didn’t feel anything! What did you do?” Somehow he knew I was referring to the bond and not to pissing someone off enough to attack him.

“I tried to close down the bond so you wouldn’t feel it-”

“I didn’t. Wait – I had a headache,” I interrupted.

“So do I,” he chuckled. “I did not want you to worry or try to rescue me.” He winked, though I don’t know how he did it with his swollen face.

“What happened?”

He sighed. “The king wanted to be sure I wasn’t in on Victor’s plans before he offered me the job.”

My eyes were wide with alarm. “Eric, I don’t think you want this job.” He shook his head at me with a small laugh, “Oh, yeah. No choice.”

He pulled me up to sit on his lap and wrapped his arms around me. “It’s alright, Sookie. I expected some kind of test.”

“Well, you could have warned me,” I snorted.

“I told Felipe you would be unhappy with him.”

“Unhappy is an understatement,” I growled. I snuggled into his arms and leaned my head on his chest. “Ok, lay it on me. What did he tell you?”

“Well, I will be able to keep my status as Sheriff of Area 5 and take on the additional duties of being his second in command. My first job will be to go to New Orleans and investigate things to find out who else was in on Victor’s plan. I will have to…take care of those that were involved, and then find a new Sheriff for that area.”

“What about us? Will he interfere in our relationship?”

He huffed a little. “He’ll interfere with our lives that is for certain, but our relationship, no. I reminded him we were bonded and you would be traveling with me. He didn’t seem to mind, but he suggested that you should no longer work for a shifter. I informed him you had already quit. He was quite pleased.”

“I’ll bet he was. Jerk. So what now?”

“Now we relax, and then we fly home mid morning. The king has arranged transport for us.”

“You didn’t bring a coffin. We flew here at night.”

“He’s loaning me one, Lover. I will be fine. I will be transported to the airport, and you will just need to wait for me there. It should be dark by the time we get home because of the time change.”

“Okay, so let’s relax. What do you want to do?”

“Lover, I am…uncomfortable. I would take some of your blood to speed my healing.”

“Oh my gosh, Eric! Of course! I wasn’t thinking,” I said as I held my wrist to his mouth.

He groaned as he bit and his eyes closed as he drank. I felt him hardening against my thigh and heard his thoughts in his mind. He was thinking he was so grateful to have an eternity to spend with me and he was amazed at how I just accepted all of the changes we were facing. It was so sweet; it did the same things to me that his dirty mind would have done.

He finished drinking and went to lick my wounds closed but I shook my head. He looked confused as I undressed quickly. I lay back on the couch as his eyes began to darken and he sighed my name. Then I squeezed my wrist and let drops of my own blood fall on my breasts and my stomach, leading a path to the blond curls between my legs, then held my arm out to him. He sealed the wounds quickly and kissed me hard. Then he was licking me everywhere, cleaning the blood from my body and rubbing his face on my skin. He was frantic and whispering in a language I did not understand. It was heaven and torture all at once. By the time he reached my center, I was writhing beneath him.

He buried his face in my heat and inhaled my scent. When he looked up at me, his eyes were glazed and his thoughts were dirty and scattered. He grabbed the lukewarm True Blood off the coffee table and paused briefly before he poured it between my legs. The sensation was strange at first, but as he began licking and sucking, it was heavenly. He had spread my legs and his face and nose were pushing against me as he cleaned the blood and pleasured me at the same time. He slid his fingers though my wetness and mixed it with the True Blood before he plunged them into me.

It seemed to always work out this way, I set out to seduce my Viking and he was the one giving all of the pleasure. I was moaning and moving my hips and had thrown my legs over his shoulders to give him better access to me. He was whispering again and thinking in that same language so I couldn’t understand what he meant. He kept pushing his fingers into me at a furious pace and then moved his head and bit me, just above my bikini line. I screamed and nearly bucked off the couch as my muscles clenched around his hand. He never paused as he moved his mouth back to my clit and kept pushing me to a second orgasm.

As I was catching my breath, he pulled away to get undressed. He used his shirt to wipe up some of the True Blood and then opened his belt and began to take his pants down. He was commando, and the sight of him flipped a switch in me, and I felt wild. I sat up and knocked him off balance and threw him back on the couch. His pants were around his knees, and I was straddling his hips and rubbing my wetness along his length. He started speaking again in that foreign language as he grabbed my breasts and pinched my nipples. I leaned over him and whispered in his ear, “You need to speak or think English, but I think you’re telling me to fuck you, hard.”

He groaned and I continued to rub myself on him. I took him in my hand and held him so his tip just brushed my opening. We both moaned a little and Eric was trying to grab at my hips and pull me down. I held myself up and moved one hand to my breast while I took the other hand and began sucking on his fingers and running my tongue over them. When I was sure his eyes were on mine, I impaled myself on him fully. I cried out, and heard Eric shout. He pulled his hand from my mouth and grabbed my hips. He was pounding me down onto him and pushing his hips up to get himself even farther inside. I held my breasts to stop them from flying everywhere.

Eric’s fangs were out and I heard him say, “Ride me, Sookie. That’s it.” My head was back and my hair was brushing my back, and suddenly my body was shaking and I felt my muscles grabbing on to his cock as I came with a rush. He continued pounding me, and then I felt him sit forward and latch onto my breast. When he started to drink, I cried out. Then he pushed on my swollen clit with his finger, and I began pulsing all over again. It was some of the hottest sex we had ever had. I didn’t know what was in the air in Las Vegas, but I thought about bottling it and taking some home.

When I could breathe again, I was savoring the feel of him still inside of me. I didn’t want to move. Eric had come back to his senses as well, and I heard his mind, We won’t fit in the coffin to fly home this way, Lover.

I pushed him down on the couch and stretched out on top of him, careful to keep him inside of me. How about this?

He was chuckling a little in his head. It would work fine Lover, except you get claustrophobic and there is a lack of oxygen in the cargo hold.

Details. I sighed as he rolled us over on the couch and began to slowly thrust inside of me.



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  1. Details. lol Love this Sookie!!

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