Hau’oli Makahiki Hou



When we finished eating the Hawaiian feast, I excused myself to go into the kitchen and get the wedding cake. Isabel and I had shown Sookie a picture of a small cake, it was simple but elegant, and Sookie had liked it. That wasn’t however what we were going to actually be eating. There had been so many unknowns with the wedding that I knew the perfect way to ensure that our dessert would be a success. I ordered tiramisu from Rose Angelis and had it shipped out on dry ice. I grinned as I carried it out to the dining room, surprising everyone.

“Eric!” Sookie gasped as she quickly stood. She looked at the tray on the table and then up at me. “Is that what I think it is? I mean, it’s not, like, fake or something?”

“Of course it’s real, Lover.” I laughed. “Fresh from Chicago.”

She put her hands on my face. “You are the greatest!” Then she planted a loud kiss on my lips, “Mwuah!” She stepped back and clapped her hands. “Now we get to feed each other some, right?”

“Yes. I believe we do.” I grinned.

“You know you do!” Amelia called.

“Smear it on her face!” Pam cackled.

“No, don’t!” Tray laughed. “You’ll never live it down!”

“I wouldn’t risk it.” Phoebe sounded serious.

Sookie cut a piece of tiramisu and put it on a plate, and then we each dipped a fork into it. Her eyes danced as she held a mouthful in front of me as I lifted my own fork towards her mouth. I contemplated smearing some on her nose, but I had a feeling Tray and Phoebe were right; it would so not be worth it. We sweetly fed each other, and Sookie closed her eyes as she savored the sweet dessert. I leaned forward and kissed her, tasting the chocolate and coffee essence and the sweetness that was just her.

She put her arms around me, and I picked her up, squeezing her tight. “Love you,” I whispered into her hair.

“Love you, too.” She laughed. “Now put me down so I can eat my dessert!”

“What? That’s my piece. I thought you got it for me.” I teased.

“Oh, no. That one’s mine!”

We laughed, and she actually did let me eat the original piece after she and Amelia served everyone else. After dessert, we all went to change clothes and get ready to go out. At that point I would have much rather stayed in with just Sookie, but I knew we would have fun. It would be like our own mini, secret reception and Pam was already pretty hellbent on getting us all drunk.

While Sookie was getting read she called out and asked me to plug her cell phone into a charger.I laughed at the eight new messages she had until I grabbed my own phone and saw even more messages there. I sighed and sat down to listen. They were mostly from my mother, and Pam had been right, they ran the gamut from “How could you do this to me?” to “You both look so beautiful and please call me. I love you!”

I had told my dad and everyone that we wouldn’t call until New Years Day, but I found myself sitting on the bed and dialing my parents’ number. My mom answered, and she sounded hesitant, like she didn’t believe I was calling.


“Hey, Mom. How much trouble am I in?”

She laughed. “Well, you’re in less trouble than you’d be if you hadn’t let me watch on-line.”

“I’m sorry, Mom. I mean, I’m not sorry, but I’m sorry you’re upset.” I sighed. “Things got crazy, and this is what we wanted to do. I hope you can forgive us.”

“Oh, baby. I can’t say that I’m not disappointed, but there’s nothing to forgive. I mean, I’m not happy about it, but, you know.”

I laughed. “Is this really you? Because I expected to be in the dog house.”

“Well,” she chuckled. “You gave me a couple of hours to calm down and gain perspective and for your dad to help me understand what’s really important.”

For about a second I wondered exactly what my father had done to help her calm down, and then I thought about how I would have distracted Sookie, and thought I might need brain bleach. They had three kids, but still the thought of my parents having sex was a little nauseating.

She sighed, “I can’t imagine how you two have been feeling, with Sophie Anne causing problems and having absolutely no privacy thanks to the paparazzi. I would have loved to have been there with you, but I guess all that matters is that you’re married and happy. That’s all I want for you boys, is to be happy.” She paused a second and then changed the subject. “Did you have a photographer? Will you be sending some pictures?”

Sookie came out of the bathroom and saw me sitting on the bed talking on my phone. I gave her a small smile, and she shook her head. She knew that I was talking to my mother.

“Yeah, we had a photographer. We’ll get a CD to bring home with all the pictures so we can decide what to order. I better go. We’re getting ready to go out to a New Years Eve party. I just wanted to call, and I don’t know, tell you I love you.”

