Beautiful Girl


On the way back from dropping Sookie at the airport, Pam had called me with news about Bill’s rental agreement in Beverly Hills and the marketing plan he had been working on with an agency in Chicago. I knew he was up to something ridiculous when he sent that damn card after our wedding.

Pam wasn’t that worried, saying that Sookie had nice teeth, but they certainly hadn’t been done. I had no idea what she meant.

“You know, capped and whitened. Done.”

“Oh, yeah. No, I don’t think so. She uses those white strip things.” I was trying to think about Sookie’s teeth. They weren’t perfect, but they were fine. They were teeth. “What does it matter?”

Pam sighed, and I imagined her rolling her eyes. “If she hasn’t had them done, then he didn’t do them. He’s not the man behind her smile. You are, dumbass.”

She had a point. I just hoped that it was a helpful one.

Sookie seemed to be in a better mood when she got back from Colorado, though I had no idea what had changed. I couldn’t imagine that a weekend with my mother had gone by without some kind of drama, but she didn’t mention it. She also seemed a little less anxious about getting pregnant and having sex all of the time. Before Colorado, she’d had almost a sense of desperation, like she might burst into tears if we didn’t do it right then. I was thrilled that we were trying to get pregnant and excited to start a family, but I didn’t want her to get all crazy with trying. I had a feeling pregnant Sookie was going to be crazy enough as it was.

Sven had begun calling almost every other day with insane baby questions that I had no answers for, but I did my best. There were times when he called me after not getting the answer he wanted from our father and other times when he didn’t even call dad with his ridiculousness, he just jumped straight to calling me. My favorite had been the circular discussion regarding using cloth diapers to be environmentally friendly and his hesitation at then using a diaper service to clean them because of the chemicals used for cleaning them, not to mention his concerns with fuel use and exhaust fumes from pick-up and delivery of the diapers. After listening to him for about twenty minutes I finally interrupted.

“Sven, shut the fuck up.” That was always the best way to get his attention, and it worked as I expected.


“Seriously? I understand you’re trying to single handedly save the planet and all, but can you tell me that you are going to be okay with washing out shitty stinky diapers on a daily basis? Because if you don’t use disposable diapers that’s what you’re going to do unless you have a diaper service. And don’t even tell me you’re expecting Rachel to wash them all, or I’ll fly out there and kick your ass.”

Less than a week later my dad called to say that Rachel’s water had broken, and they were headed to the hospital. After sixteen hours of labor, my nephew, Connor, was born. He weighed seven pounds, ten ounces and was twenty-two inches long. I know Rachel had hoped he’d have red hair like her, but he looked exactly like Sven.

Part of me wanted to hop a flight to Colorado to be with them, but they had enough to deal with having both sets of grandparents there. I figured Sookie and I would go out after a few months when things had calmed down a bit, and they could appreciate the break.

Connor’s arrival made my status as Uncle Eric suddenly real, which somehow in my head brought me one step closer to being someone’s father. Maybe it was a warped feeling that I’d been more of a father figure than a brother to Sven, and Connor’s birth really brought home the fact that my own child was going to be so much more a part of me than even he had been. I sat in the living room the morning following his birth, watching the sun come up, and thought about the changes that having a family could bring Sookie and me, and I was ready for it. No hesitation. I was a little shocked at how much I’d grown up since meeting her, and I didn’t want any of it without Sookie.

I’d been trying to work through the drama with Bill without Sookie finding out, but it just couldn’t be done. My lawyer, Sterling Norris, had advised me to talk to Sookie and get back to him when I knew more. I had waited to talk to her until after she came back from Colorado. When she told me that Bill hadn’t in fact done any work on her teeth, I knew we had the ammunition we needed. Sookie gave me the name of the dentist she’d used in Chicago and told me that before the divorce Bill had been trained to whiten teeth, but he hadn’t done it on anyone but himself. That sounded like Bill.

Sookie had wanted to call Sid Matt, her lawyer from Chicago, but Pam convinced her that Sterling was both closer and more versed in advertising law and the use of someone’s image without permission. Sookie had examined the advertisements for a hint as to when the photo had been taken, and she was pretty sure that it was from a wedding she had been in. She didn’t remember any other occasion that she had worn the earrings in the photo, and she was wearing far more eye make-up than usual in the picture, which she said had been applied at the salon for all of the bridesmaids.

