JustJared Post, November 1

Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse Engagement Announced!

Eric‘s rep, Pamela Ravenscroft, tells People, “They are thrilled!”

The couple has been romantically linked since Eric‘s visit to the Waterfront Film Festival where they had, what is believed to be, their first face to face meeting. The couple says that they met online through Sookie‘s blog, The Queen of all that is Delicious. Sookie is recently divorced from Chicago dentist William Crampton, to whom she was married for six years. The couple made news this summer when Eric was physically attacked on the set of Bloodlust by co-star Sophie Anne LeClerq, who checked into Choices Malibu for drug and alcohol rehabilitation shortly after the incident. Sophie Anne’s rep could not be reached for comment.

Eric, who is currently on hiatus from Bloodlust and is filming Western Sky with Kiera Knightly, proposed to Sookie on Halloween. The happy couple was able to celebrate their engagement with friends and family during a party at their home where Sookie was proudly showing off her Tiffany Novo sparkler. No wedding date has been set.



I woke in the morning with a hellacious hangover and my wet costume in a pile next to the bed. Rolling over towards Sookie, I groaned at the jackhammer that attacked my head.

“Morning,” Sookie whispered, but it was still too loud.

“Fuck,” I muttered.

“You need to get up. You told me last night we had brunch reservations with your family, remember?”


She chuckled, and I opened one eye to give her a death stare. I watched her reach out and felt her cool hand on my forehead, brushing my hair aside.

“What do you need?”

“A funeral.”

“Funny. I got you some water and ibuprofen.”

“Thank you,” I managed to say.

She handed me the pills, and I sat up enough to drink from the glass she held out before falling back on the bed. I felt the mattress move as she stood up.

“You may lay there until I get out of the shower, and then you need to get up,” she said in that bossy, sexy voice that she knew made me hard.

“Ugh.” I thought about getting up and following her. I even tried to sit up, but it wasn’t happening.

Eventually, I made it to the shower, but it was after Sookie had finished. When I finally found my way to the kitchen, everyone was waiting for me, and I was glad to see that Amelia looked as awful as I felt. She was clutching a bottle of water like it was holding her up, and we nodded at each other with a small smile.

“Wanna see our engagement announcement?” Sookie asked.

I raised an eyebrow at her, and she pointed to the laptop on the counter. “Perez Hilton?”

“I’m sure it’s on there too. Pam released it to People and everyone picked it up. This is Just Jared. I like to read the wacko comments on that site.”

I looked at the article quickly, I’d seen Pam’s draft earlier. I scanned down to the comments, most of which were positive; there were a few freaky ones.

I glanced at Sookie, saying, “I can’t believe you read that shit.” I was so hungover and tired that I turned to Amelia and spoke without thinking. “I can’t believe the shit you read, either.” I was still a little freaked out about her showing Sookie the fan-fiction porn.

“Whatever. Tray doesn’t mind, if you know what I mean.”

“Eew.” Sookie said, laughing. “That’s TMI.”

I looked at Amelia dumbfounded. “That was an angle I hadn’t considered.”

Amelia laughed so hard she spit her water out.

“Oh my god. You two are killing me. We need to go.” Sookie looked at me. “Ready?”

“Yeah,” I sighed, grabbing the keys from her, and we headed to the car. I cracked the window open for fresh air, and I started to feel better the longer I was awake.

“So,” Sookie started, “What’s up with Sven?”

“Oh, shit,” I replied, remembering what he’d shared with me the night before. It wasn’t that I’d forgotten, it had been the catalyst that pushed the previous nights celebration into overdrive. I sighed. “You’ll find out this morning.”

“You’re not going to tell me?”

I thought about it for a second, but I knew he wanted to tell everyone himself. I had totally ruined his plans of telling everyone last night because he didn’t want to take away from our news.

“Wow. Is it that bad?”

“Um, no. Why do you think it’s bad?”

“I saw you last night when he told you, you looked like you were going to be sick.”

“Oh,” I laughed. “Yeah. He surprised me. It just took me a second to get my head around it. It’s okay though, nothing to worry about.”

We headed to Marina del Rey to meet my family at Shanghai Red’s. We took the Pacific Coast Highway to the Lincoln exit and then turned on Fiji Way before pulling into the restaurant. My dad’s car was in the lot, so we headed through the cluster of paparazzi that had followed us from the end of my road. They shouted congratulations and begged to see Sookie’s ring, but we kept moving into the restaurant.

I stopped at the hostess stand, and the waitress grinned at us. “I thought that might be your family,” she laughed nervously. “Your brothers totally look like you. Right this way.” She led us through the restaurant to the outdoor seating area where my family was already seated. I hoped to god my brothers felt as shitty as I did.

Mom, Dad, Rachel and Zee all had champagne in front of them, while Sven and Chris were both wearing dark glasses and sipping bloody Mary’s. There was a round of hello’s and hugs, and then we all took our seats. I commandeered Sven’s drink, and he grabbed Rachel’s full flute of champagne, raising an eyebrow at me, and I burst out laughing. Mom was shaking her head at us, and everyone else laughed, but they had no idea what I was laughing about, at least not yet.

