Off the Wagon, or Mental Health Issues?


We finished shooting and I headed for my trailer. I passed Alcide on the way, and he made a motion as if he was drinking, so I knew he was going to get coffee.

“Grab me one?”

“Yup,” he called, but he never slowed down.

I pulled open the door to the trailer and flopped onto the couch. It was Monday and I was tired. I noticed my cell phone on the table with the message light blinking. I grabbed it and called my voice-mail, grinning as I heard Sookie’s voice, but it quickly turned to a frown. She sounded like she was trying not to cry, and she wasn’t making sense. She asked me to come home and told me to call Pam, but she never said why. I felt sick to my stomach, my mind raced through the things that could be wrong that would require Pam to be there. I took my keys from the counter and rushed out of the trailer to my car.

Alcide called my name, and I yelled over my shoulder, “Tell them there’s an emergency. I’ll call as soon as I can.” I knew that Sookie wasn’t joking around, she was far too upset, and she didn’t rattle easy. I got on the road and used the hands-free to call Pam.

“Hey,” I skipped any additional greeting. “I need you to meet me at my house as soon as you can.”

“Ah, hello to you, too.”

“Sookie called, I don’t know what’s wrong, but she asked for both of us.”

“Is she pregnant already?”

“She was practically crying, Pam.”

“I would cry if I was pregnant.”

I ran a hand through my hair. “She’s not pregnant, Pam.” At least I didn’t think she was. Shit. Maybe she was. No, she wouldn’t be upset. “I have to go. I’m going to call her.”

“You didn’t call her yet?”

“No. I just got in the car and headed home.”

“Ask her for your balls back when you get there.”

“Shut up. Are you coming?”

“Yes. I’m walking to the car now. I’ll be there in about thirty minutes.”

I sighed, because I could hear the sound of what I was sure were impossibly high heels clicking as she walked. “Thank you.”

I disconnected the call and pressed harder on the accelerator. Talking with her hadn’t made me feel any better.

Sookie answered after the first ring. “Hey.”

“Hey, yourself. What’s going on?”

She sighed. “Are you in the car? I’d really rather tell you in person.”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes.”

“Okay. I’ll tell you then.”

“Do you want to stay on the phone with me? I can talk to you as I drive.”

“No,” she said quietly. “But thanks for asking. I’ll just see you when you get here.”

“Okay.” It wasn’t really okay, but what was I going to say? I wanted to know what the hell was going on. “I’ll be there soon. I love you.”

“I know. I love you, too.”

The drive seemed to take forever, even though I knew it was taking the usual amount of time. I got stuck behind a semi truck and then someone that appeared to be sight-seeing and was hard pressed not to whip the Vette out in a no passing zone to get around them. I took a deep breath, knowing that it wouldn’t help anyone if I took stupid risks and got in an accident.

When I finally got home, I called for her from the door. “Sookie?”

I walked into the house without waiting for an answer and found her as I expected, tucked into the corner of the couch, but I was surprised that she wasn’t eating some kind of dessert. That either meant it wasn’t that bad, or it was so bad that she couldn’t even eat. Fuck.

“What’s going on?” I crossed the room to her, and she blew her nose.

“I’m okay, I mean, I’m not hurt.” She sighed. “I don’t really know what to say. Just. Listen.” She reached down and picked up her cell phone, dialing and turning on the speaker so we could both hear. She patted the couch next to her, and I sat down.

The automated system said she had five old messages and then it began to play the first message.

“You bitch! You think you can keep him?” My stomach sank, it Sophie Anne. “You saw us together. He’s mine, and you know it. Don’t think I don’t know where the two of you live, because I do. I can take you, you bitch, and I’ll make you suffer. He might be with you now, but it’s not going to last. He’ll come back to me and then you’ll be alone, like you deserve to be, you fucking slut. ”

The message ended and Sookie turned off the speaker, handing me the phone. “They’re all the same. I can’t listen to them again.”

“Shit.” I listened to the disturbing messages, tensing more and more with every second. By the time the last message finished I was clenching my jaw and wanting to beat the shit out of something. I hung up the phone and took a deep breath, exhaling through my mouth and trying to calm down. I turned to Sookie, whose eyes were almost vacant; I think she was in shock.

“There’s more,” her voice was flat. “Look at the computer.”


“The computer.” She pointed at her laptop.

Fuck. I took a deep breath and then exhaled. When I looked down at her computer, it was open to her blog. I glanced over at her and she nodded. I scrolled down to the comments and started to read.


The first one I read was similar to the voice mail, although it was more graphic, saying that I would always be comparing the two of them in bed, and that Sookie would never be good enough.