We sat down with Sterling and drank coffee around a large table, going over Sookie’s divorce papers and talking about Trade Law and similar cases he’d reviewed. It was pretty basic law, straightforward enough for even Compton to understand. He couldn’t use Sookie’s image for financial gain without her permission or without giving her a cut of the profits. The question was however, could we make a preemptive strike and stop him from using the materials at all or would he begin to use them and force us to file an injunction?

We could have had a problem with the way we had found out about the advertisements. If we were being honest, we found out about them through Pam’s investigator. There wasn’t a lot of honesty in Hollywood or lawsuits, though. Lucky for us, it turned out that the marketing group that Bill tried to work with in Chicago employed several big fans of Sookie’s blog, who were not happy that Bill seemed to have no concern using images of his ex-wife without her permission. They had, in fact, told him to find another agency to work with and contacted a friend of a friend who had called Sookie about his plans two days after I told her the news. On top of that, Bill’s new landlord was Pam’s ex-girlfriend’s husband. So we were able to say that we’d heard about his plans through those means. It was really only a stretch of the truth.

As Sterling suspected, there was nothing in the divorce agreement giving Bill any sort of permission to use images of Sookie in advertising. At the time of their divorce, he hadn’t anticipated ever having the need for anything like that. I’m sure he thought he’d spend the coming years rubbing his perceived successes in Sookie’s face. Her connection with me, and subsequently her move to L.A., had taken Bill completely by surprise, but he was going to try to capitalize on her if he could.

One thing that I would say for Sterling is that he knew how to work with people. When I thought things were wrapping up, he asked one more important question, directed only to Sookie.

“Do you want this entirely squashed or are you willing to negotiate for profits?”

I wanted to come over the table at him in disbelief, but he was right. It was ultimately her decision, and although I thought I knew what her answer was, it was important for me to hear it directly from her.

“What? No. I don’t want anything from him. I want this stopped. He has no right to use my picture for anything. He lost that right when he fucked his assistant and made me believe it was my fault.” Whoa. A little too much self-disclosure for Sterling in my opinion, but she was pissed. I’d give her that. Her lips made a hard line, and her eyes were dark. “Mr. Norris, I don’t want him to use my photos at all, but if he does, I want you to take that bastard for everything you can. I’ll donate it to charity or something.”

Sterling smirked at her. It was exactly the reaction he wanted. I had to admit, I was pretty pleased with her answer myself.

“That’s all I needed to know, Mrs. Northman. I’ll get started on things right away and keep you both posted.”

We stood, and then we all shook hands before Sookie and I made our way out to the car.

She looked over at me and sighed as I put on my seatbelt. “Fuck my life.” She laughed and shook her head.

“Hey. It’s not the end of the world. We’ll deal with it.”

“I know. I was just hoping for a Bill-free year.”

I laughed. “So was I, Lover. So was I.”

Aside from Bill, things were going well for us. I’d been busy setting up some roles for after we taped the next season of Bloodlust and lining things up for our trip back to Michigan for the film festival. Keira was filming in Europe in June and couldn’t make it, but for the past few months the producers of Western Sky had worked with the Waterfront Film Festival to get the movie on the schedule since I was going to be there anyway. When everything was set up, a contact from the festival joked and asked if I needed a police escort to make it to the screening this year. I’d laughed it off, but eventually I had Alcide set up a car and driver for us, just to be safe.

I couldn’t wait for Sookie to find out about the surprise I had for her in Michigan. I’d spent the last month on the phone with people around Saugatuck setting things up and was still working through how I would pull off the big reveal. I’d finished a few publicity things for Bloodlust and done a photo-shoot for a GQarticle about supernatural characters. I posed with a couple of other actors who played a werewolf and a warlock.

There had been a little bit more drama with Bill, but Sterling had taken care of everything. Bill didn’t seem to realize who he was dealing with and had told my lawyer that he was sure everything could be settled if he had a sit down meeting with Sookie, alone. The injunction that he was slapped with almost as soon as the words were out of his mouth had scared him straight. After the projected damages and royalties Sterling documented that Sookie should receive if he were to go through with using her picture, Bill would have been bankrupt. He’d readily agreed not to ever use Sookie’s or my names or images in any advertising or promotional material. If we could have managed it, I’d have loved to have stopped him from moving to Los Angeles, but I’d take our victory regardless. I had a feeling that Bill would be a thorn in our side for years to come.

