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I had just finished a photo-shoot and promotional interview with some of the cast of Western Sky when I heard the distinct snark of Pam’s voice.

“Excuse me boys!” she called at us, a little too cheerily. It was unnatural coming from Pam. “I need to borrow the golden boy.”

She sauntered towards me in sky high stilettos and a tight black pencil skirt, with a red satin blouse that was unbuttoned, probably one button too many. Pam had a look about her that said we needed privacy, and everyone that I had been speaking with suddenly had somewhere they needed to be.

“Come with me, please.”

I was impressed that she said please. That was big for Pam, or it meant something was seriously wrong. I didn’t know which, and it scared me.

“What’s going on?”

She turned around and started walking away before she spoke over her shoulder. “We’re going to lunch.”

“I just ate lunch.”

“Shut up and come get in my car.”

She walked quickly, and I followed her, uncertain of what was going on. She had a completely fake smile on her face, nodding at people as we made our way to the parking lot. She didn’t say another word and I was starting to get worried. She used her remote and unlocked the doors to her BMW and climbed in.

I got in and shut the door. “What is going on?”

She put on her seatbelt then looked down at the latch for mine before meeting my eyes, waiting for me to fasten my seatbelt. I sighed, and after she heard the click of the belt, she started the car and maneuvered out of her parking spot. When she shifted into drive the doors automatically locked, and then she spoke. “Sophie Anne showed up while Sookie was at lunch with Alcide and Daph.”

“What?” I sat forward, the seatbelt tightening across my chest and serving to hold me back. I immediately felt both sick and terrified at the same time, and I wanted to kill Sophie Anne. “What happened?”

“She dumped Sookie’s lunch on her and started to spout off some more bullshit, but Alcide tackled her mid-sentence.”

“Shit. How did she get that close? What the hell was Alcide doing?”

She sighed. “He just stood up to take a phone call, about getting the oil changed on your car I might add. He wasn’t even five feet from Sookie, and they were in a public place! They were sitting outside at Joan’s on Third. You can’t get much safer than that.”

I raked my hands through my hair. “Did anything else happen? Is Sookie okay?”

“Aside from having vegetables and vinaigrette in her lap? I think she’s fine. A little out of sorts, but fine.”

The a little out of sorts part had me worried. A person could only handle being a little out of sorts for so long, and then they became a lot out of sorts, and that’s where I was afraid Sookie was headed.

“Did someone call Detective Bellefleur?”

“He’s on his way.”


“And,” she said dramatically. “He said that he needed to get statements from everyone, but that she would probably go to jail.”


“Eric, that’s a good thing.”

“I know. It’s just. Shit. It shouldn’t have come to this.” I shook my head. “Are you sure Sookie’s alright?”

“Well, unless she got stabbed by her fork, I’m guessing she’s fine.”

I sighed, rolling my eyes. “Drive faster.”

“Take it down a notch. We’re almost there. Alcide is going to make sure there’s a place for us to park out back.”

“Fine.” I was anxious. My knee was bouncing and I could feel the tension in my shoulders. What now? She would spend a short time in jail and then be out and able to do something else that could be even worse. Shit. Thinking like that wasn’t helping, but I couldn’t stop the thoughts as they ran through my head.

We finally parked and I jumped out of the car, heading into the restaurant through the back door. I nodded at a couple the restaurant staff as we walked in. She was sitting at a table with Daph, resting her chin in her hand. My chest felt tight as I took the final steps towards her.

I squatted beside her and put my hands on her cheeks. She looked pale, and her eyes were glassy. “Are you okay?”

She didn’t answer, just threw her arms around me. It was reminiscent of when I proposed to her, and I had to get that thought out of my head. I did not want these two days to be linked in my mind in any way. My arms enveloped her, pulling her into my chest. After a minute, I sat back just enough to meet her eyes.

“Are you okay?” I asked again.

She closed her eyes and just barely shook her head. It wouldn’t have been noticeable to anyone watching, but it tore at me. I exhaled and hugged her again, tightly. There were no words for me to say, I just needed to hold her, and I wished we were anywhere but there.