She scrubbed a hand over her face and crawled into my lap. “I only read the first two, but there are twenty new comments. I think they’re all from her.”

I rubbed her back. “Sook, are you okay?”

She bit her lip, and a few tears fell down onto her cheek. “I’m better with you here.”

Oh god. I hated to see her cry. “I am so sorry.”

She sighed and wiped her eyes. “You didn’t do this.”

“She wouldn’t even know who you were if it weren’t for me.”

She snorted. “She might have found my blog on her own.”

“Of course.” I laughed and hugged her a little tighter. “Pam’s on her way. I think we should talk to the police about a restraining order.”

“I’m thinking I won’t fight you on that.” She exhaled and sat back so we could look at each other. “Did she call you?”

“No,” I said, tucking some hair behind her ear. “When Pam gets here we’ll talk about if she wants to keep it private, but I want to know what you think first.”

“Oh. Wow. I hadn’t thought of that. I think maybe we should go public. I don’t want anyone to think we’re making it up, but mostly, she needs help.”

“Let’s see what Pam has to say, but I tend to agree with you.”

The front door banged open, and Pam’s shoes clacked on the floor. “What the hell is going on here?”

Sookie didn’t say anything, I think she was waiting for me to talk, but I was waiting for Pam to calm down.

Pam came into the living room, and flopped into a side chair. She looked at me. “Did she have a miscarriage?”

“What?” Sookie asked incredulously.

“You’re not pregnant?”


“Oh, well, then I repeat, what the fuck is going on?”

“I’m going to go to the bathroom.” Sookie climbed out of my lap and stood up. She looked down at me. “Just hold down the three key to call my voice mail, you know my code. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Okay,” I said, squeezing her hand before she went down the hall to our master suite.

“What the fuck, Northman?” Pam asked as soon as Sookie was gone.

I ran my hand through my hair. “Sophie Anne. That’s what.”

“What?” she spit out the word in disbelief.

I picked up Sookie’s cell and called her voice-mail, letting it play on the speaker the same way Sookie had done for me. Sophie Anne started to speak and Pam looked at me, her mouth slightly open, shocked.

“Fuck a zombie.”

“There are five of them, all the same theme.”

“What’s wrong with that girl?”

I turned the laptop around to face her.

“There’s more? Lucifer’s bouncing balls!”

She read through the comments that Sophie Anne had posted under the screen name ‘Vampire Queen,’ mumbling snarky comments as she went. When she finished, she got up and fixed a drink for herself, even though it was only 11:30 a.m.


She took a sip and turned around, leaning on the kitchen counter. “What did you tell everyone on set?”

“I didn’t. I told Alcide to say that I had an emergency.”

“Alright. I’ll call them.” She took another sip of her drink and bit her lip, thinking, and then she shook her head. “I don’t think we can keep this quiet. It’s not that people won’t believe you after the whole biting thing, but this shit has to stop.”

“Sookie and I agree.”

“That we should go public, or it should stop?”

I rolled my eyes. “Both.”

She nodded. “Okay. Let me borrow your office, and then we’ll talk.” She pushed away from the counter.

“Wait, Pam. What about a restraining order? I think we should call the police.”

“I know. My first call is going to be to that Bubba Gump detective from the LAPD that consulted on Bloodlust last year.”

“I think you mean Barney Fife.”

“Is that his name?”

“No.” I sighed, trying not to laugh. “It’s not Bubba Gump that was the bumbling police officer, it was Barney Fife.”

“Oh. Okay. They’re both men. All you people with penises look the same to me.”

I was still laughing when Sookie came back down the hallway. I smiled at her. “Pam doesn’t know who Barney Fife is.”

“That does not surprise me. I think he carried a night stick, Pam.”

“Really? He was into S & M?”

“No. But now you’ll remember who he was.”

“I will.” Pam smiled but shook her head at Sookie. “You okay?”

She shrugged and came to sit with me on the couch. “What’s the plan?”

“I need to go make a couple of phone calls, but we’ll probably have the Detective – what’s-his-name?”

“Andy Bellefleur,” I told her.

“Right. We’ll see if he can come out and take your statement to get a restraining order.” She took a sip of her drink. “I think you’re right, Sookie. This needs to go public. I’m going to call the police first, because I think we need to do that no matter what. Then I’m going to call Diane, Sophie Anne’s manager, and see what she thinks of all this. How we spin this depends on what she has to say. The bottom line, correct me if I’m wrong, is that we want the bitch to leave you alone and get help. We can present this sympathetically, or we can smear the hell out of her, I’m going to leave it up to them.”