Suddenly it was summer, and Pam and I met over coffee to finalize plans for events that she was lining up for me when we got home from Saugatuck. She made a joke about being a lady of leisure for two weeks, then handed me a fat stack of scripts and reminded me that I had to put them in my carry on and not to let them out of my sight.

We were heading to the airport in the morning, and Sookie was thrilled. We were flying in a full week before the film festival to relax and vacation, although I wasn’t sure how much rest we would be getting with the list of things she wanted to do, see and eat while we were there. We were going to drive up from Chicago for the simple reason that she wanted to pick up tiramisu on the way to the Lake and on the way back to the airport. My foodie wife and her obsessions.

I stood in the bedroom doorway watching her. I had thought she was packing, and I’m sure she was, but she was going about it oddly. She would pick up a pair of shoes from the closet and set them by an outfit and then build another outfit on the other side. I watched her do it a couple of times before I spoke.

“What the hell are you doing?” I laughed.

She looked over her shoulder at me. “Matching outfits and shoes so I don’t have to take too many pairs. They take up too much room.”

I walked into her closet and picked up her black flip flops, black heeled sandals and a pair of tennis shoes. “Good to go, babe.”

She laughed at me. “You’re so funny.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Show me something that one of these pairs won’t go with.”

She reached into the suitcase and pulled out what I first thought was a bikini but then realized was a set of matching chocolate brown lace bra and panties. She put a hand on her hip and raised her eyebrow at me.

“Wow. Yeah. You don’t need any shoes with that outfit.” I was trying to play it cool, but I was starting to get a little hot under the collar. She would look fucking amazing in those. “But,” I swallowed. “That wasn’t my point.”

She giggled and came over to put an arm around me, her other hand running down the front of my pants. “What exactly is your point?”

I put my hand over hers, stilling it. “My point,” I pressed her hand against me. “Is that if you don’t get all of this crap in a suitcase I’m going to sweep it off the bed and have my way with you.”

“Mmm.” She laughed as she stepped away and began folding one of the outfits on the bed. “You’re such a tease.”

I shook my head. “Oh, I don’t tease, Lover. I make good on my promises.”

She had moved to the far side of the bed and looked up at me grinning as she folded. “Get out of here or I’ll never get packed.”

“Don’t forget you can do laundry while we’re there. It’s not like we’re staying in a hotel.”

She put the outfit in the suitcase and tried to glare at me while holding back her laughter. “I know. I know. Now, go!”

I went to the living room to watch television since the bed was covered in the contents of Sookie’s closet. When I opened my eyes, she was kneeling in front of me, brushing my hair off my forehead.

“Hey, you can come to bed now.”

I pulled her towards me for a kiss without really thinking or fully waking. “Mmm,” I sighed.

She giggled and took my hand, trying to pull me off the couch. “Come on, big guy.”

I followed her to the bedroom, and the next thing I knew she was waking me up again, but this time she had wet hair and was wrapped in a towel. “Eric, you need to get in the shower.”

I ran a hand over my face. “Did the alarm go off?”

“Yes, about twenty minutes ago.” She leaned forward to kiss me, and I tried to pull her into bed with me. “No time,” she murmured around my lips as we kissed.

“I can be quick,” I whispered.

“You don’t know the meaning of quick.” She stood up and walked to the bathroom, dropping her towel and giving me a view of her gorgeous back side before she closed the door.

After a fast shower, I finished packing my last minute things just before Sookie yelled to tell me that the car was waiting for us. We made good time and arrived at the airport in a cloud of flashbulbs. I hated that the paparazzi lurked at the airport.

Hours later, we got our bags in Chicago with no more than a sideways glance from a few fans and some cell phone pictures. We climbed into a rental car outside of O’Hare Airport, and my wife was practically squealing with excitement.

“You were just here a few months ago when I went to Europe,” I laughed.

“I know. But I still love it. The people here are different. They don’t expect to see celebrities, and if they do it takes them a minute to realize it’s really you and not a look alike. In Los Angeles there would be fifty pictures of you taken in the time it takes a Midwesterner to figure out who you are.”

I laughed again, “Yes, but they’re a little more star struck. Sweaty palms and stuttering as they ask to get a picture.”

“Wouldn’t you rather that than the people who push me out of the way and assume you’ll give them one?”

“True. That does piss me off.”

“Pisses me off, too.”