“I know, Eric. You didn’t need to call, but I’m glad you did. Can I talk to Sookie real quick?”

“She’s still getting ready, Mom.” I said as I smiled at Sookie who mouthed a thank you.

“Oh, okay. Well, the Thorbjornsens are coming over tonight to play cards. Can I tell them?”

“Of course, Mom.” The Thorbjornsens were old friends that they played cards with every New Years; my brothers and I had played sports with their kids. “Pam’s sending out a statement first thing in the morning, or when we get home tonight, I’m not sure.”

“Alright. Give our love to Sookie, and tell her congratulations as well.”

“I will, Mom. Talk to you soon.”

“Love you. Oh, and call your brothers tomorrow. And make sure Pam emails the family some pictures before she sends them to the press. Okay?”

“Sounds good. Bye.”


I disconnected the call and looked at Sookie, waiting for her to say something. She grinned and stepped forward, coming to stand between my legs and put her arms around me.

“You couldn’t resist?” She smirked.

“No, I felt a little bad after hearing her voice mails.”

“Is she okay?”

“Yeah. She says congrats and that she loves you.”

She chuckled. “But does she still love you?”

“She does.” I laughed. “She’s sad she wasn’t here, but she’s happy for us.”

“Aw. Well, I’m kind of sad she wasn’t there, but I’m not really sorry. Does that make any sense? I’m just really happy to be married. I’m glad we don’t have to wait anymore. No more drama with Sophie Anne to scare me off, no more stress from your mom wanting us to have twelve thousand guests watch us release white doves when we say I do.”

I snorted a laugh. “I know what you mean, but did my mom really suggest that?”

“No. It just seemed like something she’d say eventually.” She laughed.

She was wearing a deep purple sun dress with a v-neck and skinny halter straps. The color looked gorgeous with her tan, and she had her hair pulled back into a casual pony tail. She smiled at my khaki shorts and plain black t-shirt.

“You look comfortable.”

“I am, but I’m not sure if it’s from my outfit or the company.”

She giggled. “Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah.” I slid my hands up her legs, under the skirt of her dress. She bit her lip, and her breath caught, her eyes darkening as she looked down at me.

“You need to stop that if we’re actually going to leave here, Mr. Northman.”

“Fuck,” I growled, moving my hands to her ass, which was bare except for the thin scrap of thong. “Mrs. Northman, you don’t know what you do to me.”

She gazed down at me and our eyes met. “Oh, but I think I do.”

She went down on her knees in front of me and put her hands on my waist band. My eyes rolled back as she unbuttoned my fly and unzipped my shorts. I felt her hot breath through my briefs and licked my lips, anticipating what was to come. She grinned and reached forward, wrapping her hand around me. The instant she touched me I heard the front door slam and Pam’s hideous voice.

“Whatever you’re doing back there, Sookie, finish him off already! Let’s party!” she called out.

I groaned and fell back on the bed. Sookie laughed, lowering her head, basically into my crotch, which didn’t help. She stood and set my shorts back to rights and reached for my hand.

“Sorry, baby. Raincheck?”

“I am going to kill her one day.”

“I know. At least she didn’t walk in this time.”



“Not funny.”

“That’s not what I meant.” She laughed.

“Um. Give me a minute.” I sat up and ran my hands through my hair. “I’ll be right out. You go on ahead.”

She leaned down and gave me a sweet kiss before slipping into some heeled sandals that made her legs look amazing. She started towards the door and flipped her skirt a little, giving me a quick view of her ass, and then smoothing down her skirt as she went out to the main area of the house.

I groaned again. This was normal though, right? Totally getting cock blocked until after your wedding reception? That would be my mantra for the night.

The club was crowded, full of a mix of American and Japanese tourists and a few locals, and the music was loud. There was an Irish band on stage playing songs that many people were singing along to, while others just talked over them and sipped beers or cocktails. Pam was quick to start a tab at the bar and order a round of drinks. While I knew she’d prefer a nice glass of scotch, she was also a big fan of Guinness, and came back carrying four pints of it.

“Sookie, I didn’t know what kind of fruity drinks you and Amelia wanted.”

“What makes you think we don’t like Guinness?” Sookie grinned.

