I was a little worried after Eric’s run in with Sophie Anne, but apparently the conversations that both Bobby and Pam had with her people must have gotten through to her. She didn’t return to the set until the following week when her scenes began shooting, and Eric said she hadn’t spoken another word to him, outside of on camera dialogue.

I was settling in, working on my blog, and since my meeting had gone quite well, I was working on some reviews for the Times. Daphne had invited me out for a late lunch and it fit perfect with my plans to relax for the afternoon. We spent the day getting to know each other even better, wandering down 3rd Street past bookstores, resale shops, galleries and boutiques. We stopped in a few stores, and I bought a great vintage dress and some very high black heels to go with it. By he time we finished our salads at Joan’s on Third, I felt like I had known her for years.

The sets that Eric and Sam were filming on were next door to each other, and Daphne suggested that we stop by to see them. Eric had told me that they were working on indoor shots for the next few days, so he would be done at eight or nine o’clock. He already told me that he wanted me to visit the set, so I was sure he wouldn’t mind.

I called his cell phone and got his voice mail. “Hey, I’m out with Daph and we’re coming by the set. I was thinking I’d stick around and ride home with you. If you’re too busy, though, call me back and we won’t bother you.”

We were parking the car when he called. “Sookie, are you here?”

“I am. We were going to stop by to see Sam first since I hadn’t heard back from you. Is it cool if we come by?”

“It’s more than cool, lover. Pam is here as well, so you can meet her.”

“Oh, you know how much I’ve been looking forward to that,” I teased.

I’d told him when I got to California that I thought Pam was a little scary, and after he finished laughing, he told me that Pam was going to love me.

I heard Eric talking to someone else in the background, then he told me he had to go, but Daphne knew where his trailer was and to come over whenever.

We went to visit Sam, who worked on a sitcom called Gone to the Dogs. He played a Veterinarian and single dad, who related better to the animals at his practice than his teenage children. He was going over lines with one of the actors that played his son when we found him.

His eyes lit up when he saw Daph. I hoped that Eric and I would continue to be as happy as they were together. His co-star waved, and headed off to talk with someone else.

“Ladies! What brings you here?”

“Hey baby!” Daph called. “We came to see our favorite men since you work next door to each other.”

“That’s sweet. Eric will be glad to see you, Sook. He’s still a little worried that you’re going to pull a Daphne and freak out.”

“Hey,” she slapped his arm. “I didn’t freak out, I went home to stay with my momma.”

“You snuck out of bed, took a red-eye flight, and the only thing you took with you was your purse. What do you call that?”

“Okay, I freaked a little.”

I laughed at them. “I’m actually doing okay. I think it will get a little crazy around the season premier and award shows, but I’m hoping Daph will help keep me sane.”

“I’m planning on in it, Sookie. Everything will be fine.”

We talked a little more, and Sam introduced me to a few people as they stopped by to say hello to Daphne. Sam threw a few things into his messenger bag and walked over to the Bloodlust set with us.

I saw Eric in the distance, talking to a woman in a pink and gray suit. She had gorgeous long hair and legs to die for. From the descriptions I had heard, I recognized her as Pam.

He glanced over and waved, seeing the three of us walking towards them. Pam turned towards us wearing dark sunglasses and a tight smile.

Eric said something to Pam and then stepped towards us, his long legs quickly closing the distance, and he pulled me into his arms like it had been ages since we had seen each other instead of hours.

“Hi. So this is your work? It looks like a parking lot,” I teased.

“You’re funny.” Pam joined us and Eric made introductions.

I reached for her hand and I saw her eyebrow go up behind her sunglasses. I laughed to myself, wondering which one of them got the other started with the damn eyebrow raising. She had a firm handshake, and I think mine surprised her.

“Sookie. You are even more Midwestern in person.”

What the hell did that mean? “Thank you, I think. You seem like a complete bitch in person as well as on the phone.”

I saw the corner of her mouth begin to lift in a smile before she forced it back down.

“You’ll do just fine,” she said quietly. She turned to Eric. “I love that your little fan club is here, but you’re needed back on set. Yvetta is signaling for you.”

“Ah, yes. Excuse me. We’re trying to get this last piece down, but Liam can’t get through his lines. You can head to my trailer, or feel free to come watch.”

“I’d love to watch, if you don’t mind.” I glanced at our friends; Sam shrugged and Daph nodded.

Eric took my hand, and led us to the edge of the set that was a mock up of the bar his character owned. He took his place, and we watched the scene unfold. Liam struggled with his lines, and it was fully understandable. They had given him a tongue twister for dialogue.