I chuckled as I let the GPS guide me to Rose Angelis. Sookie ran in and got her tiramisu and then came over to the driver’s side. She gave me a pouty look, and I rolled the window down. “What?”

“I want to drive.”

“What?” I laughed. She hated driving in Los Angeles.

“This is Chicago. It’s my city, and I love the drive up to Saugatuck. You can take a nap.” She smiled sweetly.

The nap sealed the deal. I jumped out and let her take over the drive, and I was asleep before we crossed the Skyway Toll Bridge. It was like my body had just shut down. I didn’t have to be on set. I didn’t have any interviews or photo shoots. I didn’t have any publicity events scheduled for an entire week. After that the things that I had planned at the festival were low-key compared to anything I did on a regular basis, and Sookie would be right by my side.

When I woke up we had crossed into Michigan, and Sookie was on the phone chattering away with who I assumed was Amelia based on the conversation. I put my hand on her thigh, and she glanced over at me to smile, never pausing as she spoke into the Bluetooth, laughing about some band they wanted to drag Tray and me out to see.

When she asked Amelia if she wanted to come over for dinner I squeezed her leg and shook my head no. She looked at me in confusion when I said we had plans. She repeated what I had said to Amelia, and I had to stop myself from laughing, because Amelia was in on the surprise. She knew exactly what the surprise was and wasn’t going to be home for dinner anyway. She finished up the call and looked over at me expectantly.


“We have plans? I’d kind of like to unpack, and aren’t we going to be tired? What if we’re late?”

“Just relax, Sookie. Everything will be fine. It’s not a big deal if I need to let them know we’ll be late.”

She huffed and just continued driving. She wasn’t a big fan of surprises, as I’d been told several times, but she always seemed to like what I came up with.

An hour or so later we pulled up in front of Sookie’s little cottage. I carried in suitcases as she made a beeline for the freezer with the tiramisu. In the next instant, Amelia was running past me, and the girls were screaming like children. They were in the kitchen gossiping and laughing and before I came out of the bedroom from putting away our bags, Ginger and Felicia had joined them. Amelia saw me standing in the doorway, and I nodded at her.

“Tray have any cold beer next door?”

She smiled. “Of course. I’m sure he pulled one out for you.” Then she glanced at her watch. “But we have to leave in about an hour so don’t get too comfortable.”

“Sounds good.” I smiled and headed out the back door as Sookie started to whine about Amelia needing to leave. I just smirked.

“Dawson,” I called out, trying to figure out if Tray was in the backyard.

“Polo,” he yelled back as if we were playing Marco Polo.

I laughed and shook my head; it was something one of my brothers would have said. Sure enough, Tray was sitting in one of their big Adirondack chairs. He shared a beer with me, and we caught up as we drank. Amelia and Sookie joined us about thirty minutes later, Amelia so they could get ready to leave and Sookie still trying to figure out what our plans were.

We headed back to the house, and I waited for Sookie to start asking questions.

“What time are we heading out? What should I wear? Do I have time to take a shower?”

I was sitting on the couch smiling at her, which was pissing her off.

“You can wear whatever you want. Yes, you have time for a shower, and we need to leave when you’re ready.”

She raised an eyebrow. “What time is our reservation?”

“Lover, I said we had plans. We don’t have a set reservation.”

She didn’t like that. “Eric, I don’t want to stand around and wait somewhere for an hour before we eat.”

“I can guarantee you we won’t wait for an hour.” I stood up and kissed her sweetly. “Now, go shower. Do you need me to help with the hard to reach spots?”

Her hands smoothed over my hips and then pulled my body against hers. “Me and you in that tiny shower?” she whispered, making me think about just that. Then she shook her head. “We’d never get out of here. Sit down, and imagine me naked, running my hands over myself. I’ll be out in a bit.”

I groaned, and she walked away. When I finished chuckling, I made a quick phone call to make sure that things were set up for Sookie’s surprise and then headed into the bedroom to change. When Sookie moved from the bathroom and into the bedroom to dress a half an hour later, I texted Amelia so she could call in the order at Pizza Mambo. They weren’t the fastest, but it wouldn’t take an hour, so I was still safe from Sookie’s wrath. When she was ready, she joined me in the living room wearing a cute summer dress and her flip flops. Her hair was in a ponytail, and she looked adorable.