It was all Amelia could do not to make retching sounds at the thought of drinking the thick, dark beer, but Sookie stood her ground with her eyebrow raised, calling Pam out on her assumption. She should have known better though, because Pam simply shrugged and handed her one of the pints. I knew Sookie didn’t really like it. She preferred it mixed with a hard cider like Strongbow, but she grinned at Pam and took a long drink.

Pam shrugged. “Hm. Amelia, grab me another beer when you go to the bar.”

She turned and started talking to Phoebe, assuming Amelia would do as she asked. Sookie made a disgusted face behind Pam’s back and told Amelia to bring her a Strongbow as well.

“Want me to finish it?” I asked, reaching for Sookie’s glass.

She made another face and laughed but said, “Nope. I’ll drink it.”

I shook my head. “You don’t need to.”

“No, someday she’d find out and use it against me if I didn’t.”

“Sookie, it’s a beer. Let me drink it. You hate it.”

“It’s not a beer. It’s a loaf of bread in a glass. I don’t know how you people can stand it, but I’m powering through.” She stuck her tongue out at me and took another big drink, finishing more than half of the glass.

“You’re amazing.” I shook my head again.

“Because I’m drinking this crap? I know.”

She tipped the glass and finished it then turned towards the stage singing along with the band to the Dropkick Murphy’s Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced.

The night proceeded in a haze of drinks, music, horrible attempts at Irish dancing, and laughter. I had to keep in mind that there were most likely fans with cell phones clicking my picture throughout the night, and tried not to do anything too obnoxious, but in general we all drank more than our fair share. Sookie spent a lot of the time sitting in my lap either rubbing against me or strategically hiding my response to her rubbing.

As the clock struck midnight I held my new wife in my arms, both of us grinning from ear to ear. We’d worn our wedding rings, and I really had no idea if anyone had noticed, but we knew, and we couldn’t have been any happier. I kissed her, momentarily forgetting where we were and just losing myself in her. When we separated, we smirked, still caught up in each other until Amelia grabbed Sookie and pulled her into a hug.

We stayed at the bar a while longer, and I’m pretty sure Tray and Amelia had sex in the bathroom. I didn’t even want to think about what Pam and Phoebe had been doing with each other. Drunk Sookie had practically given me a hand job through my shorts, and it was really taking all of my willpower not to just take her out to he car and have my way with her.

I remembered Amelia warning me about not letting Sookie drink too much before we went out when we were in Michigan, and I laughed as Tray and I watched the two of them dirty dancing to some Irish song. Just when the thought crossed my mind that Sookie was really going to be hurting in the morning, Pam and Phoebe appeared with a tray of shots, Irish whiskey I presumed, and I had a bad feeling that she wouldn’t be the only one hurting.

We regrouped when the bartender rang the bell for last call and made our way to the car. Amelia was snoring before we got back to the house, and Sookie was tucked into my side, struggling to keep her eyes open. We got dropped off at the main house and the car went on to take the others to the smaller cottage.

I put my arm around Sookie and we walked, rather unsteadily, into the house. She kicked off her shoes and pulled her dress over her head, dropping it on the floor, as she walked towards the bedroom. I reached out and ran my finger down her naked back, catching it on the clasp of her strapless bra. She glanced over her shoulder at me, biting her lip and raising an eyebrow, and then she reached around and took off the bra, dropping it on the floor with her dress and shoes. I found myself leaving a trail of my own clothing behind her as we made our way through the house. We were both naked by the time we reached the bedroom, and our hands were all over each other before we landed on the bed in a tangled mess.

I woke in the morning with a raging headache and Sookie laying half across my chest. I reached over to grab the clock off the night stand, and my movement made Sookie groan.

“Oh my god. My entire fucking body hurts.”

I started to laugh, but stopped quickly. “Ow. That hurt my head. Your entire fucking body, huh?”

She sat up slowly, trying to grin. “Well, my headache is from the booze, but the rest of it, I’m pretty sure it was the fucking that made me so sore.”

I laughed again, and that time I grabbed my head as I groaned.

“You okay?”

“Yeah. My head is killing me though. We drank way too many different kinds of alcohol yesterday.”

“We did. At least I don’t feel sick, but I seriously need some Ibuprofen or something.”