“Really? You’re not just going for the jugular?” It wasn’t like Pam to be, well, nice.

“Yes, Eric. If she wants to get help, we’ll encourage it. If she doesn’t, we’ll fuck her up in the media until she decides to get help.”

“That sounds more like you,” I laughed.

She rolled her eyes. “This is not an attack first ask questions later situation, Eric. I’m managing your career, not hers; don’t think I’m doing this for her.” She snorted. “Alright. I’ll be back. Let me go make some calls.” She splashed some more scotch in her glass and headed back towards my office.

The doorbell rang about thirty minutes later, and Pam yelled, “Get the door! It’s Bellyflower!”

“Bellefleur,” I muttered as I crossed the room and answered the door. Andy remembered me from his time on set, and we said a quiet hello before I led him into the living room to meet Sookie.

He was a heavy-set guy, close to my father’s age, and he did have a small town, Barney Fife air about him, which Sookie loved. He sat down and talked to her for a few minutes, breaking the ice before getting down to business. He explained that Pam had told him about the voice-mails and blog comments, and asked her to play back the message for him. He managed to listen with a straight face, nodding his head a few times when Sophie Anne seemed particularly upset, and then fired up his laptop and copied the messages from her phone to his hard drive. Next, he looked at the blog comments from his laptop, making screen shots of the pages to file as evidence, and then asked Sookie if she could hide the post somehow so that the comments could be saved but no additional comments could be made.

Sookie looked surprised, but nodded and with a few key strokes, did what he had asked. He explained then, that he was trying to protect her from having the whole world read the comments once everything hit the news. He told us that the technical investigation team would also need to verify the IP addresses that the posts came from, but he didn’t figure Sophie Anne to be a hacker so he thought it would be fairly straight forward.

“Eric, did you receive any similar messages?”

I shook my head.

He looked between the two of us. “Any idea where she got the number?”

Sookie and I both said no.

“Well, phone numbers aren’t rocket science. She could have seen it in an appointment book, or maybe she knows someone else you know. We’ll look into it.” Then he sat back and looked at Sookie expectantly. “Well. What do you want to do?”

She looked surprised. “Oh. I thought Pam had told you. We want to file a restraining order, or a protection order, whatever you call it.”

He nodded. “Alright. I just needed to make sure that’s what you wanted to do, not just Godzilla in there.”

“Oh, yeah. Eric and I talked before Pam even got here. This has to stop.” She looked at me and then back at him. “And honestly, I’m a little scared.”

God. My heart clenched hearing her say that. I hadn’t even asked her if she was scared. I had my arm around her and gave her a little squeeze of reassurance, and then she leaned her head on my shoulder.

“Well, based on the voicemails and the comments she left you on your blog, I’d say it’s warranted. She insinuated more than once that she would harm you, and that she knew where you lived.”

He pulled some paperwork out of his laptop case as Pam came out to join us. She sat at the bar, listening, but not saying anything while Sookie answered his questions. After a while, he pursed his lips into a sort of frown and nodded his head. “I’d say we’re done. I just need your signature on these, and I’ll give you a call if we need anything else.”

I was sure that this was a simplified version of the proceedings for getting a restraining order, probably to avoid the paparazzi nightmare if we’d come down to the station, but I wasn’t complaining. Detective Bellefleur packed his things and shook all of our hands on the way out the door, but not before giving each of us a copy of his business card and his direct cell phone number. He and Pam spoke for a minute in the foyer, and then he was gone. She came back into the living room and took a seat in the side chair across from Sookie, and I raised an eyebrow at her.


She exhaled. “Diane said Sophie Anne had been doing really well, but she’s afraid she fell off the wagon.” She shrugged. “I told her she sounded dead sober and could apparently type quite well when she was fucked up. Then she burst into tears. After I waited for her to stop blubbering, she asked me to give her an hour or so to investigate. Basically, she’s on our team. This shit has to stop, and if Sophie Anne doesn’t go willingly, she’s in full support of us smearing the hell out of her if it gets her back in rehab or to go to an inpatient facility for some counseling.”

“So what do we do in the meantime?” Sookie asked quietly.

“I’d like to say we drink heavily, but I have a couple more phone calls to make. You kids should just relax. Take a nap or sit in the sun or something.”

I cleared my throat. “What about the restraining order? Do we need to get a statement out?”

“No.” She shook her head. “The detective is going to hold it until I call him. I told him we’d file it today, but asked that he give us some time to get a statement crafted.”

“Alright.” I nodded.