“Markus, I’m aware that you made your way here from Montana to marry Mariah and make a run at the monarchy. My fealty is yours.”

There were way too many “M’s” in there for me, but I was excited, because Markus was the vampire King of Montana, and Mariah was a powerful Louisiana vampire. The two of them united could overpower Sophie Anne’s character, Evan, and change the political climate for vampires in all of the south. It was a brilliant move really, and Liam was groveling to establish his un-dead place somewhere in the ranks when the dust settled.

Though he was one of the Queen’s top advisors, Eric’s character, Lief, had been instrumental in helping Markus gain Mariah’s trust. Markus assured him that he would continue as a Sheriff and have a place at his side when he took over as King of Louisiana.

Liam got it on the third take, and everyone was relieved. The sound guy next to Sam told him that they had tried it ten times earlier, and everyone was so frustrated they had to take a break.

The actors were still standing together, chatting and slapping Liam on the back. This was his first recurring role, and he was working hard at earning a good reputation. From what we heard around us, it had just been a very bad day for him.

Eric took a few steps towards us and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flash of red rushing at him. I gasped, as he was tackled unexpectedly and knocked back to sit on the desk he had been standing in front of.

“Holy Shit!” Sam and Daph said at the same time.

“Oh sweet mother of all that’s holy,” I said under my breath, as the red blur materialized into Sophie Anne.

She was flailing and squawking around Eric like a wounded bird. “Who is she? Why is she here? Tell her to leave! Eric, you’re mine!”

Eric was trying to restrain her, holding her at the elbows, but she was kicking at his shins and swinging her arms around as much as she could. “Stop! Get a hold of yourself. What the fuck are you doing?”

Then it was like slow motion. I saw her move and knew exactly what she was going to do. I shouted and wanted to run over to Eric, but Sam held me back.

Sophie Anne’s mouth opened, revealing her outrageously large fake fangs, and she was lunging at Eric’s neck, screaming over and over, “You’re mine!”

Eric reacted quickly and turned in time to shove his arm into her mouth, the way they tell you to do if a dog is biting you, and she gagged around his forearm. When he pulled his bloody arm free, she was panting as if she’d run a marathon and one of her fangs had broken off, remaining stuck in Eric’s arm.

It was oddly quiet when the little piece of ceramic, or whatever the tooth was made of, fell to the floor making a tinkling sound. Eric seemed to snap out of the shock of her attack, and whipped Sophie Anne around, clasping her wrists behind her back. His chest was rumbling, it was frightening and sexy all a the same time, and I cursed myself for even thinking about sex in the midst of this drama.

A security guard took Sophie Anne from Eric’s grasp and Sam finally released me. I ran to Eric and saw Pam holding her cell phone towards Sophie Anne as she was being led away. I wondered how many pictures she’d been able to get. Someone had given Eric a towel, and he was holding it to his arm.

“Oh my god. Eric, are you alright?”

He pulled me to his chest with his good arm. “I’m okay. I’m just glad she came after me and not you.”

Pam came over and peeled the towel back to look at Eric’s arm. “Jesus fucking Britney Spears! Unreal.”

“Did you get good pictures?”

She looked at me, surprised that I’d seen what she’d done, and then she winked at me. “You bet your ass I did.”

Sookie and I finally made it home after a round of tetanus shots in the Emergency Room. I argued, but the medic on set said that bites were nasty and that you always wanted to err on the side of caution with them. Sookie was nodding her head behind him in full agreement, so I went. My arm was lightly bandaged, but there was no concern about it not healing or scarring, it was just a little tender.

I was dead on my feet when Bobby’s car dropped us off at home. Alcide had arranged to have my car brought over, and I didn’t even have the energy to see if it was in the garage. What I wanted to do, was curl up in bed behind Sookie and fall asleep listening to the sound of her breathing and sighing.

We changed and got ready for bed, and I was under the covers before Sookie finished washing her face. When she came into the bedroom, she turned off her lamp and climbed in beside me. Before I knew it, she had crawled on top of me, her chest against mine, and her legs straddling my waist.


She sniffled, and I felt wetness on my chest.

My hands moved from her back up into her hair and I gently turned her head so that I could see her face. I massaged her scalp. “What’s going on in there?”

“I’m sorry. Tonight was just a little crazy.”

“Crazy doesn’t usually make you cry.”

She chuckled and sat up, wiping her face. “Yeah, but crazy doesn’t usually end up with a Vampire Queen trying to bite my boyfriend.”

“This is true.”

“Are you okay? Really?”

“I’m fine, Sook. You were there when the doctor checked it out. They’re a couple of glorified scratches.”

“From giant fangs.”

