Halo Effect

Banner by Sapfirerose

Banner by Smittenskitten

HE took 3rd place in the Reverend Newlin category in the 2012 Fangy Awards from the Fangreaders site!

Halo Effect
Summary: Celebrity Eric Northman plays good Samaritan when Sookie Stackhouse gets injured by the paparazzi following him. What happens when they discover that she has amnesia? When all is said and done, can you find true love in a flash of blinding light?

Halo Effect is a Southern Vampire Mysteries Fanfiction.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Southern Vampires characters or stories. All copyright belongs to Charlaine Harris.

About this fic:
This story grew out of an article written about a picture of ASkars at the Golden Globes in January 2010. Mandi Bierly from EW joked that it (the picture) looked like a scene from a Lifetime movie…I mentioned in chatting that I would be one of the 5 dorks on the planet that watched it and Sapfirerose said she would read the story if it was a Fanfic. That was it, I was sucked in – I had to write it.

I’ve taken some liberties with the original idea that Mandi presented however. I don’t live in LA, have never been there…SO – since there’s an amazing setting near me that would work…I picked it up and moved the whole story here.

HUGE thanks to Sapfirerose and ARedHeadThing for being the beta-team extreme. They have been the best cheerleaders! Thanks girls, you’re the best! *smooch* If you find any mistakes, they are my fault! 🙂

Oh, the picture? This is it – the Skars photo that sealed my FFwriting fate. LOL

There are lots of fun graphics for this fic — I’m amazed by the love that this story received, and continues to get. These folks are awesome and I can’t thank them enough for using their time and talent to make something for this story.  

Awesome link – an HE reader made Halo Effect Cupcakes and posted them on her blog Bubble and Sweet. Check them (and Linda’s blog) out!

Skarsgardlandmarkdessert gave us HaloEric in Chicago – with the green river and some tiramisu (per my request). I love it!

MysticNotions made some tabloid covers for HE:

Sapfirerose made a banner for the Halloween chapter (after we both stopped laughing about the costume idea.)


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