She squeezed me and whispered, “I don’t think I’m going to be able to hold it together much longer.”

“You’re doing fine.” I rubbed her back. “I’m here now. I’ll take care of everything.”

“Can you please try to speed things up so we can go home?”

I kissed her on the forehead and nodded. “I love you.”

She nodded back and I could see just how close to breaking down she was.

“Daph, I’m going to go out front and find Detective Bellefleur.”

“I’ll stay with her, Eric. Pam already went outside.”

“Thanks.” I headed outside and found Pam talking with the detective, and I hoped to god she’d gotten his name correct.

“Detective,” I said, shaking his hand, fully aware of the cameras all around us. It looked like the police, or maybe the restaurant manager, had ensured that they didn’t come in too close, but there was a swarm of paparazzi trying to get the money shot.

“Mr. Northman.”

“Eric, please.”

“Eric, thanks. Anyway, Miss LeClerq is being taken into custody. The weapon was removed from her and-”

“Wait. Weapon? What are you talking about?”

He glanced at Pam. “Ah. Well. It seems she grabbed a knife off of another table when your fiancé asked what she was doing here. That’s when your friend tackled her.”

I glared at Pam.

“I didn’t know! This is the first I’m hearing about it,” she said defensively.

I exhaled and then nodded at Andy. “I’m sorry. You just surprised us. Please, continue.”

“Well, Sophie Anne told the Sergeant her version of the story and it matches what Sookie and other witnesses have said. Sophie Anne didn’t hold anything back. She’s quite proud that she walked right up there and dumped a plate of food on Miss Stackhouse. She came right out and told the officer she picked up a knife and would have used it if she hadn’t been stopped. It’s all clearly in violation of the protection order, and she’ll be coming down to the precinct for booking.”

“After that?”

“She’ll only be in for a few hours, but I’m going to push for a psychological exam. That might keep her in a little longer while we wait for a judge to make a decision. But I can’t promise anything.”

“Is there anything I can do?”

“No. I think I just need to talk to Sookie one more time and we’ll be all set for now.” He adjusted his tie and headed into the restaurant.

I looked towards the sky and took a deep breath, rolling my shoulders. Before I followed him, I glanced over and saw Sophie Anne in the back of the squad car, her devilish eyes staring back at me. I sighed. Sookie hadn’t mentioned it yet, but we both knew that things today could have been much, much worse.

Sookie was standing up, shaking hands with Andy when I walked back inside. Pam was talking to Alcide in the corner, no doubt plotting the press release she would issue in the next couple of hours. The restaurant manager waited for Andy to walk away, then spoke to Sookie and handed her a card. Andy nodded at me on his way back outside, and I walked over to Sookie, putting my hand on the small of her back.


“Yes. Let’s go home.”

I nodded at Pam, and we traded keys so Sookie and I could leave through the back of the restaurant. I knew that she and Alcide would take care of getting my car back to the house. In the parking lot I opened the passenger door for Sookie and was waiting for her to climb in when she turned around and hugged me again, a small sob escaping.

I held her close, then wiped her eyes and leaned down to kiss her. It was slow but powerful, and I felt her hands make their way into my hair. I stepped back and kissed her forehead. We needed to get home, to get away from the cameras and to decompress. Sookie was close to losing it, and truth be told, I wanted to kick someones ass. I was wound fucking tight and I hoped I was doing a good job of hiding it. She climbed into the car and I went around to the driver’s side, exhaling and trying to clear my head. I didn’t want her to see how upset I was.

The drive home was mostly quiet. Sookie kept her head turned, looking out the window. I could see her face face reflected in the window and there were tears slowly rolling down her cheeks. I wanted to hold her, or tell her it would be okay, but she was clearly trying to hide her tears from me, so I pretended not to see.

At one point she wiped her eyes and turned to me. Her voice was flat when she asked, “Did you know she had a knife?”

I nodded. “Andy told me she did.”

“I just saw a flash of it before Alcide tackled her.” She snorted. “He came out of nowhere.”

“I’m sure it happened really fast.” I reached over and took her hand in mine. “I’m glad he was there.”

“Yeah, me too.” Then she turned her head and looked out the window again, but she didn’t seem to be crying anymore.