“You’re really hung up on that,” I teased.

She exhaled loudly. “I really hate that I’m about to say this, but I’m kind of worried about you being on set with her.”

“Because I might kill her?”

She slapped my chest. “No, if you were going to do that you would have done it tonight. You were pretty amazing, by the way, trying to hold her arms instead of clocking her. I was ready to throw down with her, but Sam held me back.”

I put my hand on her cheek. “I would normally say that a chick fight was hot, but not tonight.”

“Anyway, I just think she’s not really over this, whatever she thinks it is.”

“Let’s sleep on it. Pam left me a voice mail that there were some things going down with Sophie Anne while we were in the E.R. I have a feeling you might not need to worry. If that’s not the case, we’ll talk more, okay?”

She nodded and leaned forward, whispering against my lips, “I was scared today.”

“I know. I’m so sorry.” I whispered back. “I love you.”

Her lips covered mine and everything bad about the day washed away. All that mattered was Sookie, there with me, and our bodies pulled tightly against each other.

When she pulled back from the kiss, she held my eyes and began to move down my body until she was kneeling between my thighs.

“Sookie.” My voice was hoarse and my already hard cock was twitching like it knew what she was about to do.

Without a word, she leaned forward and kissed my stomach as she slid my boxers over my erection and down my legs. Her kisses drifted down my pelvis, her lips lightly touching my hips and inner thigh, before I felt her hand wrap around me. She stroked me gently before I finally felt her take me into her mouth. She gave amazing blow jobs. I let her go at her own pace as long as I could, then when I couldn’t take it, my hands wrapped in her hair and she made a little humming noise as I took control.

She knew I was getting close and took me in further, actually into her throat. As if that wasn’t enough, I saw her hand slide down inside her panties and between her legs.

“Oh, god that’s hot,” I heard myself say. She moaned and her mouth moved faster; pushing me to the edge. Then I felt her teeth scrape my length, and I couldn’t stop the orgasm that ripped through me.

When I could breathe again, I reached down, pulling her up my body and into my arms for a kiss. I didn’t care that she tasted of me, I was about to go down on her and then I would taste like her. I rolled us over and reached for her breast only to realize she still was still dressed.

“Your clothes need to come off. Now.”

She nodded, biting her lower lip, and she was lucky I didn’t tear the shirt off of her. I sat up and quickly pulled it over her head, then paused to pay homage to her breasts before continuing down her body. She slid her underwear off, sighing as I ran my hands up her thighs.

I knew she was already wet, and just thinking about the way she touched herself while she had her mouth on me made me growl. I settled between her legs, my eyes zeroing in on the tiny triangle of hair at the apex of her thighs. I lowered my mouth to her and coherent thought was lost. I was surrounded by Sookie in the greatest sensory overload I could imagine. I brought her to release twice and would have tried for a third, but she was yanking on my hair to the point that I realized it wasn’t just playful tugging anymore. My head cleared as she pulled me up to her mouth, and she kissed me hard, nipping at my lower lip.

“Eric,” she said between kisses. “I need you. Now.”

I nodded my head because I couldn’t speak for wanting her, and lined my body up with hers, entering her slowly. I let out a breath of contentment when I was all the way in. She started rocking her hips against me, and we were both more than ready. I began stroking in and out of her, and our bodies pounded against each other hard and fast. We’d had some seriously hot sex before, but this was a whole different level. I heard her gasps matching my grunts as I filled her, over and over.

It didn’t take long before her back arched and her body shook, as her inner muscles tightened around me. After a few more thrusts, I was emptying myself inside Sookie with a loud groan.

“Holy crap, Eric. Where did that come from?” she said after a minute. She was draped across my chest, and my laughter shook her body.

“I’m not sure, but I’m all about trying to do it again sometime.” I kissed the top of her head, breathing in her scent. I didn’t know if it was her shampoo or conditioner, shit maybe it was some other product she put in there, but her hair smelled amazing. Just the smell of it could relax me when I was tense. “But I need a nap first. And maybe a snack.”

She laughed. “Me too. I love you, Northman.”

“Mmm. I love you too, Stackhouse,” I managed to say before I fell asleep.

At some point I woke up and went to the kitchen for some Gatorade and a bite to eat. I looked out over the night sky and tried to put my head around the earlier events. Fuck. I couldn’t believe Sophie Anne had jumped me like that, and I was afraid that in the harsh light of morning, Sookie would tell me that it was all too much for her.

I headed back to the bedroom and pulled on the boxers that I found on the floor by the bed. I climbed under the covers next to Sookie, and she rolled over, then practically climbed on top of me. Her head rested on the middle of my chest, and I smoothed a hand over her hair, falling back to sleep with my arm tight around her.