We walked out to the rental car and climbed in. I backed out of the driveway and drove around downtown a little aimlessly so she wouldn’t know where we were going right away. When I headed out of town towards the beach road she looked over at me in confusion. There wasn’t anything resembling a restaurant this far out of town, and she knew it.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” We turned on the road to the beach house, and she began shaking her head. I parked and hurried around the car to open her door.

“What are we doing?” I had my arm around her and was leading her across the bridge. “Eric. Stop. What if someone’s staying here this week?”

“They better not be. We didn’t rent it to anyone.”

“Excuse me?” She stopped in her tracks. Her head was cocked in utter confusion.

I tried to pull her forward and ended up putting her over my shoulder. We crossed the rest of the bridge, and I set her down on the landing near the front door. “Welcome to the Northman family beach house, Lover. Chris and I bought it together to have somewhere for the whole family to come in the summer when we were in Michigan.”

She looked at the sign that hung next to the door that hadn’t been there the previous year bearing a large scrolling N and then looked back at me. “You are completely insane.”

“It was Chris’s idea. We were talking about how great this house was, and he said we should buy it.”

“It wasn’t for sale.”

“Everything is for sale, Lover. Plus, I promised the old owners they could use it for three weeks every year for the next five. We won’t be here that often. Although, our friends are going to line up to stay here. Lafayette. Sam and Daphne. I bet the Afflecks would love it here. I’ll have to mention it to Ben.”

“You’re really serious. You didn’t just put that sign up to fuck with me.”

I pulled the keys out of my pocket and unlocked the door. I stepped aside, letting her in, still shaking her head at me. Standing in the living room, she looked around quickly, “You bought it furnished?”

Clearly she recognized that almost everything was the same as it had been the last time we’d been here. “Well, they weren’t planning to sell the place, so they really had nowhere to put everything. They came up and took a few family things, though.”

She was still taking everything in, and I saw her head swing back to the mantle. “This is crazy. I’m in shock.” She walked over and picked up the picture from Halloween of our whole family and grinned. “How did you do this?”

“We worked with a local realtor, and then I sent some things out to Amelia to set up in the house. She’ll be here any minute. She and Tray are coming over for pizza.”

“That’s pretty perfect.”

I moved a little closer to her. “Anything for you, Lover.”

She closed the distance between us and hugged me, sighing. “I can’t believe you did this. This is really amazing, Eric. Your family is going to love it here.”

“Our family, Sook. You keep forgetting that they’re all your family now, too. Not to mention our kids. They’ll have the best summer vacations here.”

“And maybe New Years?”

“Of course New Years. Anytime.” I leaned down and kissed her. There was a knock at the door, and I lifted my head to call out, “Come in!”

Sookie turned in my arms as Tray opened the door, and he and Amelia came into the house.

“Honey, we’re home!” Amelia called. She grinned at Sookie. “Surprise!” And then they were hugging and laughing, talking about the house and how long Amelia had known about the surprise.

Tray moved behind his wife and grabbed a beer for each of us from the refrigerator. He’d stocked it, so he knew what was in it. “Pizza will be here in twenty minutes,” he told me.

The girls got out plates and napkins, and Amelia made a batch of margaritas. When the pizza arrived, we took it to the downstairs patio that had a picnic table. Sookie had carried on to Amelia how fun it was going to be to have both houses. They could park in town at the cottage or Amelia’s to shop or go out, and they could lie in the sun at the beach house. They were already plotting a way to have a party at the beach house before we went back to California.

When the sun started to set, we headed inside. After having stayed there almost a month the summer before, it only took me a minute to remember where things were in the house. I found a couple decks of cards and we sat down to play for a while, but it didn’t take very long for Sookie to start looking tired. We’d had a long day. We cleaned up and locked the house behind us before heading back into town in a little caravan, one car after another.

As vacations do, the next week flew by. We spent time in the sun, bought things my wife swore could only be found in Michigan, relaxed with friends, and had dinner at Phil’s. We even went up to Grand Rapids to see Sookie’s favorite local band, Domestic Problems, who had cut back the number of shows they played each year. Drunk Sookie had made a big deal about the stars aligning for them to play a show during the time we were in Michigan. She would have been annoying if she hadn’t been kissing and rubbing up against me every chance she had.

They played a slower song about half-way through the set, and everyone kind of swayed and sang along. I was behind Sookie with my arms around her, listening to the words as she sang.