“I hope you don’t mind, I’m just going to camp out in your office.”

“Oh, no. That’s fine, Pam.”

She headed down the hall, leaving Sookie and I alone again in the living room. I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her down, wiggling us into position so we were stretched out on the couch. I tucked her against my chest and began to run my hand through her hair.

“Sookie, I don’t even know where to begin to apologize to you for this.”

“No matter how many times you apologize, it’s still not your fault, Eric.”

I sighed and put my hands on either side of her face. “It kills me to hear you say that you’re afraid of her. I have no idea how to protect you from this.”

“You are,” she said quietly, bringing her hand up to rest over my heart. “You’re here, now. That’s the only thing you can do for me. There was no preventing this, really.”

She curled tighter into my chest and let out a long breath. I continued to rub her back and after a few minutes, felt her breathing even out, and I knew she was asleep. I held her, thinking over all of my interactions with Sophie Anne, wondering if there was any way I had brought this on us. I’d thought about it before, when the doctor was bandaging the gouges on my neck that Sookie called fang marks, but I still couldn’t see where I had misled her. Pam had told me that I hadn’t done anything other than be nice, although she mentioned that nice wasn’t a quality she was overly familiar with. I was lost in my thoughts and stroking Sookie’s back when Pam’s face appeared over the back of the couch.

She must have taken her shoes off because I hadn’t heard her coming. She inclined her head towards the hallway, and I nodded, holding up a finger and asking her for a second. I extricated myself from Sookie, and she mumbled something in her sleep. She rolled over to face the back of the couch, and I put a blanket over her before heading down the hall with Pam.

“What’s the verdict?” I asked as I sat down on the love seat across from her.

She sighed. “We’re gonna bitch slap her in the press.”

“Shit. She’s denying it?”

“Not so much denying that she did it, but she seems fully unaware of how out-of-line she was. She told Diane it was all a misunderstanding, and if she could talk to you, the two of you could work things out.”

“There’s not a chance in hell,” I started, but she held up a hand and interrupted.

“Trust me. I made that clear, but Diane already knew that. She was just telling me what Sophie Anne said. Diane tracked her down, she’s with Blackhart now, and he’s ready to toss her ass out, so her mom’s headed over there now to be there when the shit hits the fan. Diane’s going to start to call some private psych places to do some background work, but she basically told me to do my worst.”

Pam’s worst could be devastating, you didn’t want to be on her bad side.

“What’s the plan?”

“I’ve got a statement ready to go, and as soon as the detective calls me to say he’s filed the restraining order and Sophie Anne has been served, someone will get tipped off, and then I’ll start talking. You, on the other hand, need to go wake up your lovely Sookie-kins and get ready to go out. Strong public face. I want you to call Sam and Daph and meet them out for dinner. Act like you had the plans made and Sophie Anne won’t stop you from enjoying yourselves.”

I raised an eyebrow at her. I wasn’t sure that Sookie was going to be up for that.

“Let her call Amelia and freak out. I can’t believe she hasn’t had her ear glued to the phone talking to her already.”

“Amelia’s at work. She’s substitute teaching for someone on maternity leave.”

“That woman works with children?” She snorted. “Anyway, just go to Marix or Cholo, something low key. You know, just act like it’s totally normal that your fiancée is being stalked by your former co-star.”

I ran my hands threw my hair. “Yeah. Alright. Let me call Sam.”

“You can tell him what’s going on. I figure it will be public knowledge in the next hour or so.”

“Yeah. Okay.”

She made a shooing motion with her hand, telling me to leave the office, and I grabbed my phone and headed out by the pool to call Sam. After the initial shock and a bout of hysterical laughter about how crazy Sophie Anne was, we made plans for dinner, agreeing to meet at Marix in Santa Monica at 7 p.m. I headed back into the house to find Sookie making herself a sandwich.

“Hey,” I said quietly, and smiled at her across the counter. “Don’t eat too much. I just made dinner plans.” She looked tired still, but not nearly as exhausted as she’d looked before she fell asleep.

“Oh. Um. Okay. What are we doing?” She didn’t look excited about it, but I loved that she wasn’t freaking out about it, or maybe she just didn’t have the energy for it.

“Pam wants us to act natural and look like what’s going on with Sophie Anne doesn’t bother us. I called Sam and we’re just going to meet him and Daph at Marix.” I smiled, trying to butter her up and waggled my eyebrows. “Chips and salsa.” I teased. “And I can promise a pitcher of margaritas and vanilla bean flan.”

