The Fangreaders Awards
Awards in Excellence in the SVM/TB Fanfic Fandom

Public voting is now open for the Fangreaders Awards and Halo Effect has been nominated in the Steve Newlin Category for best All Human fanfic! I’m honored to be nominated among a great pool of authors and stories!

Please take a minute, well maybe two or three, to head over there and vote for your favorite fics, including HE – if you want. 🙂

List of Fangreaders Awards Nominees


Stories for the Fangies were nominated by the Fangreaders, but voting is open to the public. Voting opened on Sunday 15th January 2012 and the ballot will close on 19th February 2012 11.59pm GMT. That leaves you plenty of time to catch up and read any of the stories nominated that you might have missed. Remember – you can only vote ONCE – the Fangies say their goal is to award excellence in writing and not just be another popularity contest.

If you don’t know who the Fangreaders are, they are an active group of over 200 readers and writers of SVM/TB fanfic who have been chatting together since January 2011 in the Fangreaders Chatroom Central blog site, Fang_Readers Community on LiveJournal, and the Caffe Trieste forum. If you’re not already a member, they would love it if you stopped by and checked it out!