So, crazy news! Seastarr08 tweeted me earlier – “Hey! We’re getting a shout out in this book!”

Honestly, I thought Caroline had finally lost her marbles. I couldn’t figure out what the joke was. I scratched my head at her in twit-speak and she forwarded me an email…

Someone from the SVM reader community, Linda, or DaisyDrk as you might know her, has a book coming out this fall!

Linda is from Australia (which isn’t really important, but is totally cool). She has a blog called Bubble and Sweet. While I was posting Halo Effect, she messaged me that Sookie’s food blog had inspired her to do the same. She even blogged about Halo Effect Cupcakes! (Moist lemon chiffon cupcake topped by a fluffy meringue, a sugary halo finished with a rich surprise filling. Umm- YUM!)

Recently, Linda and Caroline e-mailed about some publishing/contract stuff and here we are – with a reader/fanfic friend (I hope I can all her that) getting her book published!

The book is called “Sweets on a Stick: 150 Kid-Friendly Recipes for Cakes, Candies, Cookies, and Pies on the Go!” You can preorder it here!

Anyway – Linda wrote to tell us that she’s getting published and, among other people, she’s giving us a shout out in the acknowledgments in her book! We’re both beyond excited! (Thanks, Linda!)

I’m amazed every day by the relationships that I’ve made through fanfic and the fandoms I’m part of. We are a bunch of awesomely talented, and friendly, women from all across the globe. I had no idea what I was walking into when I published my first story on FFnet. You ladies are awesome!