We talked for a few minutes, small conversations at each end of the table, and then people began to go to the buffet for breakfast. The food was great, and the view of the marina was amazing. After everyone finished their first round of food, Sven cleared his throat to get our attention.

“So, it’s kind of strange timing for this, and I don’t want to take away from Eric and Sookie’s good news…”

“Sven,” Rachel said quietly, putting her hand in his.

He smiled at her and then continued quickly. “Yeah, so really we’re just adding to the good news. You see, Rachel’s pregnant.” My mother gasped while everyone else was was grinning and murmuring congratulations. Mom opened her mouth to say something, and Sven turned to her and spoke quietly. “We’re totally excited about it, Mom. So if you’re pissed, we’ll talk about it later, okay?”

“Sven.” My dad gave him a disappointed look, not about the baby, but his tone with my mother.

I wanted to laugh because the look on my mother’s face was priceless. There was no doubt that she was mad. She was mad that Sven and Rachel were pregnant before they were married, and she was mad that he had just shut her down, but she was torn because really, she was ecstatic to be getting a grandchild.

“It’s okay,” my mother managed after a second, wiping the tears from her eyes. “You kids have a lot to think about, and we’ll talk about everything later. Congratulations. Our family just gets bigger and bigger this weekend. Jens, you should make another toast.”

“Oh, yes. To family.”

“Here, here,” we all said.

Chris cleared his throat. “Well, I, I mean we,” he looked at Zee and paused. “Don’t have any announcements to make. We aren’t engaged or pregnant.”

“Yet,” Zee murmured, and we all burst into laughter.

Dad grinned. “You fit right in, honey.”

When the laughter died down, my mom’s hand was resting on top of dad’s. “This has been a great weekend. We need to do it more often.”

“Well, we can’t guarantee such big announcements every time, Mom,” Sven teased.

“No, but we should get together more,” I added, and everyone agreed.

Everyone returned to eating and their side conversations. Mom began quietly talking with Rachel, and I followed Sookie to the buffet to get some more fruit. She turned, looking at me with questions in her eyes.

“Please don’t look at me like that; my stomach has just begun to settle.” I sighed. “What?”

“I can’t believe he told you before he told your dad!”

I gave her a half smile. “He didn’t, Sookie. Dad has known for a week or so. They planned to tell everyone this morning, but he told me last night because he wanted to make sure we wouldn’t be upset.”

“That’s silly, why would we be upset?”

“He knew we wouldn’t, but some people would be. Rachel doesn’t really know us, so she was worried. She wanted to make a good impression, and coming into town and telling everyone in your boyfriend’s family that you’re pregnant really puts a wrench in that.”

“Yeah. I guess it would. I didn’t even notice that she wasn’t drinking last night.”

I grinned at her.

“Oh! That’s why you were laughing so hard when Sven took her champagne!”

“Yeah. I couldn’t wait for you to find out.” I looked around, we were standing off to the side of the busy buffet area, but I knew we needed to head back to the table. I reached forward and put a hand in her hair. “Maybe we should get married right away so you and Rachel can be pregnant together.”

She snorted. “I think your mother has a twelve month timeline for our wedding.” Then she turned and walked back to the table leaving me there laughing.

I came back to the table to find Sookie and Zee politely asking Rachel about her pregnancy, while my mother didn’t even try to pretend she wasn’t listening. Rachel told them that she was due in May, and that her parents had not taken the news well. That was probably part of why Sven had shut my mother down so immediately; they didn’t need to hear it from both of their parents. From what he’d told me the night before, they were just unlucky, or really fucking lucky depending on how you looked at it. Rachel had been on birth control, but it was only ninety-nine percent effective, and they fell into that rare one percent. I had a couple of friends and cousins who would kill to be in that one percent; fertility was a mysterious thing, but I found myself beginning to wish that it would smile on Sookie and me.

We stayed at the restaurant for a while, stretching out our time together, but eventually both Sven and Rachel and Tray and Amelia needed to get ready for their flights.

We dropped the Dawson’s off at the airport, and I stood beside the car with Amelia trying not to cry. They were mostly happy tears, but still.

“We’ll be on the phone all of the time. Don’t feel like you’re going to plan this on your own.”

I snorted. “I know. Besides, Elsa is full of ideas.”

Amelia threw her head back laughing. “I love you so much, Sookie. I’m so happy for you and Eric.” She held me and then passed me off to Tray for a hug.

I stepped back and watched Eric with Amelia. She was whispering in his ear, and I was sure it was something like, “Take care of my girl,” or “Call me when she gets really freakin’ crazy.”

He nodded, smiling at her, and then stepped back to put an arm around me. I heard a few clicks and saw a few flashes; we were big news again now that we were engaged. Eric said it would die down in a week or so and be back to normal, which was still strange to me.