When I woke again, the sun was up, and I was alone in the bed. I smelled coffee and heard Sookie talking on the phone. I stretched, thankful that Bobby had told me to take the day to rest after Sophie Anne’s attack. I was still in bed when I heard Sookie raise her voice.

“Exhaustion? Are you kidding me? That’s bullshit!”

Oh, that couldn’t be good. I got out of bed and walked quietly to the kitchen. Her back was to me, and she was still bitching, albeit more quietly, on the phone.

“I’m sorry, but that’s enough. She does not get to slink away like a coward after yesterday, Pam. She attacked him.”

Oh, yeah. This was bad. I could only imagine what Pam was saying to her.

She exhaled. “Okay. Yes. I know it’s your job. I’m sorry.” She paused, listening for a moment and then threw her head back laughing. “Yes, I trust you. I have no idea why.” She paused again, and I stepped forward to put a hand on her waist. “Oh, hey. He’s up now. Do you want to talk to him?”

She turned her head and kissed me, not caring that Pam was waiting on the line. “It’s Pam. She tried my phone after you didn’t answer yours.”

I nodded. “Everything okay?”

She wrinkled her nose. “I’ll let Pam tell you.”

My hand drifted down to squeeze hers as she moved to refill her coffee.

“Northman,” I said into the phone.

“Morning, loverboy.” I rolled my eyes even though she couldn’t see me. “So. Your girl got a little worked up this morning. I like it. It’s kind of hot.”

“Pam. Enough. What’s going on?”

“Sophie Anne was admitted to the hospital last night for exhaustion.”

“Exhaustion? Are you kidding me?” I stopped talking when I realized I had raised my voice and was repeating what Sookie had said, exactly. I took a deep breath and walked across the room to look out at the ocean. “What is your plan?”

“Well. I took some great photos yesterday that have somehow been leaked to the tabloids, along with a rundown of the events; how she launched herself at you and you nobly tried to hold her back while your loving girlfriend looked on in horror. It will be epic. I can see the headline, ‘Bitten by Exhaustion.'”

“Great. What’s really going on with her?”

“According to an orderly at the hospital, she was chock full of a shit load of alcohol and about five different drugs when she came in, some legal, some not.”


“Don’t feel bad for her. She has tried to fuck you over and I can guarantee she will not feel an ounce of remorse. Besides which, she got what she wanted. Blackhart showed up at her hospital room, and I will not let that become a twisted romantic headline that trumps the fact that she tried to fanbang you.”

“I believe fangbang means something else.”

“Oh, I know what it means.”

I sighed. “Alright, so when should we expect your photos to show up on the wire?”

“I emailed them when I got home at four in the morning, so it’s just a matter of time.”

Sookie and I had gotten home sometime around midnight. I didn’t want to imagine where Pam had been for four hours, some things were better left unknown.

“Text me when it posts.”

“As you wish.”

Yeah. I really didn’t want to know where she’d been. When Pam started quotingPrincess Bride it usually meant she had a new girlfriend.

I ended the call and turned to find Sookie, but she had moved onto the patio to drink her coffee. I filled my own mug and went to join her.

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” Her smile looked almost sad. “I got a little pissed that Sophie Anne’s people are trying to make her seem sympathetic, but Pam told me she was going to fuck her up.” I raised an eyebrow. “Her words,” she laughed. “I felt kind of bad about that too for all of about two seconds, and then I realized that Pam would only be telling the truth.” She shrugged and stretched her legs out, putting her feet in my lap.

“You need to go back to Michigan and recharge after that?”

She laughed and poked me in the ribs with her toes. “No. I’m tougher than you think, Northman.”

I grabbed her foot and started to rub her arch. “Good to know.”

“Let me see your arm,” she said, setting her mug down and sitting forward to reach for my injured arm. I had taken the gauze off when I got up in the middle of the night.

I held it out to her, and it looked, well, like I’d been bitten by something, but it looked good, like it was healing.

“It looks good,” she said, as if she’d read my mind.

I smiled at her and intended to go back to rubbing her foot, but she stood, and very quickly shucked off her clothes before diving into the pool. I sat there, feeling a little stunned, and watched her swim to the far side and turn to face me. She rested her arms on the edge of the pool behind her, pushing her breasts up and out of the water, pointing directly at me.

“You coming in? Or are you just going to sit up there thinking about what you could do to me in here?”

God help me, I loved her. I got up and peeled my boxers off, turning to give her a view of my ass as I pulled them off my legs, and dove in to join her.



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