“Me too.” I sighed, and pushed myself up so I was sitting on the bed. “I’ll take one for the team and go get it.”

“Thanks, hubby.” She giggled.

“Stop trying to make me laugh. What are we doing today anyway?”

“We’re lying by the pool.”

I grabbed two bottles of water from the kitchen and found some Ibuprofen in one of her bags in the bathroom. She was sitting up, leaning on the headboard when I came back into the bedroom. “Anyone coming to join us?”

She took a swig of water and swallowed the pills I handed her before leaning her head back and closing her eyes. “Nope. I told them to leave us alone until dinner.”

“You think Pam got the message?”

She snorted. “Like she’d care if she did.”

I rolled my eyes even though she couldn’t see me. “I’ll text her a warning.”

She opened her eyes, looking me up and down, and then closed them again. “Yeah. Nothing that requires movement will be happening. So, whatever.”

I pulled on my swim trunks and took my Ibuprofen and then, although it made my head pound, leaned over her on the bed putting my hands on either side of her body. I ran my nose along her collar bone and into the valley of her chest, letting my breath ghost across her nipples. I gently kissed the swell of each breast, watching as her nipples tightened and pebbled and her breath caught.

I whispered in her ear, “Why don’t you wake up a little more, and we’ll see if you still feel that way?”

“You are evil!” She laughed, grabbing me and pulling my face to hers for a kiss.

Sookie called Martini about an hour after we went outside, and I could hear her screams through the phone. After a few rounds of ‘I’m sorry’s’ and ‘I still love you’s,’ Sookie began to laugh here and there as she gave her friend the blow by blow account of the wedding, our dinner, and our night at the bar. She listened for a while and laughed, saying things like, “What site was that on?” and “I can’t wait to show you all of the pictures.” When she tried to finish the call she paused to listen and then snorted. Before she hung up I heard her say, “A lady never tells!”

I chuckled as I listened, but knew that I would get grilled just as hard when I called my brothers after we ate. I’d already decided that I was going to do a conference call and talk to them both at once. God knew I didn’t want to have to deal with their crap twice.

A little while later Sookie and I made sandwiches and took a break from the sun for an early lunch since we’d skipped breakfast. We watched some football and tried to rehydrate. I cringed as Sookie drank tomato juice and then ate a cup of yogurt, swearing that it was the best thing for a hangover, no matter how small or large.

I called my brothers at halftime of the game, knowing they’d both be in front of the television. I started with Sven and told him to hold on and then connected Chris to the call, putting us all on speaker so Sookie could be a part of the conversation.

“So,” I laughed. “Surprise!”

“Dude! What the fuck?” Sven laughed, and we heard Rachel tell him to watch his mouth.

“No shit! Congrats though.” Chris laughed.

“Thanks boys!” Sookie called.

“Sis!” Sven laughed. “Welcome to the Northman’s! I keep telling Rach we’re like the Hotel California-”

“Or the mob,” Chris interrupted.

“Yeah. Once you check in you can never leave. You’re stuck with us.”

“Thank god you’re stuck with me!” Rachel laughed.

“We’re in it together,” Sookie laughed. “Where’s Zee?”

“I’m here! I was in the other room. Congratulations!”

“How upset is mom?” Chris asked with a laugh.

“She’s okay.”

“That’s shocking.” Sven deadpanned.

“Yeah. She said dad helped her understand what’s really important.”

“Ugh. That’s not a good image.”


Chris got it, and when neither of us said anything for a second, Sven came up with it.

“Oh! That’s just gross! Why’d you make me thank about that?”

“Well, I had to. Just thought I’d share.”

By that time Sookie was cracking up, as were Rachel and Zee. Eventually we settled down and talked about the wedding. Sookie and I explained that after everything that had happened we just wanted to be married as quickly as we could, and since we already had our trip planned it was easy to combine the two. They were supportive, telling us that it was our wedding and thanked us for setting up the webcam. I could see Sookie relax as she listened to them talk about how cool it had looked.

When they asked what we’d done for dinner and the rest of the night, she was animated and excited, laughing as she told them the story about drinking Pam’s Guinness. If I hadn’t been obsessively in love with her already, her concern over what my parents and my brothers thought of our wedding would have done it.