We parked in the driveway since we had Pam’s car and walked up the front steps. She fished out her keys before we entered the security code and went into the house. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do, if we were going to sit down and talk or if she needed a good long cry. I stood back, letting her pick her path and I followed her down the hall.

She went straight to our room and started stripping off her clothes until she was in her bra and panties, then climbed into bed and put a pillow over her head. I had to chuckle, even though watching her made my heart break. I got undressed and slipped into bed next to her. She turned her head and looked at me from under the pillow.

“What are you doing?”


I gave her a small smile, understanding how serious she was but unable to resist how cute she looked. “I found you.”

She sighed. “I’m not hiding from you. From everyone and everything else.”

I reached around under the covers and took her hand. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Is Pam going to take care of everything? I mean, put out a press release and whatever?”

“Yes. We don’t have to do any of that.”

“So really, I can pretend it didn’t happen until we get up tomorrow? And then we can see what the aftermath is? I mean, if she doesn’t get the psychological screening, Pam’s going to release the hounds of hell or something.”

I sighed. “I hate to hear you like this.”

She moved the pillow under her head and huffed. “Well, I hate being like this. I’ve tried so hard to tough this out, and today was just it. I’m done.”


“Not for good. I just mean, today I’m allowed to break down. I’ll be okay. I just need to fall apart a little bit and then I’ll pull it together.”

I didn’t really understand that logic, but she seemed confident. “What does this break down entail?”

She snorted. “A nap. Gorging on pizza while I watch a chick flick and maybe seducing you to prove to myself that I’m really the one you want.”

I scooted closer to her and pulled her body against me. “You’re the only one I want. Just you. Don’t ever doubt that.”

She rolled on her side and looked at our joined hands. “I know that. Really.”

“But you need me to show you?” I whispered.

She bit her lip and nodded.

I put my hands in her hair and brought our faces together for a kiss. Her hands moved directly to my ass and she moved closer, rubbing against my growing arousal. I had meant the kiss to be slow and reassuring, but Sookie seemed to want something much different. She moaned and set a frantic pace with her mouth, stroking her tongue against mine until we were both panting when we pulled apart. She reached for my briefs at the same time as I reached for her waistband and we laughed, then each removed our own underwear. She reached down, and I groaned as her hand wrapped around me and she gave me several slow strokes. She smiled at me, and I saw her begin to move down my body, but I could tell what she was thinking and grabbed her hips. She looked up at me, licking her lips and I grinned.

“Turn around, Lover.”

She raised an eyebrow but hesitated.


She bit her lip and did as I asked, not only spinning around so that she was facing the foot of the bed but also raising herself to all fours to straddle my chest giving me a perfect view of her center, wet and ready. I pulled her body back towards my face, and I didn’t hesitate to lift my head and taste her. She said something that I couldn’t hear with the blood rushing to my head and my heart pounding. Then I stopped thinking all together, licking and sucking, savoring the essence that was distinctly her as she rocked against my face and took my cock into her warm mouth. When I began to push into her with my tongue she cried out and then increased her suction around me, bringing me to the edge before she took me further down her throat, ready to swallow as she caressed my balls.

“Oh god, Sookie,” I managed to get out, pausing just long enough to say it before burying my face in her again and thrusting my hips off the bed. I moved to suck her clit, lightly grazing her sensitive flesh with my teeth and she came, moaning around me. The vibrations were just what I needed, and I tensed then released down her throat with a groan. When I was finished, she gave me a long gentle lick with a giggle before she collapsed, sprawled over my body. I chuckled as I helped her turn around so she was tucked into my chest.

I was still breathing heavy a few minutes later when she threw her leg over me and sat up at my waist. She rocked against me, biting her lip and running a hand down my chest.

“Not finished?”

“Not even close,” she laughed.

I wasn’t sure if it was her laugh or the words, shit it was probably just the friction of her body against mine, but I needed to be inside of her.