I know she loves me, by the touch of her hand.
Forever, this moment, & all that we have planned.
A chain made of paper subtracting the days, yeah.
How do I love thee, this is all I will say.
Nothing can capture the light in your eye,
its hard to believe, but no matter how I try.

It’s all about this beautiful girl.
Champagne toast, let’s give it a whirl.
It’s all about this beautiful girl,
and I can’t wait.

I instinctively tightened my arms around her. The words rang so true in my heart the way emotional songs sometimes did. Forever this moment, and all that we have planned. I couldn’t wait for our future. I turned her around and kissed her, and when she looked into my eyes I could tell that she knew exactly what I’d been thinking. She blinked away the beginnings of tears and pulled my face down to kiss my forehead. Then she turned back around and pulled my arms around her tightly as we listened to the remainder of the song.

The two days leading up to the festival brought in paparazzi and fans alike. Sookie prepared to move out to the beach house for the duration of the festival to get a little space from the insanity. The downtown area of Saugatuck got so crowded that Sookie and Amelia avoided it, and that was saying something. Those two found a reason to shop or eat down there daily. It was great to see Sookie so in her element, but it made me sad that despite making friends with Holly, Daph and a couple of other women in California, nothing could replace this. It just confirmed to me that I’d done the right thing in buying a house here. Well, another house here.

As the Northman family grew, I wanted to spend time with everyone. I knew Chris wanted kids and had the impression that Rach and Sven weren’t done, not to mention that Sookie and I would have children. I had no doubts about that, one way or another we’d have our own family, and this place would be perfect. Meeting here for vacations would let Sookie visit her own family as well because I was fully aware by now that that’s exactly what Tray and Amelia were. I was hoping I could coax her brother into visiting us at the Lake sometime as well.

The more I thought about it, I loved the Waterfront Film Festival. I mean, Sundance was fun, but it was damn cold. This was much smaller and more intimate, and the weather was beautiful. It was around eighty degrees, and there was a light wind off the Lake. When I was here last year, I’d dressed casually because I was being a lazy and cocky bastard, but this year, I knew that it was not just acceptable but the norm.

I showered, threw on khaki shorts and a polo and ran a hand threw my hair. I laughed, thinking about Alcide’s comment last year.

“Are you going like that? I mean, I know this is casual, but you could at least fucking shave.”

I didn’t shave this year either, just to spite him.

He’d flown in two days ago trying to bring the stress and pace of Los Angeles with him. Sookie and Saugatuck seemed to be my own personal Zen, so I just ignored him and relaxed as I soaked in the sun until I needed to be somewhere or meet someone.

“Eric, are you ready?” he called up the stairs.

“Who’s in charge here?” I yelled back down at him with a laugh as I opened the door and headed down to the living room.

“Asshole,” he muttered when he saw my scruffy face.

“Asshole who signs your paycheck,” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“And a fine asshole you are.”

“Exactly.” I looked around quickly and found Sookie out on the deck looking at the water. I went to the slider and opened the door. “Ready to go?”

She turned to look over her shoulder. “I am. Just taking a minute to relax.” She came inside with me just as my cell phone rang to tell us that the driver was outside.

We rode into town quietly, enjoying the peace before the noisy crowd of people that would meet us at the theater. The car inched through traffic getting us as close as it could. I took a deep breath and glanced at Sookie. She nodded, and I opened the car door, stepping into the sunlight. She followed me out, taking my hand as I led us through the throng that only grew with each step we took.

Sookie giggled, and I looked down at her. She was grinning. “Wow. Back to where we started.”

I laughed. “I know, right? No amnesia this year though.”

“Nope. You’re actually making it to your screening, too.”

I released her hand and moved to put my palm on the small of her back as I leaned down to whisper in her ear, “But you’re still coming home with me, Lover.”

I felt a shiver down her spine, and she turned to me with a grin. “Just try to stop me.”

I winked at her. “No, that sounds like a waste of energy I’d much rather use for something else.”

She laughed and shook her head. I smiled down at her as we walked into the theater, and I realized there were cameras flashing behind us. For the first time in as long as I could remember, I hardly even noticed them.

And they walk off into a flash of camera bulbs…happy as can be. I know…I know…There’s a certain something that you all want to happen. All I can say is in good time my friends. In good time.

So, the end of this chapter had me singing this – Right Back Where We Started From. Just a little disco tune to make you smile.

Alrighty gang, I’ll see you here next week, and we’ll do this thing one more time.

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