“Oh, hell. You had me at chips and salsa,” she laughed. I walked around the kitchen island to pull her into a hug. She put the knife she’d been spreading mayonnaise with on the counter and put her arms around me. “What’s going on?”

“Once the restraining order gets filed and Sophie Anne get’s served, Pam’s going to tip someone off and then start singing like a canary when they call for a comment.” I sighed. “I have a bad feeling she’s been busy trying to dig up even more dirt on Sophie Anne.”

She exhaled. “Wow. So, Sophie Anne isn’t apologizing or anything? She doesn’t think she did anything wrong?”

I nodded. “Right.”

“Well, shit. I guess I didn’t really think she was sorry, but it’s still surprising.” She shook her head and then looked up at me. “And it’s really sad. She needs help. She’s like, a few fries short of a Happy Meal.”

“Only a few? I think Sam would say she’s missing her fries altogether.” We stood together for a minute, just holding each other.

She sighed and stepped back. “Turkey sandwich?”

How the hell did I get so lucky? She amazed me with every turn. I kissed her forehead. “I’d love one.”

We had finished our sandwiches and were cleaning up the kitchen when Pam came out of the office. She sat the laptop on the counter and took a seat on one of the barstools. I raised an eyebrow at her.

“It’s done. And now we wait.”

“Wait?” Sookie asked.

“Wait for my phone to start ringing.”

“Ugh,” I groaned and then teased Pam, “Are you going to stay here for that? It’s weird the way you get turned on by being so mean to them.”

Sookie chuckled while Pam barked out a laugh. “Nah. I’m heading out. I don’t want to lead either of you to the dark side. But,” she eyed Sookie, and then laughed as she gathered her keys and purse. “Nope. Not going there.” We all laughed as she headed for the door, and said over her shoulder, “I’ll call you later. Have a good dinner with the Merlotte’s.”

The door closed and Sookie looked at the laptop and then at me. “Did she leave before we read that on purpose?”

“Most likely.”

“That can’t be good.”

“My thoughts exactly.”


Off the Wagon or Serious Mental Health Issues?

An anonymous tip led People to discover that a restraining order was filed against Sophie Anne LeClerq by Sookie Stackhouse, fiancée of Eric NorthmanEric and Sophie Anne are former co-stars on the hit show Bloodlust. Sophie Anne’s contract was not renewed for the coming season. Sophie Anne was at the home of her on again, off again boyfriend Blackhart when she was served with TRO papers by an officer of the court.

A copy of the restraining order obtained by TMZ contained transcripts of multiple threatening voicemail messages and blog comments that Sophie Anne left Sookie, calling her a slut and whore and saying that she would find and injure Miss Stackhouse. In the messages, Sophie Anne also said that that Eric would never marry Sookie and would leave his fiancée to return to her.

Sophie Anne’s representatives would not comment on the situation, saying that all claims that Eric and Sookie were making were alleged and under investigation. Pam Ravenscroft however, speaking for Eric and Sookie, stated that the couple is both alarmed and saddened by the downward spiral that the actress seems to be in. They feel that her actions are a cry for attention and hope that she will seek the help that she needs. Pam further stated that she finds the repeated lies and delusional stories that Sophie Anne continues to spread both ridiculous and spiteful attacks by a woman jealous of Eric andSookie’s relationship and their careers.

This is not Sophie Anne’s first run in with the couple. Previously this summer, the troubled actress attacked Eric on set while wearing her stage fangs for her role as a vampire queen, injuring his neck. During the attack on Eric, she screamed obscenities and claimed that he was “hers.” Days later, she entered rehab for a dependence on alcohol and prescription drugs, citing an upsetting break up with her on again off again boyfriend Blackhart, lead singer of the Goth rock band by the same name, as the source of her inner turmoil.

Sources indicate that this is not the first time that Sophie Anne has idealized a relationship with a male friend into more than a friendship. TMZ reports that a fellow member of Sophie Anne’s high school drama club named Charles Twinings has come forward claiming that the actress secretly stalked him over a two year period and repeatedly threatened his girlfriend during that time.Twinings said that he had always seen Sophie Anne as a friend and was shocked when his girlfriend told him about the threats and shrine dedicated to him that hung in Sophie Anne’s school locker. Apparently, her odd behavior to his girlfriend continued until the three students graduated and left their hometown to attend separate universities.

This history of stalkerish behavior creates doubt that drug and alcohol dependence is the source of Sophie Anne’s inappropriate behaviors. Cele/bitchy will be watching to see how this drama effects the newly engaged Eric and Sookie’s relationship and whether Blackhart will stand by and be embarrassed by Sophie Anne’s antics or cut her loose.



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