She put a finger to my lips and then reached between us moving me back and forth against her entrance causing us both to groan. Then she slowly eased herself down, her eyes locked with mine. When our bodies met, she dropped her head back on her shoulders, and began to gently raise and lower herself on me until I couldn’t stand it. I took hold of her hips and began moving her faster and harder. I reached forward and stroked her; she gasped and her movements became jerky, then I felt her muscles tightening around my shaft. I quickly rolled us over without missing a beat and started thrusting into her.

“Oh shit. Eric. Oh my god.”

I felt her orgasm stretching out, or maybe another one started, but her tightening walls felt amazing, and after a few more strokes, I ground myself against her as I came.

I stayed on top of her, holding some of my weight off of her as I rested on my elbows, leaning my head on her shoulder as I tried to catch my breath. After a minute I rolled us over, pulling her on top of me.

Sookie kissed my chest gently, then giggled. “God, I needed that.”

“Yeah, you fucking did,” Pam said from the doorway, scaring the shit out of both of us.

“Pam!” I yelled as Sookie scrambled to cover herself.

“What? You left the door open and I have things to tell you.”

“While we were alone in our home! Close the door!” I glared at her. “We’ll be out in a minute.”

She swung the door shut, but before it closed we heard her say, “Nice ass, Sookie.”

I waited for Sookie’s reaction, and she surprised me by dying laughing. I sat up, and she snuggled in my lap winding her arms around my neck. “Sorry about that.”

She shook her head. “I think it would freak me out more if I didn’t feel like Pam was your brother. I mean, she can think I’m cute, if she does, but she’d never do anything about it. It just lets me know that she approves of us. Does that make any sense?”

“Honestly? No.” I laughed. “But if it makes sense to you, I’m okay with it.”

She hugged me. “I’m going to get in the shower. I’m sure she’ll want to talk to you alone first.”

“Hey, there isn’t anything she can’t say in front of you.”

“I know. I’m still going to shower. I’ll be out in a few minutes.” She gave me a quick kiss and headed for the bathroom, shaking the ass that apparently Pam and I both loved.

I threw on some clothes and met Pam in the living room. She had helped herself to a soda and was sitting in the side chair swinging her leg impatiently.

“What do you have to tell me that required you listening in on us?”

“I wasn’t listening. I overheard. Completely different.”

I rolled my hand in a ‘come on’ gesture.

She glanced around as if looking for Sookie. “Am I going to have to say it twice? I’ll wait for her.”

“Just tell me. You’re pissing me off.”

She rolled her eyes. “Alright. As they took her into the station she went a little bat shit in the squad car. Let’s just say the detective didn’t need to ask for the psych eval after the show she put on. They’re giving her a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold.”

“Like what they did with Brittney?”

“I’m not going to even comment on how fucked up it is that you know that, but yes. It’s a seventy-two hour hold for evaluation and treatment planning.”

I looked at her, shocked. I should have been thrilled, but I really couldn’t believe it. “Holy shit.”

“What is up with you? This is what you wanted, and it’s totally good for you. People are going to feel bad for both of you. It’s win – win.”

I sighed. “Yeah. I guess it is.”

“And Sookie is safe, at least for three days, but I would bet that she ends up staying locked up a little bit longer.”


“Yeah. I’m telling you, she went bat shit crazy locked up in that car. I would have bet money that she liked them, but it seems Sophie Anne’s not too fond of handcuffs.”

I shook my head and heard Sookie coming down the hall. She was in shorts and a t-shirt, her hair wet but brushed. Aside from the puffy eyes from crying, she looked natural and fresh, like the ultimate Californian, yet the opposite of Hollywood. I got up and walked to meet her in the entryway to the kitchen, leaning down and kissing her, surprising us both a little.

“What was that?” she laughed.

“Nothing. Everything.” I smiled. “I don’t know. It had to be done.”

Pam groaned and Sookie laughed. “Well, whenever the mood strikes you.”

“I’ll remember that.” I waggled my eyebrows suggestively. “Come on. Pam has a lot to tell you.”

We sat together on the couch and Sookie looked at Pam expectantly.

“Alright,” Pam sighed. “Things shook out well for us today. Sophie Anne crossed the line with the protective order, but no one got hurt and now the police have applied for an involuntary psych hold, which they’ll be awarded. What I need to know,” she took a breath and Sookie interrupted.