We went home and spent the afternoon napping and cleaning the house. Half empty glasses were turning Eric’s stomach, and it was rather comical to watch. The highlight of the afternoon though was Eric answering my phone when we heard Bill’s ringtone. Bill was fuming and sputtering; I could hear him yelling even before Eric put him on speaker-phone. “How dare we make him look like a fool by making such a public spectacle of our hurried engagement. And how in the hell had they managed to spell his name wrong? Someone had better post a correction. Blah blah blah.”

I wanted to interrupt and yell at him, to tell him that my life was none of his business, but the look of determination in Eric’s eyes stopped me. I supposed that with his new status as fiancé, he was feeling a little powerful. He’d always let me deal with Bill in the past, and quite frankly, I was over it. Bill was a waste of my energy.

Eric let him rant, and then said, “Are you finished? Good. You have absolutely nothing to do with my engagement to Sookie, aside from the fact that you were stupid enough to lose her. The press release that my representative wrote didn’t mention your name, so you can take that up with the multitude of websites that don’t care enough about who the fuck you are to spell your name right. I truly am sorry if people keep dragging you into our lives, because we certainly don’t want anything to do with you. Now, I suggest that you stop harassing my fiancée and spend some time with your wife and child.”

Eric hung up my phone with a stab of his finger and turned to me after setting it on the counter. He looked sheepish.


“No apologies. It was kind of hot.”

He laughed. “Really? Because I wanted to tell him the next time he called you I would come to Chicago and beat his ass to the point that he would need cosmetic dentistry. But it would be just like that asshole to be taping the conversation and try to use it against me.”

“Awww. That would have been great, but you’re probably right. He’s a total jerk like that. He probably was taping it.”

He sat down next to me and pulled me into a hug. “I love you, Sookie.”

“I know, Eric. I just want the drama to be over.”

“Soon. Hopefully.” He laughed.

The paparazzi attention had been intense at first. They waited at the end of the road to see when we left and followed us trying to get pictures. They staked out a corner near the entrance to Eric’s movie set and followed me around Malibu when I ran errands. It didn’t help that Sophie Anne was out of rehab and reported to be seen house hunting in Malibu with Blackhart on the first of November; the same day our engagement was announced. The paparazzi screamed questions at us about the engagement as well as Sophie Anne. I actually handled the questions better than the pictures, it was much easier to plug in my iPod and ignore them than to pretend they weren’t capturing my every move. I’d been overly self conscious about them taking my pictures, remembering Amelia’s comment about my Whole Foods trip and was really starting to get stressed out by them following us everywhere when it finally died down.

Time flew by and before we knew it Thanksgiving was around the corner. Over the weeks, we had talked a little bit about getting married, like who we should invite and where and when we should do it. Neither of us was very religious, and although we both agreed Elsa was hoping for a church, we were considering other ideas. Sven and Rachel’s baby was due in May, so we were thinking about having a fall wedding.

We were thinking about a beach wedding, since we’d spent so much time at the Lake together in Michigan, and even more time here, looking out at the Ocean. Daph and I were making plans to visit a couple of locations, and I was sure Elsa had suggestions as well. She had called several times, so I knew that she was getting anxious. I was glad that she was splitting her focus between Eric and I, and Sven and Rachel; I don’t think either Rachel or I could have survived the full weight of a supportive Elsa Northman.

The Monday before Thanksgiving, I slept in after staying up late working on an article for the Times. Eric was gone to work already, and I took my time having a lazy morning. I made a fresh pot of coffee and ate a bowl of cereal before turning on my laptop. I was setting up camp in the living room, since the natural light in there was cheery and warm.

I sat down with my coffee and decided that first off I would reply to some comments on my blog. As the site loaded, I dialed my voicemail, I had six new messages. First was Eric, telling me he would call at lunch to let me know when he thought he would be home. I deleted it and gasped when the next message started. I set my mug down hard on the table, hot coffee splashing on my hand.

“Shit! Ow!” I missed the rest of the message because of my cursing. I ran to the kitchen for a towel and stared at my phone. The second message started, and it sounded just like the first one. What the hell? I needed to call Eric, but I thought I should calm down. I glanced down at my laptop. Replies. Yes. I could focus on that for a minute, calm down, and then call him. I scrolled down to the comments, read the first two and picked up the phone.

I got his voicemail, how fitting. “Hey, it’s me. I need you to call me, and maybe you should come home. Or call me and give me Pam’s number. Yeah. Maybe I should have that.” I was starting to freak out, and it was going to scare the shit out of him. “I’m fine, physically I mean, so don’t panic. Just call me. Okay. Love you.”

I sounded like a crazy person, and I was certainly a little frazzled, but there was no way I was telling him over voicemail that Sophie Anne had been calling my phone and had inundated my blog with her insanity.



Oh shiz. Did you see that coming? This chick is c-c-crazy! Sigh. Let’s talk about Sven. Most of you guessed correctly, and Jens predicted it. Will this impact Eric and Sookie at all? What about Sophie Anne? Will that change things? Hmmm…I wonder.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

Shanghai Red’s


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