Before we got off the phone we got an update from Sven and Rachel on the baby. She had an ultrasound scheduled in two weeks and they were going to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. Sven was putting odds on a boy, but Rachel just said that’s because he wouldn’t know what to do with a daughter. We finished the call with Sven promising to keep us posted after the ultrasound appointment. We all said we wanted to hear it from the two of them, not mom.

Hours later, after basking in the sun, splashing in the pool, and gently making love with my new wife, our idyllic bubble was burst by our best friends calling from inside the house.


“Can Sookie come out to play?”

“Anyone home?”

“Put your dick in your pants and cover her tits!”

Thank god for Phoebe and Tray; the other two were obnoxious. Sookie laughed as they called out, and then they joined us outside by the pool. We sat talking for a while, comparing hangovers, and I wasn’t surprised to hear that Amelia had been the worst off. Dark sunglasses still covered her eyes, and she was moving slowly. Pam brought out Sookie’s laptop and we looked over an article and a couple of pictures on announcing our marriage.

Northman Ties the Knot!

Bloodlust hunk Eric Northman finished 2010 with a surprise wedding. He married his girlfriend, Sookie Stackhouse, who he has been dating since last summer and were engaged on Halloween at the home they share in Malibu. The couple was married in a secret ceremony on December 31, 2010 on the beach at a private estate while vacationing in Maui, Hawaii. Eric wore a traditional white Hawaiian shirt and pants while the bride wore a simple but elegant halter style gown in a matching Hawaiian white on white pattern. The non-denominational ceremony was attended by close friends only and was officiated by a Hawaiian Kahu.

They posed for wedding photos near the ocean and then retreated to the house for a private dinner with their friends where they dined on a Hawaiian feast. Later they changed into casual clothes and spent the remainder of their New Years Eve at a local club, Mulligan’s on the Blue, with a crowd of unsuspecting tourists and locals. The couple will continue their honeymoon in Maui before returning to Los Angeles when Bloodlust begins filming.

Eric and Sookie have been in the news recently due to the obsessive attraction of Eric’s former Bloodlust co-star Sophie Anne LeClerq. She physically attacked both Eric and Sookie on separate occasions and sent them threatening messages via telephone and computer. Sookie Stackhouse was recently granted a restraining order against Sophie Anne which ultimately will be of no use, based on today’s announcement from LeClerq’s representatives. Sophie Anne is in the process of relocating to London for the role of Katherine in Taming of the Shrew at the Novello Theater. Rehearsals begin in two weeks, and the show will run for six months. Sophie Anne is thought to be in treatment for a personality disorder. Her reps will only confirm that she will be continuing her current treatment in England.

Sookie read a few comments, the way she normally did, laughing that it only took three posts before someone wondered if she was pregnant.

“It’s already started! They say as soon as you’re married people start asking if you’re pregnant!”

“Oh my god!” Amelia giggled. “Someone asked before Eric’s mom?”

Pam got in her two cents. “I asked before we left California.”

“You, shut up.” I gave Pam the eyebrow and then turned to Amelia with a laugh. “You, be nice to my mom! I’m sure she’ll ask the next time Sookie talks to her.”

“All of you, shut up,” Tray laughed as he headed to the kitchen. “I need some dinner. Who wants left-overs?”

We all laughed and joined him in the kitchen, reheating the food and making heaping plates for ourselves. We looked over the DVD of pictures that Isobel dropped off and made plans for when we got home. They were all leaving in the morning while Sookie and I had one more day to ourselves.

And suddenly the reality of going back to L.A. started to crash in on me. Though we hadn’t been quite inconspicuous here, we had kind of blended in with the tourists, at least until they realized that the really tall blond really was who they thought it was. Going home meant being met at the airport by swarming photographers and being followed to the grocery store. I felt Sookie’s hand on the back of my neck and she lightly kissed the top of my head. Exhaling, I pulled her into my arms for a quick hug. The paparazzi, the drama, the limelight; none of it mattered as long as I had her.




Awwww… Eric is so sweet! I wanna have one for my very own. A pocket Eric, if you will, so he can always be there for me. (Wow, somehow that ended up sounding dirty.)

Thanks to everyone for reading! If you feel like it, drop me a line. I’m fairly harmless, really. Thanks again!

Sookie’s NYE dress



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