“Wait. What am I missing? They can’t hold her just because she flipped my lunch into my lap. What did she do?”

Pam gave me a look. “Um. She had a knife.”

“I still don’t think that’s enough.” Sookie crossed her arms.

Pam sighed. “She freaked in the police car.”

Sookie stood there looking impatient, waiting for more information.

” Sookie.” Pam looked at me again and I realized that she had glossed over that part when we spoke. I was beginning to be afraid that Sookie and I didn’t really want to know what happened. I could tell that Pam was choosing her words and then she continued. “She freaked out. She threatened to hurt both you and Eric and started talking about killing herself. She was banging her head on the window and screaming about the handcuffs, then started scratching at her arms trying to get the cuffs off.”

“What did she say? I mean about hurting us?”

“Sookie,” I said quietly.

“I don’t know, and I’m not sure I’d tell you if I did.” Pam sighed. I thought she did know, but I was glad she was keeping it to herself. Sookie absolutely didn’t need to hear it. Knowing that Sophie Anne had grabbed a knife was more than enough for either of us to know. “All you need to know is that she crossed a serious line today as far as the police are concerned, and they’ll be focused on getting her help before she gets released.”

Sookie sat quietly. She seemed to be taking it all in.

“So, on to new business,” Pam tried to sound cheery and I rolled my eyes at her. “I’m not sure that we’re going to put out any sort of release about this. I think we’re going to wait for the phone to start ringing and say that Sookie was shaken up, but it is fine and you’re both so glad Sophie Anne is getting help.” Pam sat up a little straighter and focused on Sookie. “But I need to know what you said to her, because people are going to ask.”

“What?” I asked, a little pissed. Was she implying that Sookie provoked her?

Sookie was blushing and she looked at Pam like she’d been called to the principal’s office.

“Well?” Pam asked her again. “What did you say when you walked over there while Alcide had her pinned?”

The corner of her mouth came up into a hint of a smile. “I called her a stupid bitch and told her that we just wanted her to get help. Then I said she was going to end up in jail for what she did today and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.”

Pam grinned and nodded. “Apologetic, in a completely bitchy, I’d love to kick your ass but there are cameras watching sort of way, but I can work with it.”

Sookie exhaled and her smile got wider. “Good. I thought you were going to be upset.”

God I loved her. In the midst of everything she was worried about how Pam thought she handled things. “You did fine, Sookie. Great really.”

Pam waved a hand in the air. “You handled things quite well.” She sighed, leaning forward and talking quietly to Sookie. “I know today was a big deal to you, but I’d like to try to not make a big fuss about it and let things die down. You and Eric have come out looking good in all of this, and if we start crying about it now we run the risk of looking like assholes because they’re holding her for a psych evaluation.”

“So you’re not going to say anything?”

“Not until they ask me, and they will.” She stood and stretched, and went to the kitchen to grab her purse. “Alright then, tomorrow things are back to normal.”

“Seriously?” Sookie asked. “Isn’t it a little soon to think she’ll miraculously be recovered?”

“Where are the sunshine and rainbows you usually have shooting out of your ass?” Pam laughed. “Get with the program, Sook. This is Hollywood. Someone else is going to have a crisis tomorrow, or get diamonds embedded in their teeth. Once we get past today, we should be in the clear for a week at least.”

She left, calling goodbye as the door closed and Sookie let out a deep breath, and then she turned to me. “You were kind of quiet.”

I nodded. “Yeah. I was trying not to imagine all of the other ways that this could have turned out, and you’re right. I’m not sure it’s entirely over. I feel like I’m always going to be worried that she’s going to hurt you.”

She turned to face me on the couch. “I’m fine, and I’m going to continue be fine. I cried my eyes out in the shower.” I started to say something, but she continued. “And it didn’t help. I still feel like this is someone else’s life.”

My heart sank. “You want to go home, don’t you?”

“What? Eric, no,” she laughed, putting her hands on my shoulders. “I want to get married. Soon. I don’t want to wait.”



*Bites nails* Um yeah. I’m really happy with this, so I hope you are. See you next week! Runs and hides.


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